3 Days of Darkness / Tevet / December 13 - 15

  Following are parts of Emails I've received regarding the upcoming Time of Tevet in December that "could" be very important to us here and now:


From Pastor Riley:

" Thank you so much for sending me this article.  I thought it was very ironic that I studied the subject of "three days" throughout the Bible over forty years ago.  "Three days" is mentioned so many times in the Bible that I knew it had to
be significant.  So I looked up every place in the Bible where the expression occurs and studied them all in their context.  By the time I finished that study, based on what I had found, I began teaching that the Tribulation will begin with three days of total darkness over all the earth, and have had no reason to change my mind since then. 
     The expression occurring seven or eight times in the New Testament about Christ coming "as a thief in the night" is definitely tied in with the three days of darkness.  The unbelieving lost world never saw the Lord come forth from the
grave at the time of His resurrection, and the unbelieving lost world will not see our resurrection and rapture, for our
Lord is going to come for us sometime during those three days of darkness over the whole earth.  He will appear to us who are true New Covenant believers as "a glorious light in the darkness."  Just like the Scriptures state, the Lord will
come like a thief in the night, take from this wicked world what is most precious to Himself, and be gone before the
wicked unbelieving world is aware that He has even been here.   Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  FAST of Tevet associated with three days of darkness!

From brother Louis Romo 
Greetings Pastor Riley and Tom, in name of our Lord Jesus soon coming!
What with world leaders gathering this weekend for burial of Mandela - -  Fast of Tevet on Friday - - On some postings on five doves some say they have had visions that on the fifteen of December the world would change...posted way before Mandela died!......  it is interesting that some Jews tie in three days of darkness with this fast...found the following at:

section under a "troubled day" 
On the 8th of Tevet, the Torah was rendered into Greek during the days of King Ptolemy, and darkness descended upon the world for three days.' To what may the matter be likened? To a lion captured and imprisoned. Before his imprisonment, all feared him and fled from his presence. Then, all came to gaze at him and said, 'Where is this one's strength?

From Brother Tom Gaston:
Bible Code......." 10th Tevet the Destruction."
 The original phrase which I ran was..."Tevet the Destruction", but when I brought up the matrixes the search term read..........." 10th Tevet the Destruction."    The Hebrew letter Yod = 10  preceded the search term letters so it then read 10th Tevet.....etc.
 This Code has the terms..."Marshal" and "Law."  The term "Law" connects the search term with the term "Marshal" right behind it.  The term "Marshal" not only means "Marshal", but is also the Hebrew term for Military.
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In Christ, Tom Gaston


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