Dear General (ret) Flynn, Please give us the whole story

Here are two very powerful compelling articles posted by the esteemed retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn:

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn served as national security advisor to President Donald Trump.

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: If We Don't Act, 2% of the People Are About To Control the Other 98%

 Dark of Night, but God stands with us, by retired Gen Flynn

Dear General, 

Thank you for your exemplary service to our great nation and for your godly stand for what's right.  However, I'd like to offer the following in order to tell the whole story.

You are both serving notice to the evildoers, Praise God, and you're addressing Christians and God-fearing Americans who might call themselves Christians or of a leaning in the Judeo-Christian values that forged our country. Any true Christian who is mature in Jesus Christ, knows you're leaving out the whole story and the final outcome to this battle being waged at this time.

  • A true Christian walk is not founded upon Judeo-Christian values. Truth is, there never has been a Judeo-Christian value associated with a true follower of Jesus Christ. Judeo - Christian history other than Jesus Christ was a Jew and the first Christians were "converted Jews" yes, but to say shared values is not true. Ask any honest Rabbi and they will agree. What has been and does exist is Jewish Heritage and Christian Heritage. But combining the two mutually exclusive religions is heresy for both true Christian and true Jew alike. As Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits puts it, "Judaism is Judaism because it rejects Christianity, and Christianity is Christianity because it rejects Judaism." I'd like to add: The divider: Jesus Christ. Judaism is closer to Islam than it is to Christianity. Please do your own research focused on how Muslims and Jews view Jesus Christ. And actually every Muslim I've ever spoken to has a higher regard for  Jesus as compared to every Jew I've ever spoken to.  And what angers both Muslim and Jew alike is when we Christians call Jesus Christ God incarnate.  Note: For those who claim I am antisemitic or practice replacement theology, both beliefs which I abhor, I invite you to my Blog: "AntiSemitism is not the same as AntiZionism" All false teaching of Dominion Theology, Liberal Social Gospel, Prosperity Gospel, Conservative Evangelical, Pentecost, Apostolic, etc. merge and blur lines that scripture clearly delineates and this includes the false understanding of Judeo-Christian values. Why is this a problem? Please read my Blog: AntiSemitism is NOT AntiZionism to read why the Zionists, the heritage of the Pharisees are behind the movement to bring in the Kingdom of the AntiChrist along with the Conservative Christian Evangelical movement. Dr. Oliver is a part of this mission by his own misguided belief in the Judeo-Christian values.

  • In regards to these dark times we face, there is NOT a political solution and even prayer requires us to pray in accordance with God's will.  My bible clearly tells me that this will not get better, but will quickly draw to an end of this age. These things must come for the next realm. And, by the way, Less than 1 % of the population DO IN FACT CONTROL 99% OF THE WORLD and have since the beginning of time.  To bring it even more relevant and realistic:  Satan controls the Luciferian Elite who is in control and is the Prince of this world and he is about to take center stage here soon. Please read my Blogs. 

  •  Sadly General Flynn has missed the greatest opportunity to tell the body of Christ that We Christians are pilgrims here in this land. This is not our home. We work and pay taxes. We raise our families in the Bible Based, God-fearing ways. We love our country that God has blessed and used for his purposes. Yes, we speak up for our God-given rights granted Americans in our Constitution that in spite of who is in charge in Government are still eroding at an alarming rate. But in reality, this country, as well as this world, is NOT our home and only a very foolish, naive person believes that voting in the right party will turn things around. Yes, we stand against evil, but to turn it around is not scriptural, but playing into the hands of  Dominion Theology.

This is what General Flynn should have said in his closing. Since he didn’t, please allow me, by God’s grace.

Look up, Saints! We are going Home! What we’re witnessing is truly the final scene of the final act of LIFE in this realm. There should be nothing but absolute overwhelming joy in the hearts of every Saint as we clearly see that our true home is now within view on our spiritual horizon. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming dear Saints very soon. Praise God! Maranatha! 




 A great study on Dominion Theology and the dangerous of this fringe theology



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