The Pyramid, Altar To God; Architecture in Heaven

For my entire life I'd been taught and had always believed the Egyptian Pyramids were built by the ancient Egyptians.  As a young adult I began to question this after studying the sheer magnitude of the project and especially after learning that even with today's modern technology we'd be unable to build a pyramid of such magnificence.

Later I would learn from several different sources that the pyramid was a symbol of evil represented by the Illuminati and the all seeing eye in the middle.

But today here on the 4th of January 2014, after watching this video by Pastor Patrick Heron, The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse (video below), it has fallen in place for me personally regarding the huge significance of the Pyramid and how it is actually "very likely" "most likely" and in my personal opinion IS a symbol to honor God and is the symbol used in Heaven that has been copied and hijacked by Satan.

Satan is a copycat extraordinaire, it's not my purpose to explain or prove this but anyone who has read the Bible and has had any proper religious training realizes this very clearly.

When fallen angels mingled with mankind and produced  Nephilim, these fallen angels and their offspring did extraordinary things including the building of the giant Pyramids of Giza.  Why would they build the Pyramids? I believe they were copying exactly what they'd seen in the 3rd Heaven, the abode of God. And the dimensions explained of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21,  most likely will be a magnificent 1,500 square mile Pyramid.

As far as the Pyramids in Egypt being an altar to God, Pastor Heron brings out an obscure verse in Isaiah 19:19:

Video by Pastor Heron:

Please see my Blog related to Orion Constellation which I believe is closely related to the Pyramids.



  1. Patrick Heron helped open my eyes up to the probable truth about the great pyramid. He passed away yesterday. The world is losing more true bible teachers than it is gaining.


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