Bible Code Sharon/Kaduri/#Harbinger/#Rapture 18-20 Shevat

Ariel Sharon
Rabbi Kaduri
18th-19th Shevat 

January 19th is the 18th Shevat.  I have been finding Bible Codes suggesting this day as a possible day for the Rapture?   Over in Isaiah chapter 28 where the "covenant with death" is mentioned is encoded the phrase...."The Bride day 18"... on a "one interval skip."  I have known this for a long time and it has always been in the back of my mind waiting to see where it "might fit in?"  Well it may have a chance of becoming a reality if the 18th Shevat is possibly the day of our departure, if not sooner??
  Counting forward "seven days" from Sharon's burial today Monday January 12th ( which would represent the "final closure" of the Sharon's legacy, and the "closing" of the final chapter of his life ) brings you to January 19th which is the 18th Shevat.   The number 18 is the number of "beginnings" ( 1 ) and "New Beginnings" ( 8 ).  Don't forget about that Bible Code I sent out yesterday called..."Return Shevat" which had the phrase....."Arrival the day of the Lord the great and the terrible"...and also it had encoded "twice" in it the date..."20th January"... which both joined eachother right underneath the phrase..."Bride Gentiles."
 My friend Jeff believes that from Sharon's death / Burial ( Jan. 11th - 12th ) to the 18th of Shevat / January 19th may possibly be the day of the Rapture ( ? ) based on the reasoning that Sharon is a "type and picture" of Methusaleh who died seven days before the flood in Genesis ( according to Jewish tradition ).  Plus,  Rabbi kaduri in his prophecy about "Sharon" has made him a "sign" and a "Harbinger" by saying that the messiah would be "revealed" after his death.  Also January 19th / 18th Shevat is a "Sunday",  which I have always believed could possibly be the "day of the week" that the Rapture could possibly take place ( ? ) for reasons I have already shared in a previous email a few days ago.
 Now because of this and based on this "possible" scenario ( ? )  I therefore decided to make up the following Hebrew gematria in order to see what the value would be. Here it is below.

18th of Shevat, the Rapture / Yod = 10   Cheth = 8 /  Shin = 300   Lamed = 30 / Shin =300   Beth = 2   Teth = 9 /  Hay = 5 / Shin = 300   Lamed = 30   Hay = 5    Vav = 6   Beth = 2 / total = 1007
This phrase repeated twice gives you the following gematria value...... 1007 + 1007 =2014

18th / 19th Shevat / Yod = 10  Cheth = / Yod = 10   Teth = 9 / Shin = 300   Beth = 2   Teth = 9 / total = 348
The Rapture = 348
The 19th Shevat is the 20th January.
 What an exciting time to be alive in order to witness and see prophecy unfold and line up with the prophetic Scriptures right in front of our eyes.  These are the days that the Jewish prophets spoke of, and the days in which the apostle Paul in his epistles spoke of!
Until He comes!
In Christ, Tom Gaston

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