Titanic, The Movie; What God showed me

I didn't realize until posting this Blog that this week marks the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. The ship that some said not even God could sink and which ended up sinking on her maiden voyage, never reaching her destination which was the dreams and freedom of America out of the depression of Europe.

Anyway, last night I decided to watch one of my favorite movies of all time, "The Titanic" The James Cameron 1997 Epic film.  I've seen this movie more than 10 times since I first fell in love with it when it first came out. In fact, it was one of only two times  perhaps in my life where I've sat through a movie 2 times in one sitting.  Each time I see this movie I get deeper revelation of human nature. (My brother, Tim Shey often has God speak to him through movies (High Plains Drifter) and I was excited to find the same experience.

Here's what God showed me in Titanic:

In brief:  The Titanic represents man's system, the world. We are to be in it, but not of it.  While on this ship earth, Jesus interacts with us, calls us to come out, be separate and walk with him in the midst of a lost world.

In detail: James Cameron brilliantly uses the Titanic tragedy as the backdrop for the desperate life of Rose Dewitt Bukater trying to break free from the bondage of her mother who's sold her soul to man's system and is trying to sacrifice her daughter on the altar of illusion of man's system primarily money. The man who completely represents the world and man's system is the arrogant tyrant, Caledon Hockley.   Rose resists with small outbursts of defiance, but Cal and her mother quickly put her back in line... Rose finally resigns herself to live a life of hell just so she doesn't tarnish her families good name and so her mother doesn't have to work as a poor seamstress. And, in the deepest sense, because walking away from tyranny is often more difficult than suffering under its persecution . 

Living under the illusion that we've found the best and have settled  for the best when along comes Jesus and shows us that he is better and  "better is enemy to best."  No matter how good the world appears to us with all of its glitter, Jesus shows us that he is better than the  best, but we have to trust this and move out with him on this. 

 If we don't, we've sold out. It's easy to talk about but if we don't have a close relationship with Jesus and are living and walking in the spirit, it is very difficult to execute. In fact, we're fooling ourselves.   But, by God's grace, God's elect as they mature as Christians,  where they yearn for and seek him asking for deliverance,  just as Rose did  with Mr. Jack Dawson, find a way of escape. But instead of Jack Dawson, our savior our way of escape  is Jesus Christ. Rose knows Jack is her freedom, but she still resists until a crucial point and that takes place when she sees a little girl being completely taken into bondage by her mother and realizes this is her. Until we know our miserable condition we don't seek a way out. As the saying goes one has to know they're sick before they'll seek a cure. 

 God clearly showed me by this movie, that in the midst of my current trials ((financial, emotional flesh ties to the world's system and tests of my faith that challenges the vision I had been given by God; time in the furnace of affliction where God is separating me from reliance on the tyranny of man's system to walk in His spirit))  He is seriously moving his saints to be separate. (Refer to my Blog Separating His Sheep from The Goats) .  To be separate, step out and to Trust Jesus.

 God clearly wanted me to have a visual experience of what he was doing in my life at the moment.  It was kind of like when I was in the Navy during submarine warfare fighting skill training in the tactical trainer where they'd place us in an exact mock up of our attack center and give us computer generated attack scenarios.  Sometimes we'd get so lost in the problem we'd lose our focus and hence loose the big picture the strategic picture by getting too absorbed into the tactical problems.. i.e. not seeing the forest because of the trees; otherwise known as the fog of war. So, the computer system would show our submarine in visual representation against our enemy submarines and ships.  

So, here I sat in front of this movie and for some reason, as Tim Shey has experienced, I began sobbing during the scene where Rose breaks free from her mother (we break the bondage of whatever is holding us to this world) while sitting with the gossiping ladies during high tea and runs to Jack who is out on the bow of the ship, (we run to Jesus who is waiting for us to join him) which is in my opinion the climax of the love story. The love story goes deeper than Jack and Rose. To me God revealed a visual of Song of Solomon (many waters cannot quench this love) and  how the Shulamite finally finds the Shepherd after going through great trials.. (See Sarah Beveridge's blog on The Shepherd and The Shulamite, believersjourney.blogspot.com) :http://www.google.com.vn/url?

