Placebo; Howard Pitman's trip to the third heaven

Great testimony here saints.   Howard Pitman had a near death / temporary death experience leaving his body and goes into the second and third heavens.  God deals with him and gives him a 5 point message to bring back as a warning.

Excellent description of how the levels of Satan's forces work and operate in the second heaven and in the first heaven earth against humanity.   How our guardian angels are responsible for us and how important our will is.

Most important is how important it is for us to WALK THE TALK; i.e. live like we as Christians talk and how God is separating the pretenders, lukewarm souls from God's true saints.


  1. Yes, Sarah, I thought the same thing. It's like the message, a warning just keeps coming in so many ways, "wake up people!" this stuff is real. The physical world is so temporal and yet so many build their whole entire life, hopes and dreams on building more and storing up more for what? That's right. many, too many Christians just want to play it safe and play Sunday school, do picnics, socials, and as you posted that Blog about the Devil in the church just watches and laughs.


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