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Deputy mayor warns of ‘hundreds of Christian missionaries’ at Jerusalem March

“Don’t send your children alone” to the parade, warns Aryeh King

All Israel News Staff | Published: September 28, 2023

Thousands of Israelis and Evangelical Christians from the nations march in the annual Jerusalem March, marking the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, Oct. 17, 2019. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

One of Jerusalem's deputy mayors , Aryeh King, warned the public against the “several hundred and maybe even more (!) Christian missionaries” who he claims will take part in the annual Jerusalem March on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

King, who has taken part in violent “anti-missionary” activities in the past, announced his warning in a statement on his Facebook account, claiming the missionaries’ goal was to “make contact with Jews and convert them to their religion.”

Their tactic, King claims, is to establish contact with Jews and collect personal information in order to develop personal relationships, from which point “the slope is slippery and dangerous.”

Children should not be sent alone to the march, King stressed, as the missionaries would place “honey traps” along the route in the form of distributing gifts to the children.

The deputy mayor added that “there will also be quite a few Christians who will march without the goal of acting as missionaries and without negative intent, so do not see this as denying any contact with non-Jews during the march.”

Attached to the statement was a link to a video by the “Committee for Israel’s Jewish Integrity” on the Dailymotion website, condemning the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem for allegedly planning to use the march to proselytize Jews. The march, according to the video, is a “victory march of the crowning of Jesus as the king of the world."

“Can we… stand and watch as Christians proclaim Jesus to be king, and this from our holy city of Jerusalem?” the video asks.

The organization claims that the annual Sunday Pentecost service that took place at the Western Wall last May brought the missionary aims of ICEJ out into the open. During that Pentecost service, participants were harassed by a mob led by King.

The numbers of Messianic Jews in Israel “are rising quietly, under the radar,” according to the video, which erroneously claims that all Christians believe the whole world, and especially Jews, have to accept Jesus before he can return to earth.

All of this, the video claims, is part of a 10-year plan, a global 'conversion' project in which huge sums of money were invested, which this year has come to light for the first time.

King is in the middle of a municipal re-election campaign. On his Instagram account, one of his election posters advertises his "war for the holiness of Jerusalem," which includes the "demonstration at the southern Wall," as part of his "struggle against mission

Preaching the Gospel through a bullhorn in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter on Shabbat isn’t love or wisdom



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