#Wikileaks Julian Assange is not a true Journalist but a political Russian Bot

Here's s disgusting pathetic Russian Propaganda bio of #Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange 

My comment:

Although anyone should applaud Wikileaks seeking to expose truth, it in reality is anything but... Why didn't Wikileaks expose the whole story of the attack helicopter incident? Of the hit and run tactics of the Iraqi insurgency where male combatants murder peace keeping forces and blend in as civilians after dumping weapons. I have personally watched video with 1st hand observation of the whole incident extremely similar and even more shocking. Want to talk about IED issues where the enemy murderers slaughter their own indiscriminately? I can't find any Wikileaks on this for some reason.  I have also personally buried an American soldier caught in an  ambush where the bad guys were using school children as cover. Should America have even been involved in Iraq? No! But let's address the elephant in this room. This video defending poor Julian is hardcore Russian propaganda! Why all against the US???  While Julian is at his politicized journalism let's talk about the atrocities of Russian war crimes in Crimea,  Afghanistan? How about Al Queda? ISIS? Taliban? Iran? Syria? Israel? China?  Makes Stalin, Hitler, Pol pot feel at home. Let's also see a pure Wikileaks expose on Julian sowing his oates in Sweden. Also,  let's do a Wikileaks on the Assange Russian payroll connection.  Let's do a Wikileaks on why didn't Assange release ALL the information he has on ALL the evil in the world but never has. You see my point?


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