Then I had to focus on what was happening here, God wanted me to have a deeper understanding of something wonderful so I had to analyze these scenes: By analyzing the scenes I could get an entire picture but in closer detail.  Just like going back to the submarine attack trainer, we would methodically go through each scenario, step by step, that led up to the point we got lost in the fight with excruciating detail and then stop and look at the entire picture to truly understand what we were doing. 

 Mother Scene:  Rose is with her mother in their stateroom. Her mother is squeezing the breath out of her by pulling on her corset.  A corset is used to slim the body and "make it conform" to a desirable image. Rose's mother is scolding her for misbehaving and possibly upsetting a life of ease and security which would be guaranteed by marrying Cal.  (revelation:  when in bondage we are made to conform to the world's system which is tyranny.  The great illusion of tyranny uses is security through conformity and compliance to the world's system.)

Chapel Scene: Immediately following the previous.  The Captain at the pulpit and all of the wealthy elite dressed in their finest are in attendance.  Only the first class passengers are in attendance. It is interesting in this scene Rose is sandwiched in between her fiancee and her mother.

  (revelation: religion is for show and status guarantees a front row seat.  Religion = The world's system of the anti-christ, a form of godliness denying the power. Religion strangles freedom. )

Jack attempts to enter the chapel scene:  Immediately following the previous scene, Jack comes down the stairs and greets Mr. Anderson. He then approaches the chapel entrance but guarding the entrance to the chapel are two impeccably dressed attendants who block Jack from entering.  The guard says, "Sir, you do not belong in here."   Cal's bodyguard notices the disturbance and quickly comes out to assist in throwing Jack out, telling the guards, "kindly escort this gentleman back to where he belongs. (he holds a 3rd class ticket).  The rich people in the chapel are singing, "We cry to thee (God) for those in peril on the sea."

(revelation: When Jesus comes calling, he is a gentleman. He stands at the door and knocks, he doesn't barge his way in. Jesus stands outside the door of religion and does not come inside as he hears fake believers crying out for mercy in their soon coming peril and destruction.  Also, the world only allows pretenders and fakes into church but not the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  A bully who represents the fake church of religion will always push Jesus Christ out.. And of course, Jesus stands and knocks, if anyone hears they must open and let him in.. If not, he leaves.)

On the bridge scene with the Captain:  following previous scene, Rose and her mother are talking to the Captain on the bridge asking about why 2  steering wheels ( helms). The Captain says they only use the second one when near shore. They are interrupted by a messenger reporting that more icebergs have been spotted.  Rose shows grave concern, staring into the Captains eyes.. The Captain smiles and bravely, almost boasting, says, "Oh!  Not to worry!  This is quite normal for this time of year. No need to worry. In fact I've just ordered the last boilers lit, we will be increasing our speed."

(revelation:  A second device for direction, reliance on secondary systems will always come into play in the world's system. Because on their false sense of security.  There are 2 ways to reach a destination = division. Not one way.  The Captain representing a world leader or mentor will speed into harms way , destruction  with great confidence to deceive the deceived. Even though many realize the insanity, they remain silent.  They are on the Captain' ship. At his complete mercy.  No where on earth other than in a plane or on a ship at sea can someone feel so helpless at the hands of a lost Captain. So is someone who gives their life to a godless, misguided man.

Rose with Cal and her mother on tour with Mr. Andrews, the ships designer, "Forgive me," says Rose, "but according to my sums there aren't enough life boats for everyone on board."

Thomas Andrews (ship's architect):   "About half, actually.  Rose, you let nothing get past you.   I put in some extra davits (designed it,) ...  but others deemed it would only clutter the decks..So I was overruled."

Cal:   Walking past Rose with Rose's mother... He smacks one of the life boats with his walking stick and says"A waste space as it is on an unsinkable ship."  he smirks and keeps walking.

