America and Israel Only Nations Founded on God; WARNING

As Israel so America was, founded as a Nation Under God.
As Israel so America was greatly blessed by God and then turned away from God.
As Israel so America has fallen under The Harbinger and will be under severe Judgement If we do not heed the warnings.
The course is as follows:
1. departure
2. divine correction
3. resentment/revolt defiance
4. disaster 
Like it or not,
9-11 was a warning to America. Like Israel, (when attacked by Babylon, Assyria, Rome, Germany, etc)  God allowed a heathen, godless nation to strike as a judgment.  If America does not turn to God, God will bring a greater judgment. The ultimate purpose of 9-11 was to bring America back to God. 
In the decade (10 years; A complete cycle, divine completion of time, nothing more is wanting) since 9-11; America has not turned back to God but rather hardened her heart; With Obama at the helm the Progressive Left are now in full power and the devastation and unthinkable godlessness is worsening more each day.
Christians are now considered by the U.S. Government more of a threat to national security than Islam.
The Muslim Brotherhood, An evil band of Islamic Sharia Law fundamentalists are deeply in control of all aspects of U.S. Government.
Obama is posing as a Christian but his actions clearly point out he's a dyed in the wool Muslim.  He watched and ordered forces to stand down at Benghazi while Americas were slaughtered. He arms the enemy with millions of our dollars and provides sophisticated military hardware.
Obama and his kind are pushing hard to eradicate the sanctity of marriage and allow, make new laws to establish same sex marriage.  
Obama is pushing to completely destroy most aspects of the U.S. Constitution and to establish a Socialist State whereby he uses the Department of Homeland Security as his State Police.
America gorges herself on the blood sacrifice of babies as millions of abortions are carried out each year. Many are late term. Dr. "Death" Gosnell's atrocities are only the tip of the iceberg. 
God is systematically removed from all facets of American society.  Prayer has been removed from schools.  Creation has been replaced by flawed and completely godless evolution
I pray that America turn back to God.
Please turn back. BUT I'M NOW CERTAIN THAT TIME HAS RUN OUT!!!  God will now exact his vengeance on this evil land and all the world as the Tribulation is soon to be unleashed. 
JOHN 3:16
if you read this after learning that millions of people have disappeared, don't believe the media that says aliens have abducted us, we have been raptured to be with Jeus.  Please go to: IMMEDIATELY FOR INFORMATION


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