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Official Letter to Terminate Immediately my membership in #OathKeepers


Effective immediately, I Andrew Lee Sheets,  hereby RESIGN my membership in Oath Keepers.  Remove my name and contact information from your records.  

I served our country for over 20 years in the US Navy. I love our country and served proudly, and actually was brought to tears the day I was sworn in  to protect and defend the US Constitution 🇺🇸.  That's why I joined the Oath Keepers two years ago by joining fellow veterans to speak up to defend our Constitution.

After the shocking events of the storming of the Capital Building on January 6, 2021 - I was both saddened and angry to learn several misguided members of Oath Keepers were physically involved and instrumental in the break - in which now is officially called Insurrection.

 The line was crossed when the lawful, peaceful demonstration pushed through the lawful boundary and smashed legal government  and authority. A police officer was brutally killed.. This wrong action turned Oath Keepers into Antifa and Anarchy and sinful rebellion against God given law and government. I am a God fearing Bible reading Christian.  My Bible clearly tells me that God appoints governments and we are under their authority. 

How can it be that the very evil  of Insurrection and Anarchy that we stand against is exactly what those who broke into the Capital Building did on January 6th. ? I'm still stunned. By not condemning the event of January 6th, you allowed yourselves to be used by the extreme Left Wing politicians as their political propaganda pawns. I hope you realize how the extreme Left-wing will turn this against law abiding citizens. 

I was deeply disappointed when Trump lost the election although I didn't vote for him. And especially bothered that there appears to be a preponderance of evidence that the election results in the swing states was tampered with. 

However,  when our highest Court and Congress by means of our Constitution (the Constitutiin Oath Keepers have sworn to defend) made it clear that Biden would become our next President, that is final.  If some Oath Keepers chose to be stupid and stand out in the cold to listen to Trump whine and cry about the election results, fine, that's their problem.  But when they allowed themselves to be used as useful idiots by Trump to get so emotionally whipped up into a mindless frenzy to storm the Capital Building,  the line was crossed.

Even more tragic, however,  I was so naive and ignorant to believe that after the infamous day of the 6th of January 2021, I was foolish enough to believe that Oath Keepers leadership would have officially rebuked, denounced,  condemned the Capital Building Insurrection.  But you have not. I've waited for over a week now believing ignorantly you would any day come forth with a statement to condemn the actions of January 6th.

 Your silence is consent to the lawless actions of some Oath Keepers members on  January 6th and for this I cannot in good conscience remain a member. 

For the benefit of the lawful good intentions of most Oath Keepers members,  I implore you to come out and officially denounce January 6th actions. 


Andrew Lee Sheets 

UPDATE POSTED April 16, 2021

I pray any member of the Oath Keepers 
read what your leader is doing right now. If you follow this crazed man you're a fool. He's flipping on you right now. Here's article:


April 16, 2021 at 11:11 a.m. EDT Washington Post

Founding member of Oath Keepers set to enter first guilty plea in Jan. 6 Capitol breach

A founding member of the Oath Keepers arrested in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol has agreed to plead guilty and cooperate against others in the case — the first defendant to potentially flip in the sprawling domestic terrorism investigation that has led to charges against more than 400 people.

The scheduled plea comes exactly 100 days after Jon Ryan Schaffer and hundreds of other supporters of former president Donald Trump allegedly stormed the Capitol hoping to prevent Joe Biden from being confirmed as the next president. Prosecutors hope Schaffer’s plea spurs others to provide additional evidence in hopes of avoiding long prison sentences.

The plea marks a new stage in the historic investigation, as prosecutors seek to work up the chain of defendants to gather evidence and better understand the full scope of any planning and organizing of the violence — particularly among groups like the far-right Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys. Dozens of members from both groups appeared to act in concert to storm the building, prosecutors have alleged.

Schaffer, 53, a guitarist and lead songwriter for the heavy metal band Iced Earth, was charged on Friday by criminal information, a type of charging document used when a defendant waives the right to an indictment. A plea hearing was set for 11 a.m.

Schaffer has been jailed since he turned himself in to FBI agents in Indianapolis on Jan. 18 after being photographed inside the Capitol wearing a hat that said “Oath Keepers Lifetime Member.”

He was initially charged with six crimes, including engaging in an act of physical violence and targeting police with bear spray.

Friday’s filing shows Schaffer has agreed to plead guilty to only two charges, but both are felony offenses carrying heavy penalties that federal prosecutors are relying on heavily in the wider probe.

One, obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress, is punishable by up to 20 years in prison; the other, trespassing on restricted grounds of the Capitol while armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon, carries up to a 10 year prison term.

Those two charges have been brought against roughly one-fourth of individuals charged to date — about 100 of more than 410 defendants — including those accused of the most serious offenses in the riot. Authorities have said the attack on the Capitol led to five deaths, assaults against nearly 140 police and the evacuation of Congress.

Schaffer’s knowledge of other Oath Keepers members’ activities is unclear from court filings, but prosecutors say he was an early backer of the group

Founded in 2009 by Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers are a large but loosely organized network of right-wing groups including self-styled militias that recruits military, law enforcement and first-responder personnel with a disinformation-fueled ideology that the federal government is bound toward dictatorship.

At a pro-Trump march in November attended by Oath Keepers, the FBI alleged, Schaffer said: “We’re not going to merge into some globalist, communist system. It will not happen. There will be a lot of bloodshed if it comes down to that, trust me.”

The FBI and Justice Department have hit a dozen affiliates of the anti-government group with conspiracy charges for allegedly planning and preparing for violence before Jan. 6. Court papers alleged charged members communicated with Rhodes and his on-the-ground deputy that day and breached the Capitol in formation after guarding GOP figures such as Trump confidant Roger Stone.


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