The Gospel; A very simple explanation

We hear the word "Gospel" and most of us associate it with "Religion" or the "Bible".   

Some who want to know about The Gospel unfortunately get bogged down by a long, theological explanation of The Gospel by long winded self appointed experts on Theology.

What is "The Gospel?"

The Gospel is Jesus Christ!

Waiting for more?

There isn't more.

Jesus Christ 




Want to get to know Jesus?

Tell Him how your feel!

If you can believe in Jesus, and read the Bible,  you will find He loves you so much he came to the earth He created and He Died for you on the cross. He Saved you from eternal death and suffering in the lake of fire; He gives you the power to change and to become like him.  To be like Jesus means although you go through trials, temptations, and difficulties, you have overcome all this because you have the power of God living in you.

If you don't know Jesus, ask him now to be your savior.

JOHN 3:16


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