Two Encouraging Pathetic articles that greet us in 2021; Happy New Year

I woke up this morning to find 2 articles I print out below the links that are both pathetic and yet most encouraging.  Pathetic because if you carefully read what they say you'll understand in the first article the author is telling her readers that we God fearing, America loving Patriots should sadly accept the corruption that brought us Joe Biden and K Harris, and that although there may be hope in a turn around, it most likely will not happen but we must hold on to hope. That hope she tells us is in reading the second article I enclose below.  The second article is even more pathetic because Sundance clearly tells the audience that Washington DC is corrupt beyond a fix, and that we the people are the solution to this problem. What?  Sundance leaves us with this hope.  People can fix a government made up of people...  What? Perhaps it best Sundance remain anonymous giving the fact their solution of hope for lost human form of government is humanity itself.. 

Here's why both of these pathetic articles are so encouraging. Both of these articles prove beyond any shadow of doubt what all the Saints know that only the Kingdom of God that will be established as a Theocracy when Jesus Christ Himself along with the Saints return after the 7 year Tribulation and after the Battle of Armageddon, having smashed the enemy with a rod of iron, dashing them in pieces like a potter's vessel.  Psalms 2; Revelation 12:5; Revelation 19 KJV - will only true government of truth and justice be established forever.  Isaiah 9:7 KJV  Luke 1:33 KJV .  We know by all the events of this current age (including this corrupt election) that the day of our redemption is very close at hand. And this is what gives us great hope.  Until that day we fight the good fight and proclaim the Gospel as given to us in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV.  "We are saved if we believe that Jesus Christ came, died for our sins, was buried, and on the 3rd day rose again."  AMEN! HALLELUJAH!  MARANATHA!

In the meantime we have here a problem the same the early church faced.  We have a tyrannical, corrupt government but God tells us that ALL GOVERNMENT is approved by him to establish law and order and we are to obey as long as that law does not conflict with God's law. Read Romans chapter 13:1 KJV 1 Peter 2:13-14 KJV and Acts 5:29 KJV.   We as Christians must strive lawfully and do what we're told to do by government and accept the final rule and authority of our government whether we agree or not.  If a particular rule tells us to disregard God's law then we are to follow God rather than man.  Contesting the vote of 2020 once settled is no grounds for a Christian to revolt or reject the government appointed over us. 

The 2 articles are posted below these links.  I invite you to read the articles first and then read the links I provide below. 

Happy New Year 2021

Get out there and vote - my Christian and Patriotic Duty

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Why I haven’t voted since 1972

The Perfect Storm for American Civil War; Christian Be Wise to Strive Lawfully


January 1, 2021

Don’t expect Mike Pence to save us on January 6

By Carol Brown

There’s been a lot written about the power Vice President Pence has to turn the stolen election around on January 6. Many commentators on various sites (including AT) have weighed in, some expressing hope, while other have expressed doubt Pence would do the right thing.

But it appears all of this is moot, as Bill Jacobson, founder of Legal Insurrection writes:

A claim has circulated widely in the past few days that Vice President Mike Pence, as President of the Senate, has the power and discretion to reject certifications. If Pence had such power and chose to exercise it, it would be over, but he doesn’t.

Jacobson cites relevant language from the Constitution (Article II, Section I, after the 12th Amendment) to support his assertion and then summarizes.

Note the words. “Shall … open all the Certificates” and “the Votes shall then be counted.” Shall is mandatory, there is no discretion. The certificates must be opened by Pence, and the votes must be counted (it’s unclear who does the counting, but the votes must be counted regardless). No Vice President (whether Mike Pence, Al Gore or future VP Kamala Harris) performing the function of opening the votes has discretion to reject votes. No Vice President has authority to accept votes presented through some extra-constitutional other process.

There is an interesting legal question of what would happen if a state authority presented conflicting votes — for example the legislature certified one set of electors but the executive branch certified a different set — but that has not happened here. No state authority has certified more than one set of electors. A bunch of legislators acting on their own getting together outside the constitutional certification process to announce electors is not presented for counting any more than if I got together with some friends and we delivered an envelope to Pence with our chosen slate of electors. Maybe if legislatures (not legislators) had so acted, we would have a legal conundrum, but that has not happened.

The Congressional legislation provides a mechanism for objections to be raised and resolved. Neither the constitution nor the legislation makes the Vice President king for a day.

Jacobson also addresses the original source for the idea that Pence had the authority to reject the votes, noting that his views were overstated, taken out of context, sometimes contradictory, and culled from law reviews (which are opinions).

I have no reason to doubt Jacobson’s understanding. He has a fine legal mind and calls things as he sees them, even if the message is hard to hear. And I can’t recall a time (though no doubt there was a least one) when he was wrong. So perhaps it’s best not to be hoping that Vice President Pence do something that he has no lawful power to do.

But Congressman Louie Gohmert is trying to change that. He sued Pence in an effort to expand the Vice President’s role in rejecting the votes. Yesterday, Pence asked a federal judge to reject the case, stating that he is not the proper defendant and that any potential relief should be sought in the House and the Senate. Of course, Biden’s lawyers are poised to weigh in on all of this, and on and on it goes.

Meanwhile, the number of Congressional representatives who plan to challenge the Electoral College vote appears to be growing rapidly. Two members of the house stated there are now at least 140 members, if not more, who will object. This includes nearly all, if not all, of the GOP representatives from Pennsylvania.

If that’s true and each member who objects is granted 2 hours for debate, the time until Pence goes through the ceremonial motion of making the vote official could stretch for days beyond January 6.

At some other time, for some other reason, one might take pleasure in feeling like we were sticking it to the left by doing this. And don’t get me wrong, I want to see as many Republicans as possible object to this fraud. But the matter is so grave and the implications so far-reaching, that I find cold comfort in this news.

