Salvation... I hope so! OR I know so! ? by Pastor Riley

Salvation…..”I hope so!” or “I Know so!”?   
                                                                                                                                           By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                                                                          August 26, 2012

     “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God,” 1 John 5:13.
Dear ____________,

      If you spent more time in prayer and serious study of the Word of God, and less in reading men’s books, pursuing their vain “theological positions,” and running your mouth, you might know the truth about salvation.  As it stands right now, it is glaringly obvious that you are almost totally ignorant of the subject.  Yet you choose to vehemently deny the dozens of Scriptures in the inspired Word which teach that the salvation of the true believer is “eternal” and “everlasting.”
     It is also glaringly obvious from reading your rantings that you are not the mature believer you have obviously deceived yourself into thinking yourself to be, if you are a believer at all.  All you have demonstrated to me by your rantings is that you are a “novice;” a greenhorn, spiritually not even “dry behind the ears [1 Timoty 3:6],” yet in your wicked pride you are hellbent to prove to God and other men by your own rotten works just how “worthy” you are of being ushered into God’s Heaven.   Have you read Isaiah 64:6 lately, and do you believe it?  How about Ecclesiastes 7:20 and Romans 3:23?   You might also take the time to read 1 Peter 5:5-6, for it is sure obvious that you need a big dose of Peter’s recommendation for those who are proud and haughty.

A simple test of truth

     The inspired Word explicitly commands true believers, Prove all things; hold fast that which is good,” 1 Thessalonians 5:21.  A literal paraphrase of this Scripture would read,
     “Test all things you encounter by the Word of God; embrace and hold fast only those things which having been tested prove to be Scripturally correct.” 
     I would suggest that you and other readers also take heed to 1 John 4:1-6. 
     I learned over 50 years ago that any doctrine or teaching that does not harmonize perfectly  with the whole revelation of God’s Word did not come from God.   The claim that some make about what the Holy Spirit has revealed to them about “losing their salvation,” after having been
truly saved is nothing but a crock of Satanic lies, and that is where the claim originated from; Satan Himself, John 8:44.  It is not the Lord God or His Holy Spirit who places the Satanic lie of a “hope so” or “maybe so” salvation in the hearts, minds, and mouths of men and women, boys and girls.   The “false teaching” of a “hope so” or ”maybe so” salvation comes right straight from Satan himself. 
Salvation by whom???

     Who is it that saves the soul of the truly repentant seeking sinner?  The inspired Word of God
explicitly states that “Salvation belongeth unto the Lord;….,” Psalm 3:8.  See also Psalm 37:39, 62:1, Jonah 2:9, and many other similar Scriptures too numerous to list.  It is the Lord God and ONLY the Lord God  who saves the souls of men and women, boys and girls, who truly repent of their sins and by faith receive the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts as their own personal Savior.  
The inspired Word further explicitly states, Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved,” Acts 4:12. This is a Scripturally documented foundational truth “settled forever in Heaven,” Psalm
119:89.  It can never be changed or altered!   Therefore…..

The Work of God is Eternal!

     King Solomon was inspired of God to write some 3,000 years ago, “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever; nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it: and God doeth it that men should fear before Him,” Ecclesiastes 3:14. 
      Do we see any exceptions in this passage?  Notice carefully the word, “whatsoever.”  No, there are no exceptions and one cannot add anything to “whatsoever God doeth,” nor take anything from it.   This totally eliminates adding the rotten works of men from having any part to play in salvation, Isaiah 64:6; Romans 3:23; Ephesians 2:8-10; Titus 3:5.   It also keeps Satan and even wicked men from taking away the salvation the Lord God has bestowed, for nothing can be “taken from it.”  Praise the Lord!  Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Thank you Lord Jesus. 

