Understanding Our Seven-fold Qualification For Service

Functioning in the Spiritual Realm, i.e., walking in the Spirit and Not in the Flesh, in our roles as God's Royal Priests we have our seven-fold Qualification For Service.

What is the seven-fold qualification for service?

This is seen in Gideon, Judges 6.
  1. Conviction as to his own humiliating condition, verse 11, as shown in verse 15.
  2. An exercised heart, verse 13, as caused probably by the prophet's testimony, verse 8.
  3. No confidence in the flesh, verse 15.
  4. Peace with God through grace; the peace of God through gift, verses 17, 18, 22, 23.
  5. Worship, verse 24.
  6. Obedience in small things, verses 25-27.
  7. Power for great things, verses 33-35 and chapter 7.
The number 7 in the Bible represents SPIRITUAL PERFECTION.  Judges is the 7th book in the Bible and in Chapter 7, the final completion of the qualifications for service we see the bottom line that God grants us by Jesus Christ our High Priest through the Holy Spirit. This is POWER FOR GREAT THINGS.

Note:  One of the primary role of a royal priest is to stand between God and man as a Judge. Note especially that a high priest wore a breastplate of judgement containing 12 gemstones.   


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