Amir Tsarfati the ever-changing Chameleon - The ever-consistent False Teacher


Wake Up Saint!  If you're following Amir Tsarfati for reasons other than getting a "so called" insight and updates on current events, you're being deceived. If he were only a news site or a tour guide as he also wears these hats, I wish him only the best. His Capitalist drive thrives as he washes millions through his nonprofit. And is where I give him the huge title of Charlatan who has gone the way of Cain, Balaam and Core of Jude 1:11 KJV.

I haven't written anything other than a few updates in quite a while on our Arab Jew or? whatever ever nationality he may be but he calls himself a Jew - haven't heard the Arab connection but my subscriber had Sunni background.  But the point is not his ethnicity, but only that he is hiding as a "true Jews" and he is using his knowledge of the Hebrew language as a self-proclaimed scholar on the Hebrew language in the Bible and ultimately, he tags himself as a Bible scholar who really understands the Bible because if you don't speak Hebrew, one really is in a sorry, state, insinuating a shameful place.  Quoting him when he said, "if you don't speak Hebrew, sorry for you because you can't really understand the Bible. "  I guess someone should have told Amir that the New Testament was written in Greek.  This is an outrageous lie that the feeble minded, low informed, non-King James Bible reading CINOs  Christian in name only would believe.  Please see my extensive study on the KING JAMES BIBLE and the God appointed brilliant translation team appointed by King James and how we're more than okay with English. I also quote Dr. Hinton a Phd Rhodes Scholar, Harvard University School of Divinity scholar in Hebrew who defends the King James Bible translation as the ultimate.

Currently I am posting this new Blog and Video because of the amazing ability of Amir to mutate like a virus and change like a highly sophisticated chameleon.  He deletes comments that call him and and has deleted several of his videos I had exposed him on.  Today a brother in Christ notified me that Amir now seems to have abondoned his Kingdom Dominion Politiecal Rhetoric.  I have posted a post of his above where Amir is telling his pawns that  "WE'RE NOT IN POLITICS."   Wow! After I and others have hammered on the Evangelical Trump MAGA Zionist Zombies and calling Amir and JD Farag out for their continual political stumping*

 A stump speech, the linchpin of stumping, is designed to persuade audiences to support a candidate, through voting and campaign donations. Stumping is also sometimes used in other contexts, but usually refers to the political sense. Stumping is accompanied by long tradition, with most candidates hiring specific staff members to write and refine speeches, and a substantial portion of campaign funds being used to support stumping trips.

In Politics, what is Stumping? (with pictures) (

I won't bother going into detail but back during the Trump Administration I honestly  believed Amir was being paid by the Trump campaign as well as Bibi Netanyahu. 

Take a peak in notes below at JD Farag pounding his Calvary Chapel pulpit to go out and vote for Trump and him and Amir all giddy about their connections to the UNITED NATIONS.

So let's be positive here and pray Amir is waking up to the truth that The Saint has NOTHING to do with and NOT to tangle ourselves in the affairs of this world. 2 Timothy 2:4 KJV. Read it for yourselves in my notes below.  If you don't understand the dangerous and deceitful world of ECUMENISM  DOMINIONISM then you need to wake up! I truly believe that Amir has not had a change of heart, but rather is just trimming his sail to the prevailing Evangelical winds to keep the Evangelical low informed as his continued useful idiots to his ongoing Zionist agenda.  Note the more emails I receive from people who have personally known him both in Israel and other countries I am now 100 percent certain that he has a very dark agenda.   Note if you're new to my channel and or Blog please see that AntiZionism is NOT AntiSemitism and I do NOT believe in Replacement Theology. Read links in notes if you're new here.

Here was Amir's First Wake up call about Politics and his man Trump

See in notes below where Trump told his EX BFF to F Off.  All the Evangelicals ran for cover.  Poor Joel Rosenberg locked himself up in his closet in the fetal position for days.

NEXT SUBJECT for this Blog Video:

Amir continual SENSATIONALISM and Pumping the EZEKIEL 38 War as immenent just like all the other false prophets and teachers.


I've had conversations with former followers and this is what I believe brings us to the answer:

Read what Paul tells the Galatians:

Who Bewitched you?  Galatians 3:1 KJV.

Hint:  The Judaizers. See notes connecting the dots of the false teachers bewitching the New Creatures in Christ (neither jew or gentile, etc. Galatians 3:28 - even Peter fell under their spell - see my study of how Amir hammers home the star of David the language and the fish) they had to be Jewish in a sense to BE A REAL CHRISTIAN and practice Jewish custom...  Why would Amir pound it into the heads of young Christian students attending his way overpriced tour group that they should refrain from using the word, Christian?  He later deleted the video.  Why would Amir spend so much time connecting JUDEO-CHRISTIAN?  This is an oxymoron. See notes.  All in studies.  Email me if you have more questions.

WAKE UP!  Stop being a useful idiot.  I read a private email of an Israeli Messianic Jew who thanked me for exposing Amir telling Israeli tour guides how gullible Christian tourists are. 

5See my detailed studies in notes below how these WARS including the Psalm 83 war will not happen on this side of the Rapture. In fact, the EZ 39 war - harmonizing with Revelation 19 takes place after the TRIBULATION, and The EZ 38 - harmonizing with Revelation 20 takes place after the Millennial reign.  So why are these false teachers pumping it as imminent?  It sells books and gets more followers.   Even the dry bones prophecy of Ezekiel 37 won't happen until the Tribulation.  See studies. In one of my studies below I had even called out Amir for his hysteria.  

Thank God for the contiual emails I receive from people thanking me for calling Amir out.  Remember Saints.  Amir's 300,000 plus followers or whatever it is now, is more proof of the last days we are living in which people flock to hear false teachers and Jesus Christ is clear that if you love him, the world will hate you. John 15:19 KJV. Does Amir and his kind seem to be mainstream loved by all? Or...   

Choose ye this day. Come out from among them. 2 Corinthians 6:17. 


Which church do you belong to? 

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