Mr. Andrews:  "Don't worry Rose, I built you a strong ship. You have all the lifeboats you need."

(revelation:  God's chosen see the end, they notice what goes unnoticed by others.  The worldly are brash, brazen, overconfident, and proud.. Deny God, Defy God. )

Next scene:  Jack intercepts Rose as she's fallen behind.  Jack sneaks her off into the empty gym so he can talk to her.

Rose:  "Look, Jack,  This is impossible... Look... I'm engaged.  I'm marrying Cal.  Pause... "I love Cal."
Her face and voice give her away immediately after saying she loves Cal. Jack knows she's lying. Jack looks into her eyes and smiles with a look, that says, I know you're lying. But, good try.  

Jack:   Rose, look, (inspite of your flaws) you are the most astounding, wonderful, amazing woman I've ever known. :"

Rose tries to leave.. Jack pleads with her to hear him out. She gives him a chance.

Jack:  "Look, I know how the world works. I have ten bucks in my pocket. I have nothing to offer you. And I know. I understand.  But I'm too involved. You jump I jump. (Referring to the first time they met when Jack saved her life when Rose was going to jump overboard.)   I can't turn away without knowing you'll be alright. That's all I want."

Rose: "Well I'm fine.  I will be fine".... pause... "Really!"

Jack: Asking unconvinced, "Really?" "I don't think so." pause.... "They've got you trapped, Rose." Maybe not right away because you're strong, but eventually... sooner or later, that fire I love about you is going to burn out."

They stare into each others eyes... Rose seems convinced then changes her face to defiance.

Rose:  "It's not up to you to save me Jack!"

Jack: Very sad face says,  "You're right!  Only you can do that."

Rose leaves Jack

(revelation:  Jesus sees his children's worth. Their value. He loves them truly.  He comes to his children when they've wandered, when they're in the valley of shadow of death, whenever they've strayed into bondage,  he gives us an out. He bids us freedom.  He doesn't offer the temporal things of this earth but rather the eternal things. His yolk is easy and his burden is light.  Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Jesus has come to free us in captivity, but we have to take the step by opening our heart; i.e. giving Him our will.  Surrendering to him. Matthew 11:30;  Mark 11:28, Matthew 14:28; Luke 17:21-24; Isaiah 61)

Next scene:  In the grand dining room. Rose is sitting at high tea with her mother and 2 other women of high society. They're gossiping and Rose's mother is telling the other women how Rose wanted to choose the wedding colors but how the mother would make the final choice.  Rose is sitting there completely destroyed. Her self esteem and life is completely drained. She then looks over and sees a young girl being trained by her mother on how to be a lady at the table.  The girl is being shown how to use a napkin by the mother. The girl is completely dominated by the mother and dressed up in the finest clothing. The girl about 8 years old is being forced to act as an adult.  Then... all of a sudden, ROSE HAS AN EPIPHANY  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/epiphany
OR in other words she had a revelation, her eyes were opened to the divine nature of Jesus in a sense she saw her condition and needed to find her savior.

  Then the mother says, "We were finally able to create a phoenix from the ashes."

(revelation:  When the master calls us to come out of the world, we move out of the world. Although we live in the world we are not of it.  (Matthew 19:16-30)  The world's system relies on fables, spiritual darkness and or the forces of darkness to regenerate (phoenix); whereas Jesus is the only way to restore lost man to his creator. Romans 1:18-25;  John 3:16)

Next scene:  The Climatic love scene:  Jack is standing on the bull nose (the extreme front, the bow of the ship.  The ship is now at flank speed. The thundering sound of the massive vessel crashing through the ocean and the sound of the wind is powerful. Rose runs out onto to deck. Walks up behind Jack as he's staring down into the bow slicing through the water.

Rose:  "Hello Jack."

Jack turns around in extreme happiness and surprise.

Rose: "They said you might be up here."

