Riding A Dead Horse

Thank you Sarah Beveridge, I really feel compelled to send this out again...   Some things are definitely worth repeating, even though, sadly this will no doubt fall on many deaf ears.  But the Lord knows his own and they know him and have heard the call to separate, come out and as the bride, make herself ready for the groom. Amen.

Riding a "Dead Horse"?

     If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.    Romans 12:18

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

     Whether some will consider me right or wrong, I am fed up!  I have something on my heart which I have to say!  Some of my fellow believers who read this article will not appreciate THE TRUTH which I am about to set before you, yet no honest reader will be able to deny the documented facts which will also be set forth in this article.   Read on ...

     [1] The U.S. entry as "a nation" in the "international horse race" among the nations of the world suffered a terrible wound when the Supreme Court [?] outlawed prayer in the schools in the 1960's, due to a case brought before the court by a wicked atheist woman who subsequently was brutally murdered, her body decapitated, and whose eternal soul is now screaming out her eternal damnation in hell.  Galatians 6:7-8 is still in the Bible!
     The elimination of Bible reading and prayer in the schools threw the doors wide open to the atheistic evolutionary scientists to teach the children of America that they are nothing but a different species of "animal," while also effectively abolishing the teaching of Creationism; that is, that mankind was created by Almighty God in His image [Genesis 1:26-27].  Now after 52 years [2012 - 1960 = 52] of America's children being indoctrinated to believe that they are nothing but "animals," they are living and acting like animals, and it shows up daily in American society.      
     As a people America did nothing about prayer and the Bible being removed from the schools!   

     [2]  Then the U.S. entry in the race continued to run halting and gasping for breath until the American horse suffered a second devastating wound when the nine donkeys on the U.S. Supreme Court bench legalized the cold blooded, pre-meditated murder of the innocent unborn in Roe vs Wade in 1973.  Genesis 42:22 is also still in the Bible.  So isGenesis 9:4-6!

     The result of this wickedness has been that over the past 39 years [2012 -39 = 1973], at an average rate of 3,500 innocent unborn babies being aborted [murdered] in America every single day, this country has callously murdered fifty million innocent unborn babies.  This has been enough babies killed to fill the streets of every city, town, and village in America with their blood.   Yet Mr., Mrs, & Miss "Average American" piously looks down their self-righteous noses right to this day and condemns Adolph Hitler and his Nazi butchers as being wicked and "inhumane." Sic! 

     As a people America again did nothing about the mass killing of the innocent unborn! 

     [3] But still the U.S. horse struggled on, trying to finish the race.  Sadly, the third major blow fell upon the American entry in 1978 when the same rotten Court of Supreme Justice [Sic!  Barf! Barf!] legalized homosexuality, thereby throwing the door wide open to every kind of sexual perversion the depraved mind of fallen men and women can conceive.  Romans 1:24-27 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 are also still in the Bible, and the Lord God of Heaven is still"the same, yesterday, today, and for ever," Hebrews 13:8.  The Lord God hasn't changed His mind!

     Once more the American people timidly acquiesced to this wickedness and did nothing about the spread of flagrant sexual perversion throughout this nation.      

     Since the advent of baseball, Americans have adopted a saying that has become a common household expression,"Three strikes and you're out!"  Every American knows what this expression means, and Americans everywhere even practice the truth of it in their daily lives as they deal with others.

     Then tell me why this expression does not apply to the governing bodies and officials of this nation who have corrupted the entire nation by their total lack of moral values?  These filthy scumbags could have been removed from office by the American people long ago, but they weren't!  Why?  Hello!  Speak up!  I'm not hearing you! 

     That third terrible wound in 1978 was the final "mortal wound" for America's horse.  Since 1978 patriotic Americans, both those who are Christian believers and those who are lost unbelievers, have been "riding a dead horse." It will never finish the race the Lord God of Heaven commissioned this nation's Christian forefathers to run, because the horse died on the track!  1 Corinthians 9:24-25 is also still in the Bible.  You would think that after all these years, at the very least true believers in this country would "wake up" to this fact, and quit riding the stinking carcass of the "dead horse."