Like tens of millions of Americans, I want this fixed!

This fraud should not be allowed to stand, yet I fear that it will. It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around all the evil that has rained down on us, with so much more yet to come.

But let me not end on that note, and instead, on this first day of the New Year, share this beautiful post by Sundance over at the Conservative Treehouse/The Last Refuge: here. It’s like a little blessing.


Steadfast Doesn’t Mean When It’s Easy

Posted on December 29, 2020 by Sundance

Steadfast doesn’t mean when it’s easy; the term has no meaning when things are working according to our own convenient interests. Steadfast means standing strong when it’s challenging, difficult and unnerving. Just as courage is not the absence of fear, rather it is taking action despite being fearful; so too is steadfast a decision.

Often when things are disconcerting, we retreat to the place where we are comfortable. However, steadfast is unwavering despite the obstacles and difficulties. When we don’t hold the words to comfort the grieved, yet we show up and sit quietly just to eliminate loneliness, that is a steadfast commitment. When we see adversity on the face of another, and we choose to engage with our time and comfort, that is a steadfast decision.

When CTH was formed, it was a small assembly of misfits who were not fearless, but brave enough to be comfortable within our discomfort; and we knew we had to look deeply at the issues which face us. We remind ourselves that ‘truth has no agenda‘ & truth exists despite our feelings of the subject matter. The core elements of CTH are based on this principle of remaining steadfast amid the face of adversity, national, political or even personal.

The CTH armory is insightful, wise and often purposeful, but this assembly is foremost a fellowship. A steadfast decision to stand together and figure out how all of these intense subjects, issues and events interact, influence and ultimately impact our lives.

Right now our nation is facing a time of extreme trepidation. Nerves are frayed, emotions are raw and individually we find our compass spinning in a way that destabilizes us. Into this climate the originating value of our core assembly becomes critical. CTH remains steadfast & committed to the best hopes and solutions within us. We strive with purpose.

Each day for over a decade we begin with a simple prayer. We host a candle for those who need prayers and support, and we engage purposefully with the intent to cherish the value, wisdom and skills that each unique person brings to the subject matter being discussed.

My personal commitment toward that end has been to remain steadfast and unwavering in defense of this little corner of the internet. To maintain a place where facts can be discovered, truth can be unearthed and honest discussion/opinion can be afforded.

In July of this past year, it was our CTH mission to ensure that people within the institutions of our government were aware of: (a) evidence of specific corruption; and (b) our knowledge about it. It was during one of those briefing trips to DC when I recognized a serious disconnect between what the people within those institutions of government viewed as their role, and what We The People expected of them.

It was also the first time when I realized that internal corrective action was unlikely to succeed because the scale of corrupt activity was not simply based on intent, but also present because the absence of morality was metastatic throughout the system.

I’m certain there are good people in DC, but the systems surrounding them have lost their originating purpose. The central function of U.S. government is now so corrupt the institutions regard ‘We The People‘ as the problem the people within the system must protect themselves from.

I quickly recognized the solutions to our national issues were never going to come from our requests to those who operate within the institutions. However, even worse was the impact we were having on each-other due to our national frustration. It was evident within our frustration – as a nation we are losing a sense of identity, unity and fellowship.

The only people who can change that dynamic is us.

We are ‘The People’ we have been waiting for; yet, the professional political class, purposefully walled-off within this corrupt system, are also purposefully blind to our assembly. In order for the DC politicians to continue operating corrupt levers within a corrupt machine they must ignore the will of the same people they are supposed to represent.

President Trump represents ‘We The People‘, and as a consequence those within this corrupt system viewed his appearance with the same dismissive outlook they carry toward those who voted for him.

CTH (The Last Refuge) was founded upon this acceptance long before Donald Trump became president in 2016; and the actions by both wings of the UniParty congress over the past six weeks have been clear evidence of what we always knew was present.

Our current national challenge is to figure out a way to confront this dynamic and then deal with it. However, we must deal with it in a way that does not destroy the founding principles of our constitutional republic. There are many disappointments around us, but we must remain strong and purposeful with any chosen direction. Misplaced corrective action regardless of intent is neither prudent nor wise.

Above all, those who understand the larger issues must remain united and hold a sense of fellowship toward each-other if we are to overcome the challenges. The purpose of using COVID fear as a strategic weapon to achieve division is evident. Unilateral fiats can be an effective strategy deployed by those who benefit from division; we must counter this effort.

The fraud within the phrase “social distancing” not only creates distance between us but also creates a void of loneliness within the soul. Into this void of isolation, fear takes hold and becomes toxic. Thus the true value of fellowship is more important than ever.

Right now everything around us seems less focused on the pursuit of happiness and more focused on what happiness we are missing. At the heart of that anxiety is this sense of foreboding. A choking sense of fear and worry; a sense of trepidation. Faith in a loving and purposeful God is now more important than ever, embrace it – share it.

This moment in history is where each person of strength holds a higher level of influence, and we should engage in the lives of others to show that strength. Right now people around you are looking for courage, optimism and hope. If you do not provide that to your family, friends and community, you allow the alternative, despair, to take root.

Despair is the foreboding outcome of the same evil systems that create it. Recognize despair when you see it, intercept it and eliminate it when you can… AND you always can. Tend to the flickering flame of liberty & teach others, especially our youth, the skills to defend it.

Do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. We are a nation of liberty loving independent and free-thinking people; born under a compact to allow each to live their lives according to their own purpose. Do not abdicate the duty to advocate and protect individual liberty to anyone except yourself. Your dreams are unique to you.

Stay strong for your family…

Stay strong for your community….

Stay strong for our nation… We need each-other.


~ Sundance


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