Jack presses his forefinger to his lips... "Shhhhhhhh"
and motions for Rose to come to him.
He then says,  "Give me your hand."   Rose walks slowly to him. The theme music is playing. She is completely at peace her face has changed completely from the previous scene.   They both walk up to the bow.  Jack says, "Now close your eyes!" "Step up here, step up and hold onto the rail. Hold. Keep your eyes closed. Do you trust me?"

Rose:  "Yes I trust you."

Jack:  "Now, open your eyes. "

Rose opens her eyes and is taken back by the amazing beauty..  She's speechless for a moment and then says, "We are flying!"

They are now embraced and have the most amazing view in front of them. The sky is purple and red at sunset, It is a perfection of beauty and peace. The music is playing..

Jack:  Whispers a song in Rose's ear: "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine" We fly, up, up."

 (A popular song written in 1910 the era of the Titanic. ..Written in the early days of the airplane, the song tells of a young man courting his gal by "flying machine". The light-hearted song expresses the technological optimism of the era. The lyrics even have the couple saying "Whoa, dear! Don't hit the Moon!" "No, dear... Not yet, but soon!") (wikapedia)
"We fly up, up..."

(revelation:  the ultimate on this earth:  TRUSTING OUR SAVIOR; WALKING WITH HIM BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT.....Walking in the Spirit and not in the Flesh.  Galatians 5:16.. When we walk by faith and not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7; We enjoy a plain of excellence, a peace that passes all understanding and joy unspeakable even through we're still living in our earthen vessels and we still suffer trials and tribulation here on this earth. Ephesians 3:20; John 16:33.)

Rescue Scene:   Rose is shown singing "Come Josephine In my Flying Machine, when she is waiting to be rescued from the ocean.  Jack has given his life for her to help her onto the floating piece of furniture.  

(revelation:  Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice for us. Isaiah 61; John 3:16;  We hold onto his promises by faith. Singing the song he put in our heart is reading and meditating on the scriptures and singing even when our hearts are heavy.)

Second to last scene:  Rose goes out to aft end of ship and tosses the diamond (heart of the ocean) into the sea. She looks up into the heavens and has great joy even though she just tossed a diamond of immense wealth.

(revelation:  Self explanatory....Nothing can compare to Jesus... (Matthew 19:21; Song of Solomon 8:7: Many waters can not quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be condemned. 

Last scene:  Rose back in actual time over 100 years old goes to sleep.  In her dream she finds herself going down into the depths to find the Titanic back as it was 84 years ago (at the time).  In this transformation ALL THE Godly passengers rich mixed with the poor (few of the rich are present whom Rose knew);  Jack is waiting at the top of the stairs in front of the clock.

(revelation:  THE FINISH LINE OF OUR RACE HERE ON EARTH..... The Rapture .   The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. 

 (I'm going to get hung up here in the pre/mid/post mess)  Followed by The marriage supper of the lamb.  The Rapture, Jesus is waiting for His bride. 2 Thessalonians ; 2 Peter 3:10;  Luke 17:22;  Revelation 19; )


  1. Randy: This was excellent; very edifying. It is beautiful how the Lord reveals things to us through films. I think I have seen at least half of the film "Titanic".

    "The Titanic and the Hand of God"

  2. Both you and your brother have a wonderful gift from our Father interpreting everyday things in our lives. Thank you Tim for pointing is to your brothers blog.

  3. Praise God! Thank you Tim, I'm studying your Titanic post. Thank you Mamma Bear, to God be the glory. Sarah, yeah it got to be a little long. Yes, God uses everything in His universe to speak to us. When we're walking in the Spirit we can pick up these things. I recall how I once observed a child talking, "seriously talking" to a butterfly. At first I was laughing at how cute it was. After a few moments of consideration, I realized that something wonderfully mysterious was going on with that child and God. YES, ABSOLUTELY, the Holy Spirit is definitely "really pouring out lately"... Praise be to God. Amen!

  4. That was really beautiful and insightful about the movie! We watched it again just recently and I even commented to my son that Jack is so my type compared to the rich snob!

  5. Praise God! Shelby I know you're Jack's type and I haven't even met you yet.


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