Salvation is only by Grace through Faith

     I know this may come as a shock to many “religionists” in the ranks of Christianity today, but all of their so-called “good works” including baptism, church membership, being active in “the work of the church,” sacrificial giving, etc. will not buy them a drop of water in hell to cool their tongues.   “Grace” is literally the favor of God which is never earned, merited, or deserved, and which cannot be purchased by anyone at any price.  “Grace” is the “gift” of God, freely bestowed upon the truly repentant seeking sinner, Romans 6:23.   This is why it is often synonymous with mercy in God’s Word.   “Grace” is God’s favor or mercy poured out upon hell deserving sinners who hear the gospel of Christ and make a conscious choice to turn from their sin and seek the righteousness of God through the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no other way of salvation.  Period!  Either a person comes to the Lord as a guilty, hell deserving sinner, standing in need of the Lord’s saving grace, or they will die in their sin and spend eternity in hell.  Trying to “clean up your act” is a totally wasted effort.  The Scriptures explicitly and repeatedly state that Christ died for sinners.  Sinners are the only people whom the Lord saves.  He did not die for “good people.”  He died for sinners!  Either face the fact that in your natural state you are a fallen lost sinner, and come to Christ for forgiveness of sin and salvation, or you will die in your sin.   The Lord Jesus explicitly stated, “All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me; and him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out,” John 6:37.  Now are there any of our readers who want to be saved on the Lord’s terms?  “By grace through faith?”  There is no other way of salvation!   Read Matthew 11:28-30 and respond to the invitation of the Lord “by faith.”   He cares!  There is grace to save, but the lost sinner must face and confess their own lost condition and come to Christ “by faith,” Acts 16:30-31; 20:20-21; Ephesians 2:8-10; Titus 3:5-7. 
     The inspired Word makes it absolutely clear that one can join all the churches they want to join, be baptized [dipped, poured, or sprinkled] in every water hole or baptistry in the country, and WORK, WORK, WORK, for the Lord and in His service until they are totally exhausted, but unless they have confessed their sin, and in genuine “godly sorrow” [2 Corinthians 7:10] for their sin, repented while seeking the Lord God  for salvation,  receiving Him “by faith” as their own personal Savior, they will die in their sin and spend eternity in the lake of fire, Revelation 20:15. .   Is this stated clearly enough?  RELIGION IS NOT SALVATION!  Those who believe otherwise are headed for a rude awakening! 

Making the Lord Jesus out to be a Liar!
     I was saved when I was 11 years of age.  I KNOW when I was saved, where I was saved, how I was saved, why I was saved, and WHO it was who saved me.   Any reader does not know  these simple basics to salvation, should be examining their so-called “salvation” to see if it is genuine, 2 Corinthians 13:5; 2 Peter 1:10.   Because I was saved at a young age, and KNOW that I am saved, I never learned the “fine art” [Sic!] of making my Savior and Lord out to be a LIAR!  I am truly sorry that there are “professing Christians” today who have never learned enough about God’s Word to avoid making the Lord out to be a LIAR.  What do I mean?  I’m so glad you asked…..
     It was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who explicitly stated, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” John 3:16. 
          It was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who explicitly stated, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me:  And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand,” John 10:27-28. 
     I could set forth a dozen more Scriptures that state this same truth.  Every true believer has been given “eternal life,” just as promised by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.   Then to deny these statements of the Lord Himself is to make the Lord out to be a LIAR!   I am truly grateful for the “grace of God” that has enabled me, after being in the Lord’s ministry for 58 years, to never take a position on any Scriptural subject that makes my precious Lord out to be a LIAR. 
     Another prime example of this occurs in the realm of Bible prophecy.  In Revelation 3:10 it is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who explicitly states in His letter to His church, “Because thou hast kept the Word of My patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them dwell upon the earth.”  Now whether some like it or not, this statement of the Lord Jesus Himself plainly and explicitly teaches and verifies a Pre-tribulation rapture for all New Covenant believers.   Yet many who claim to be “Christians” today take a “theological position” which blatantly denies these words of the Lord, and in essence makes Christ Himself out to be a LIAR!  Hello!  Did the Lord God just ring your doorbell?   I truly hope not! 
     I am truly sorry for those “professing Christians” today who have such shallow spiritual discernment that they will take the wicked position of making Christ out to be a LIAR, regardless of the Biblical subject involved.   May the Lord have mercy upon their souls!      
     The Lord Jesus Christ, whom I serve in truth, is not a LIARYes, I most certainly do resent and am personally offended by those claiming to be “Christians” who take a “theological position” that makes my precious Savior and Lord out to be a LIAR.  Now whether some like it or not, that is exactly what those are doing who blatantly deny that the Lord God gives to true believers “eternal life” the very instant we believe on Him and He imparts His salvation to us.  The Lord God graciously bestows “everlasting life” upon those whom He saves.   If any reader is so Biblically ignorant that they don’t know what the words “everlasting” and “eternal” mean, then why don’t they get off their lazy behinds and look up the meaning of the words in their own dictionary, or better yet, in their Concordance or a Hebrew or Greek Lexicon?   Well…??  

