Trump Daytona 500 and the Beast

Any coincidence of President Trump standing with the first (lady?) in front of Daytona 500?

Interesting that Chaldean (Babylon) number equivalent for the word Daytona is the number 5. 

Number 5 – Corresponds with the five elements – earth, air, fire, water, ether – and the movement of energy between each of these. For that reason, those under the number 5 tend to be regarded as having a lot of strings to their bow and highly transformative, yet at the same time balanced with an ease to all that they do. Their main fuel is that of free will, they will work well as long as they are not tied down and can get what they want from the situation. As such, may be perceived as non-committal

Meaning of Daytona is City of Day.

Original meaning of the word city: "Citizens"

Original meaning of the word day:  "To Burn"

Daytona 500 Obama Trump The Beast 
The Miracle The Monster

Trump Air Force 1 fly over Daytona at 800 feet

Trump Daytona 500 in the Beast Lap around the track for the great American race.


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