Orion, Venus The Ancient End Markers of Time

While looking out of my window this evening, I was drawn by an unction from the Holy Spirit to check the Heavenly bodies,  as Signs in the Heavens as spoken of in Luke 21:25, and went to Stellarium to find Venus exactly opposite and in line with Orion From West To East.  

After studying Orion, please see below,  and the significance of Orion and the end of this era on earth I was interested to see the connection between Venus and Orion and was surprised to learn the Ancient Egyptians and Mayans were obsessed with Orion and Venus even writing secret text about the Venus Code. The Great Pyramids of Giza are markers for Orion.  See links. In Patrick Geryl's book, "The Orion Prophecy",  we find a strong connection between Venus and Orion. Why were the ancient Egyptians and Mayans so obsessed with Orion and Venus?  The Egyptians wrote secret text about the Venus Code.  The end of the world's time and the RESET in 2012 by the Mayans was based on the Orion and Venus connection which is documented in "The Orion Prophecy".   

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