A Present Possession

     Further, the inspired Word explicitly states that “eternal” and “everlasting” life is the present possession of every true believer.  It is not something we are going to receive in the future.  It is something true believers possess right now; at this very minute. 
     The inspired Word explicitly states, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,” Romans 10;17.  Now I would like to use a statement of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to amplify the meaning of this Scripture.   It was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who explicitly stated, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth My Word My, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed
from death unto life,” John 5:24.  I hope that every reader takes note of the words, “hath” and “is passed” in this utterance of the Lord Himself.  Both words were spoken by the Lord in the present tense.  Folks, every true believer already has “everlasting life” right now!  We are not waiting on it!  We already have it!  O Yes, I am well aware that we are living in mortal bodies which will die one day, barring the SOON COMING resurrection and rapture of God’s people, but so what?   If my body dies, my soul and spirit will simply leave my body and enter into the presence of the Lord, 2 Corinthians 5:1-8.  My body may die, but my “inner man” [soul] which has been “born of God” by “the grace of God” never will experience death.    The Lord Jesus Himself explicitly stated that I “have passed from death unto life.”  You read it!  Now believe it!  Or did Christ lie here too?  Be careful how you answer.  The Lord God is listening! 

Objections Answered! 

     Please don’t misuse the Scriptures again by quoting to me Hebrews 9:27.  Are those who claim to be “Christian believers” today really so Scripturally illiterate that they don’t even know that the Lord Jesus Christ died our death at Calvary and thereby fulfilled man’s appointment with death?  Read it for yourself, “For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.  But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us,Romans 5:7-8.  Hallulujah!  Glory to God!  The Lord Jesus Christ has already died my death, therefore I am free in Christ to be taken to glory without having to experience death if the Lord so wills.  
       Has the Lord God so willed?  Yes He has!  The Lord God Himself fulfilled the appointment with death for every true believer, therefore those true believers who are still alive when the Lord comes at the rapture will never experience death, 1 Thessalonians 4:17.   Listen to the Lord Jesus Himself and believe what He says“Jesus said unto her, I AM the resurrection [for the dead] and the life [for the living]:  he that believeth in Me, though he were dead [physically], yet shall he live [be resurrected to life] :  And whosoever liveth [is physically alive] and believeth in Me shall never die.  Believeth thou this?”  John 11:25-26.  After making His statement the Lord specifically asked Martha if she believed His statement.  Now I would like to ask our readers if they believe the Lord’s statement?  Well…??  Remember…..the Lord is listening! 
     But preacher, the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:51 that “we shall all be changed,” therefore we must all die if we are going to Heaven.   How many times have I had some “willingly ignorant” “professing Christian” throw this Scripture in my face.   My reply is simply,  “What backwoods hick town school did you attend when you were growing up?  Your teachers obviously didn’t teach you how to spell or even much about language or grammar.” 
     The words translated as “change” and “die” are not the same words.  They are two different words.  The two words are different in both spelling and meaning in both the English and the Greek languages.   Is this just too much for some readers to comprehend?   I changemy clothes daily, but I sure don’t die every time I change them.  Ignorance gone to seed!    At the moment, I can’t recall those places in the Scriptures where mankind is instructed to “read” the Bible, but I sure can and do keep in mind that those who claim to be God’s people are explicitly commanded to STUDY to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth,” 2 Timothy 2:15.  Sadly, there are many “professing Christians” today, both in the pulpit and in the pew, that need to obey this specific command before shooting off their mouths.   Laodicea is alive and well today!  And Biblical ignorance is thriving in such an atmosphere!  To be “changed” is one thing; to “die” is another!    
     Further verification that “eternal life” is the present possession of every true believerThe inspired Apostle explicitly states in Romans 8:14, “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”  The word used here is not “gon’na be,” but “are” [present tense].  This truth is further confirmed by John in 1 John 3:2, “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it
doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is.”
     Every true believer is right now a “son of God.”  And you are telling me that the Lord God will disown His own “sons” and leave them to perish in the Tribulation because they are not faithfully living for Him, according to “your” standards, when He comes for His people  at the time of the resurrection and rapture?  Hogwash!  Balderdash!  Unadulterated ignorance! 

