Rapture Watch! What's left to happen now? Nothing! Look Up Saints!

Can I get an "AMEN"!!!   I just received this email.  This is a great summary in a nutshell of where we are Saints.  Look Up!  Maranatha


Hi Andrew

So really, when you collate ALL the items of knowledge we have, there’s not much to unfold I think before the tribulation period can begin.
The land is divided. (Balfour - before that it was invaded and conquered but not divided)
The golan is taken and ready for the attack on the mountains with cities without walls (present day golan is open without walked cities and has one of the largest oil and gas reserves) Syria has PROMISED along with Russia to take it back at an opportune time.  Ezekiel 38/39
Forces are well planted in Syria that have forged a five nation alliance.
Damascus is NOT yet a ruinous heap, however tensions are bringing it closer and closer. Isaiah 17
Sun is brightening Isaiah 30:26
Aswan and Ethiopia dam issue well underway. Ezekiel 29
Venus has become a daylight object. LOOK UP he said, can’t do that if you are not outside.
A two person candidate has forged that is also part of Rome’s and Zion’s, Noahides interests in a NWO based in and from Israel with all internet data moving through there as central security.

I can’t think of much else.

Look up, your redemption draws nigh!


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