Covenant with Death, The Beast; Middle East Peace, Bible Code

 By Tom Gaston:

Bible Code...." And Obama" / Isaiah 28:4 to 28:17 /  The "Covenant with death" text / Daniel's covenant.
 Encoded in this Bible Code is the phrase....... "Prime Minister Bibi" ( nickname for Netanyahu ).  You will see that the surface text phrase......"covenant with death and sheol" joins the search term "And Obama."   I worked all day yesterday in Isaiah chapter 28 and it is LOADED with codes showing Obama and his administration will be involved with this "covenant with death." And as we all know Obama's administration at the present time is working feverishly right now through John Kerry who is playing big role and laying the "groundwork" for this "covenant with death" which Israel will make with the antichrist.
  Tomorrow is the Jewish date "3rd Shevat" which will start late morning today ( my time central ) here in the U.S.  Notice that this date is right across the name "Obama."  Now, dates are "arbitrary" in that we don't know what date to look for,  but despite this the information is encoded there.   I have another Bible Code "Book apocalypse" ( encoded in Prov. 18 )  which has the phrase..."The 3rd Tevet"...which joins the phrase...."Adonai whole judgment."  For this reason I started looking for this date 3rd Shevat ( January 4, 2014 - Sabbath ) and I found out that this date is encoded inIsaiah chapter 28 along with the "covenant with death" text.  America and the Obama administration is leading the way for this covenant right now. 
 I have another Bible Code in Isaiah 28 of "Biden" ( vice pres. ).  Wait until you see this one!  Once again "Obama" is encoded right to the phrase.."Covenant with death and sheol"  and the date 3rd Shevat is right there.   I will be sending some of these code as I get them done.  John Kerry is in Israel right now laying the foundation framework for this coming "covenant with death."  What is going on right now is making "Obama" a candidate for the A.C.?   In Isaiah 28 is seems that the name "Obama" follows and shows up with the surface text......."Covenant with death and sheol " very frequently. 
 I have always believed that America would play a role in the coming "covenant with death."  And at this point it is obvious that the U.S. has played a big role in preparing and paving the way for a "false peace agreement" between Israel and the PLO. for a number of decades.  Right in the middle of the name "Jerusalem" is U.S.A.........J   E   R   U  S  A   L  E  M.    And something else Here.  The Hebrew spelling for the "United States" has within its last 5 letters of its spelling the short phrase...."The Covenant."  I find this very intriguing!
United States / Aleph - Resh - Tsady -  Vav - Tau - Hay - Beth - Resh - Yod - Tau
The Covenant / Hay - Beth - Resh - Yod - Tau
You can see that the last 5 letters spells.."The Covenant."
Jewish News / .haaretz  January 2, 2014 ( Yesterday ) John Kerry lands in Israel to lay foundations for framework agreement...... "

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In Christ, Tom Gaston
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