     In 1978 after the Supreme Court handed down its rotten, wicked, depraved, decision legalizing sexual perversion, after it had already banned Almighty God and His Word from the classrooms of America, and after it had already legalized the cold blooded, pre-meditated, murder of the innocent unborn, I had had enough!  By the grace of God this "born-again," blood-washed, saved by grace, Holy Spirit indwelt, believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, was given enoughspiritual discernment to understand the true meaning of 2 Corinthians 5:20Philippians 3:20-21Hebrews 11:13,and 1 Peter 2:11.  This world and this country are not my home

       My loyalty belongs to the country of my [spiritual] birth, the same country where my [spiritual] "home" and my [spiritual] "citizenship" are located [Philippians 3:20], and to the sovereign rulers of that country; the Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  My Savior, my Lord, and my King, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, has already explicitly told every true New Covenant believer that they are notcitizens of this present world.  Read it for yourself in John 17:14-16.  Then start believing it! 

Headstone ''UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Born: July 4, 1776, Died: Nov 4, 2008, SUICIDE''
    [4]   Then in 2008 the grave was finally dug to bury the stinking carcass of the U.S. "dead horse."   This is a photo of the headstone to be set at the site of its burial.  It appeared right after the 2008 Presidential election and was circulated on the internet.  Significantly, the PTB now in charge of the U.S. government have spent the last four years preparing the stinking carcass of the "dead horse" for burial, and are still working on its carcass even as I write.  Finally, the burial is imminent, and may occur even before the end of this month [May, 2012].  Why?  Because Psalm 9:17Proverbs 14:34Isaiah 18:1-7Isaiah 24:4-6and Luke 13:2-5 are still in the Bible too!  If not this month, the burial will come soon!
     By the time of the 2008 Presidential election, every American citizen in this country had been made aware that one of the candidates running for office was not a natural born citizen and was not "Constitutionally" qualified to serve as President, but the American people went right ahead and elected him anyway.   Would those who voted for him like to read Galatians 6:7-8 again?

     But lo and behold, now 52 years after the American people did nothing when Almighty God was vanquished from the class rooms of America, it is glaringly obvious to the American people that this once great nation has been "hijacked" by the wicked Illuminists and New World Order Communists, and is on the verge of imminent collapse.  Now "some" [???] of the American people are in an uproar to "save our nation!"  Sic!

      Why didn't the American people think of that 52 years ago when the first blow was struck and the foul stench first arose from the liberal, immoral Supreme Court?   Whether some Americans want to face it or not, IT IS NOW TOO LATE!   The cause is lost!  The nation is gone!  There is nothing left to save!   But most "patriots," including many true believershaven't allowed themselves to face the truth yet.  They are so busy writing and calling their congressman, filling out petitions, and registering voters for the next election, and squalling "God bless America," that they haven't taken the time to ask themselves, "Why should God bless America?" Well???  Even many of the heathen nations of the earth today look at America and label it as one of the most morally depraved nations on earth.  Hello!

     Folks, this once great God fearing nation is now ready to be flushed down the toilet of human history, whether some readers will appreciate my saying so or not.  I am personally no longer riding a "dead horse!"  The Lord God of Heavendid not save and call me to "save this nation" [or any nation] through the rotten, stinking, corrupt, political process this nation has finally come to. Rather, the Lord saved and called me, as He has every true believer, to "come out from among" this wicked nation and world system, and to truly dedicate myself to "calling out" yet others, right up until the time the Lord Jesus Christ comes in the air to resurrect and rapture all of His people to glory.  PERIOD!    Some who claim to be God's people sorely need to read again the five accounts of the Great Commission as recorded in the inspired Word of God, and then act upon the Commission exactly as it is set forth in the Word.   

     I think I have made myself clear!  Now those readers who do not like or appreciate what I have had to say in this article have my express permission to "lump it," stay mad, or ask the Lord God for the grace to adjust your world viewto conform to His Word and move ahead accordingly.

     I would also add that any reader who is not a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, is then still lost in sin and on the way to eternal damnation [Romans 3:23Ecclesiastes 7:20].   There is no way of escape, neither from your sin nor from the imminent fall of America, except by truly seeking and receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as your own personal Savior while you still have time and opportunity to do so.  ReadJohn 3:3-7; 3:16; 3:36; 5:24; 14:6Acts 4:12; 16:30-31and Romans 10:8-13.  But hurry!  The "day of salvation" [2 Corinthians 6:2] is almost over!         

"Even so, come, Lord Jesus," Revelation 22:20.

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     Permission is granted to any true believer or Bible believing Christian ministry to reproduce this article to share with others as the Lord leads, or to quote from it in context as written
     All comments, questions, or correspondence should be addressed to:  Pastor F. M. Riley, 184 County Road 108, Harrisburg, Missouri 65256.   Or, send an email to:  fmr7sngn@centurylink.net


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