As she, I'm also sick with love.


Dear Lord Jesus I come to you, desperately seeking you, yearning for you as the Shulamite girl sought you out in earnest.  As she, I'm also sick with love.  (Song of Solomon 2:5)  this love sickness drives me compels me to move closer to you, to get to know you more.

This love sickness did bring me to be in the world but not of it, and found the things of this world to be so cruel and bitter.  But, nonetheless, I've done your bidding, I did it, going into the valley of shadow of death, the belly of the beast as a witness until my time was complete.  Now, thank God, I've now finished that task praise God.

I pray now lead me, take me into your bosom and hold me there so tenderly until I'm again ready to go forth wherever you send me.

I know not where, but wherever, whenever, and however you desire. I ask you abide in me to power me to do your bidding, Amen.


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