Powerful Testimony: Leaving the Lds Cult and finding Jesus.

Every once in awhile I find a Testimony that needs to be shared.  Here is a powerful Testimony my Sister in Christ shared with me. Praise God!

My Story About Leaving the Lds Cult and Finding Jesus. Hallelujah!

I was born and raised Mormon (or Lds) and was in it for almost 50 years.
My Catholic husband had converted earlier in the marriage and we went to the temple once (I found it to be very creepy).  We were married for not quite 25 years, and have 5 children.  I eventually came to know that it was because of the demonic spirit in our home that life became hell on earth and I needed to divorce my then husband since I valued my life.  Once I did that, I knew I would need God more than ever in my life and wanted to know more about Him than I ever had.  (Had quite a few doubts about the god and jesus of Lds, and other teachings). God brought 2 gals named Kathie and Kathy to start my journey. I had worked at the school district office in a city in Washington state and Kathie was hired as our Behavior Specialist. She took me under her wing and taught me to think in different and better ways, and built up my confidence that my ex had destroyed. She even was there in court with me. She had encouraged me to find a divorce recovery group and that’s where I met Kathy. She also had a hunger to know more about God and we would spend hours talking about Him and trying to figure out who He is. She also introduced me to a Christian church she had found. She moved away so after that I did a lot of internet study of “anti-Mormon” info and had my eyes opened wide. Lds are taught very firmly to not listen to or read anything that opposes the teachings so it took a lot of bravery to read it on the internet. I would read a little bit and get scared and close it out. I got braver each time and eventually was printing reams of info.

That was my “wandering in the desert” period.  I came across the book “Out of Mormonism” at a used book store and they said I could be hooked up with a mentor. That woman, Marilyn, sent me great info and taught me the salvation prayer, which of course Lds doesn’t teach. I was in my apartment alone prior to that and had been suicidally thinking as the enemy was after me big time and my head felt like a ping pong table saying the church is true, it’s not true, over and over. So I said the salvation prayer in bed that night and instantly felt like real chains fall off of me! I knew I had been saved and cried and cried! It was then the Bible became alive to me and I couldn’t get enough of it.

That was about thirteen years ago and I’m 72 currently. Unless someone is familiar with the evil and very incorrect teachings of the Lds church, it can be difficult to explain how much I had to first “unlearn” and then learn. And as most of you I assume know because you read Andrew’s blog, there’s a lot of untruth in Christian churches too. I’m so grateful the good Lord helped me every step of the way! 
I’m not one to share with strangers or even casual acquaintances all the “gory” details about what I suffered in my marriage. Unfortunately all the stress caused what I call a double whammy.

 Pretty soon after my divorce I developed symptoms of arthritis and some lupus. Since then osteoporosis too. But God helped with it and there were periods of almost remission as needed for my path. These days I’m close to almost totally crippled with knees almost bone on bone, shoulders, neck and hands that barely work, and my left foot that I got a small fracture in a year ago and feels fragile. I have chronic pain. But I can still walk and function so I’m very grateful for that!! I’m able to live in an independent living facility that provides meals and these days because of Covid delivers to my apartment. I am able to have a daughter or granddaughter that live in the area help with laundry, etc.

The reason I mentioned all of the above is because I want you all to know that my life even now is a ton better than living under the lies of that cult, Satan’s church.

I don’t know if I can express in mere words how wonderful it is to know the true God now and know I’m guaranteed to be able to live with Him for eternity. It’s also such a comfort to believe in the Rapture and that keeps me going each and every day. I love you so much Jesus and can’t wait to be with you!! 😍🙏😇


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