OSLO PEACE ACCORD, Covenant with Death; Antichrist; Shevat 18; Isaiah 28 #Rapture Watch

I believe we've been looking for a future Middle East peace accord to be signed as the one the Antichrist endorses, but don't forget about past peace initiatives that were drafted and signed but never materialized. That was the OSLO PEACE ACCORD in 1993.

Take a look at Tom Gaston's findings that are astounding and that also points to another Rapture Watch Date:


By Tom Gaston: 

 For all of you who do NOT know,  Oslo is the the Daniel 9:27 "covenant with death" which is mentioned over in Isaiah Chapter 28:14,15.  Encoded over there in that chapter is......"In Norway" and "Oslo" together with the country "Switzerland" between the letters of Norway.   Oslo is the captial of Norway.  The Reason why It is encoded there is because God is identifying the "OsloAccord agreement as the "covenant with death."   Oslo is the ONLY COVENANT that has already been "signed" between both parties of Israel and the PLO under the Rabin and Arafat administrations back in 1993.
 Oslo failed because it is the "covenant with death" which has to be "strengthened."  It was "weak" and could not be implemented due to Arafat and the PLO not keeping their end of the agreement. Go to the following link and read all about Oslo and the "principles" which are laid out in that Covenant...etc....etc.....go....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oslo_I_Accord
 In Daniel 9:27 the English term "Confirm" which is used there is the Hebrew term "Gabar" which means..."to strengthen, make stronger."  Oslo was doomed to fail and had to fail so that it could be "strengthened" by the man antichrist at a later date.  Oslo has NOT been implemented yet because it was NOT time for that to happen back in 1993 when it was signed on the White House lawn with Bill Clinton officiating and overseeing the whole signing process.   The "antichrist" isNOT going to make a covenant as many have carelessly assumed,  but he is going to "strengthen a covenant" which has already been made, but of which is "weak."  And that covenant is "Olso."  That's what the Hebrew term "Gabar" means.
Now, listen to me carefully!  When the Rapture happens the world is going to be thrown into total chaos and "destabilization" on a scale which has never been seen before in all of human history due to the Rapture event.  When this happens Israel will have NO CHOICE but to take what is handed to them at such a time,  which is NOT going to allow any political heads of state ( Of Israel, PLO,  the US..etc..etc. ) to be able to sit down and hammer out anagreement while the world and the middle east especially is on the brink of total uncertainty and destruction
 What Israel and the parties involved will do is "embrace and implement" the Olsotreaty which as already been negotiated and signed back in 1993,  but of which was "weak."  Israel and its leadership during this time of utter terror and uncertainty will "fold under the pressure" due the fact that the middle east andIsrael especially has now been totally stripped of any security that they might have had prior to the Rapture event and Israel's enemies will at that time be "breathing down her neck" with the plot of her annihilation. 
 Israel who is "in panic" will then turn to the "United States" ( whom she has had joint friendship with for decades ) and who is at this present time leading the way for the "implementation" of the "covenant with death" ( Oslo ),  and she will make "concessions" with the US. ( a super power with a powerful military ) in order to gain the "peace and security" which she will need for her borders and state at that most dangerous time
This is how I believe it is going to go down folks!   When the Rapturehappens there will be no time for Israel and the parties involved to sit down and negotiate a peace treaty as the "security " of the state of Israel will take precedent over any disagreements which there had been between parties concerning a "peace agreement."  Israel will need "military intervention" and protection by the United States immediately ( the only country who would or could offer such protection militarily for Israel at that time ), and therefore she will "take the bait " which is offered her in order to secure her country.  That Raptureevent is what is going to set all of this "in motion."
Now, go down and look at page 2 of this Bible Code..."Bride day 18."  Then ask yourself ....."What in the world are all of these terms concerning a "Covenant" doing in here with a Bible Code called "Bride day 18?"   Well, it is not hard to figure out!   If the Rapture happens to take place this weekend onSaturday / Sunday / January 18 - 19 /  Shevat 17 - 18 ??,  or whenever it happens to take place??,  then this scenario which I have presented here will undoubtedly unfold following the Rapture event yet future.   The stage is set and the momentum for "peace and security" in Israel and the middle east has accelerated at an astonishing rate at this present time as the United States and the Obama and John kerry regime administration is leading the way and pushing hard for this "covenant with death." 
Therefore the timing for the Rapture at this very moment is perfect as the "peace and security" agenda is in "full swing."
 I will send all of you the Bible Code with Olso and Norway in it out of Isaiah chapter 28 "covenant with death" text.

NOTE ON 18 SHEVAT: Since the Hebrew term "Advent " has a gematria value of 18,  I therefore decided to do the following:
1 + 8 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 8 + 1 = 55 Bride
Why is the number ( 18 ) so important to the Jewish people?
Definition:  Chai ( life )... Yod = 10   Cheth = 8 / total = 18
Chai ( ח י = 18 )  is a Hebrew word and symbol that means “life.” It is spelled with the Hebrew letters Chet ( ח ) and Yod (  י  ). Jews will often wear a Chai on a necklace, sometimes with a Star of David or Hamsa.
 The Symbolic Meaning of Chai Judaism is a religion that emphasizes the importance of life. Jews are encouraged to be good, ethical people (mensches) and enjoy the time they are given on Earth. A common Jewish toast is “l’chaim!,” which means, “to life!.” It is said at celebrations in anticipation of all the good things to come.
Because it means “life,” the Chai is consequently a symbol that captures an important aspect of Judaism. According to the gematria, which is a mystical tradition that assigns a numerological value to Hebrew letters, the letters Chet ( ח ) and Yod ( י ) add up to the number 18.  The Chet has a value of 8 and the Yod has a value of 10.  As a result, 18 is a popular number that represents good luck.  At weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events Jews often give gifts of money in multiples of 18, symbolically giving the recipient the gift of “life” or luck.

The Number  ( 7 )
Seven is one of the greatest power numbers in Judaism, representing Creation, good fortune, and blessing. A Hebrew word for luck, gad, equals seven in gematria. Another Hebrew word for luck, mazalequals seventy-seven.
The Bible is replete with things grouped in sevens. Besides the Creation and the exalted status of the Sabbath, the seventh day, there are seven laws of Noah and seven Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Several Jewish holidays are seven days long, and priestly ordination takes seven days. The Land of Israel was allowed to lie fallow one year inseven. The menorah in the Temple has seven branches. The prophet Zechariah describes a strange celestial stone with seven eyes (Chapter 4).
This emphasison seven continues post-biblically with seven wedding blessings,    seven circuits performed about a Groom, and seven days of mourning after thedeath of a close relative.....( end quote ).

 Sharon died on the 10th Shevat.   Therefore seven days of mourning takes you to the17th Shevat / Sabbath.  The 17th Shevat is on January 18th / Sabbath and the 18th Shevat is on Sunday January 19th.  
Sharon's death - January 11th / 10th Shevat ......11 + 12 + 13 + 1415 + 16 +17 Shevat = 116
116 x 3 ( The number 3 stands for "resurrection" ) = 348 The Rapture

Until He comes!
In Christ, Tom Gaston


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