America is a Christian Nation? Wake up!

I received the following comment from a reader that needs to be posted:  Begin Quote:

 I was reared on the fact that this was a Christian Nation.

My grandfather was a circuit riding minister in the Oklahoma Territory

for the United Brethren in the early 1900's.  My great grandfather started

the Sunday School paper for the church.

My father was a Church of the Nazarene pastor from college days forward.

He told me he had been brainwashed by the church after he retired and I

started sending him Berean Bible Society literature.

The reason I was writing is what broke me from believing that this

was a Christian nation or anything belong to it was not the work of

Satan was when studying the Scripture - I read Matthew 4:8.

Kingdom and Nation are one in the same.  And, I had heard these verses

all my life, but it hadn't sunk in - because we were brainwashed to

believe that we were fine.  All laws were God given laws (no they are not)

And I came to see that Jesus wants us to depend on HIM totally for all things.

The reason the Communist does not like Christianity -- you will have two

masters.  Bow down to one - and not to what Jesus tells us to do -

One of the leaders of China says that Christians have to do what he says

do when he says do it.  And Christian won't do what he says do -- so they

must be destroyed.

If what I am feeling in my soul, I either become an activist for the Lord Jesus

Christ, or I am denying that Jesus exists.

I have been an activist for a long time.  Teaching atheists what the Bible really

says. End Quote.

Here's my response:

My comment 

I'm glad you brought up Matthew 4:8 KJV. Amen! I've always taken this scripture with 2 Corinthians 4:4 & Ephesians 2:2 KJV etc. to prove scriptural evidence along with the obvious evil we see daily unfolding daily in a country "supposedly " established as a nation under God.  It's a mockery before God I believe.  In fact - because of mockery- last year I removed my license plates that had" One Nation Under God" and replaced them with secular plates. I was immediately at peace afterward.


More proof God did NOT inspire the U.S. Constitution


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