AMERICA / ANCIENT ROME; Military Benefit Cuts / Appease the Masses


If one studies ancient Roman history as I have it becomes evident how much their history seems to be exactly the same as America.

The final years before the Roman Empire collapsed there were very similar events taking place that are taking place in America today:  STRIKING PARALLELS BETWEEN THE U.S. AND ROMAN EMPIRE  ;  Additional History 

The 2 most alarming trends that mirror the Roman Empire before its final collapse is FREE BREAD and GAMES for the MASSES / Welfare 

Using a special military unit to protect the Government Praetorian Guard / DHS 

Recently I've learned Obama is going to make CUTS in military retirement,  MILITARY CUTS,  no doubt there'll probably be other retirement accounts to fund budget shortfalls.

This is perfectly clear to me why or DEMOCRATS and RINO Republicans could approve this:  MOST VETS DO NOT support Obama but the Illegal Aliens and the masses on welfare DO.

So, Congress you're going to take away my benefits that I sacrificed for, giving the prime of my life to serve my country while watching many of my fellow service members give their life and limb and suffer terribly both mental and physical hardships, including destroyed family life from months to years of separation AND you're going to take our benefits and GIVE IT TO ILLEGALS, many of who are confirmed Islamic Terrorists faking diplomatic amnesty?  

As the middle class erodes and the rich get richer and the poor keep getting poor'er to relay on Government "BIG DADDY" Obama to take care of them, America's decline will surely go the way of Rome.



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