Kushner gets a vote for False Prophet of Revelation 13

I've always thought personally that the Pope gets top honors for the 2nd Beast aka the False Prophet in Revelation 13.

However, I received an email from a Brother in Christ today which gives me pause to consider the possibility of Jared Kushner as a possible candidate.

Note:  I'm not looking for the Antichrist or False Prophet. I know we true saints will be raptured before the antichrist is revealed.  However, I make note because these events we see unfolding before our very eyes are indeed true events that show how close we are to going home.  MARANATHA!

Here are my Brother's comments:


Have a read of Rev 13
Note there are 2 beasts

The first is boastful/blasphemous etcetc
The second is the power broker/organiser of the first

Remind you of anyone on the global stage atm?

The father in law, has called himself the chosen, the second coming, is regarded to be a messiah and cyrus etc

The son in law, is the broker behind his rise to authority by chance

Also by chance, in gematria hebrew, the surname of the son is triple six.

Noted that the original scripture of this was written in Greek but for some reason they left the three sixes in hebrew for a purpose unknown. Google that or seek the story about the text being in hebrew for the number.

The scripture of Rev 13 specifically says the second beast equals triple six, the first beast ( and his image) is caused to be worshipped by the second.

Knit all that together with your noaide knowledge and chabbad etc

Added screen shot of gematria

Kent, bro in Christ Jesus the redeemer and Creator come in flesh.
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