A Wife For Isaac: A Great Lesson In Life

Whenever I read the story of Abraham choosing a wife for his son Isaac I'm reminded to use this strategy for my own experiences when it comes to making a difficult decision or making the right choice. 

1. Pray about it.  2. Ask for a sign that would be impossible under normal circumstances. 3. Wait for God to answer. 

When Abraham gave his servant orders to go back to their homeland to look for a wife, notice what the trusted servant did.  He asked for a sign that would have been impossible under any normal circumstance.   Imagine.  Asking for a young woman to not only offer him water out of the well but for the camels of his caravan.  To draw water from a dug out well is a tremendous amount of work.  The average bucket size of water estimated at 5 gallons  would weigh approximately 40 pounds. It would have to be pulled up from depths of approximately 50 feet.  Abraham's servant probably had at least 5 camels in his caravan maybe more.  1 thirsty camel can easily drink over 50 gallons of water. Doing the math. 5 camels drinking 250 gallons of water, plus another 10 gallons for the servant and his party.

Question:  Why would Rebekah willingly offer to haul over 50 buckets of water equating to nearly 300 pounds out of the well. Note.  This did not account for the water she had to fetch for her family.  


Three things we may observe here concerning Abraham:—I. The care he took of a good son, to get him married, well married. It was high time to think of it now, for Isaac was about forty years old, and it had been customary with his ancestors to marry at thirty, or sooner, ch. 11:14, ch. 11:18, ch. 11:22, ch. 11:24 .

The charge he gave to a good servant, probably Eliezer of Damascus, one of whose conduct, fidelity, and affection to him and his family, he had had long experience. He trusted him with this great affair, and not Isaac himself, 

The confidence he put in a good God, who, he doubts not, will give his servant success in this undertaking, v. 7. He remembers that God had wonderfully brought him out of the land of his nativity, by the effectual call of his grace; and therefore doubts not but he will succeed him in his care not to bring his son thither again. He remembers also the promise God had made and confirmed to him that he would give Canaan to his seed, and thence infers that God would own him in his endeavours to match his son, not among those devoted nations, but to one that was fit to be the mother of such a seed

He arrived early in the evening (after many days’ journeying) at the place of his destination, and reposed himself by a well of water, to consider how he might manage his business for the best. And,1. He acknowledges God by a particular prayer (v. 12-14), wherein, (1.) He petitions for prosperity and good success in this affair: Send me good speed, this day. Note, We have leave to be particular in recommending our affairs to the conduct and care of the divine Providence. Those that would have good speed must pray for it. This day, in this affair; thus we must, in all our ways, acknowledge God, Prov. 3:6 . And, if we thus look up to God in every undertaking which we are in care about, we shall have the comfort of having done our


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