Relationship and Rewards

     This introduces the whole basis for this lying theory.  I’ve lived a long time!  I am sure some of my critics probably wish I hadn’t lived so long, but who cares what they wish?  I don’t!  I’ve lived long enough to observe the people in the churches of America going from real Bible study and dedication to the truth, to a state of Laodicean apathy.    
     Many years ago [in the 1950’s] a Professor of Greek in the Missionary Baptist Institute in Little Rock, Arkansas began teaching the lying theory that the rapture is a reward for those believers who are living faithful and dedicated lives at the time appointed for the rapture to occur.  Yes, I do know the name of the Professor, because I was in my “twenties” when that sorry rascal began teaching that heresy to the “ministerial students” in his class.  His theory was a bald faced lie the first time he taught it and every time he taught it, and it is still a lie today!   But for several years he was allowed to continue teaching that lie to the students in that institution.  Those ministerial students, many of them being young men, were duly impressed with that Professor’s “great scholarship” [Sic!] and so swallowed his silly theory,   After all, surely such a “man of God” would not teach his students something that was not absolute Scriptural truth, would he?  He not only would, but he did!  And those impressionable young ministerial students then carried that lying theory out to the churches they were pastoring and over a period of time contaminated the entire denomination.   It is still contaminated with that lying theory right to this day. 
     But that isn’t the worst of it.  In that Professor’s class set a young preacher whom the Lord God would use mightily in His service.  His name was Ray Brubaker.   Brother Brubaker went on to found a national radio and TV ministry carrying his message all over this nation and into other parts of the world.  I have personally listened to many of Brother Brubaker’s messages which he preached over his radio and TV programs.  When the brother was preaching the gospel of Christ and expounding the truth of the Word of God as it is actually stated in the Scriptures, I had nothing but admiration and respect for him and was thankful the Lord had given him such a ministry to reach souls for Christ.  But when Brother Brubaker got on the subject of the rapture and started telling people that the rapture is a reward for true believers who living perfect or near perfect lives [as determined by those “superior” believers of course], I turned his program off.  I refused to listen to such a blatant unscriptural lie.   Such a message was a lie the first time he preached it and every time he preached it, and it is still a lie today!   Nevertheless, his program contaminated the ranks of Christianity all over the world with this unscriptural lie    
     Relationship…..Folks, our life as true believers does not determine our relationship with our Heavenly Father or with our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our relationship with our Heavenly Father was settled for time and eternity by the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary.  The instant we receive Christ as our Savior we are “born of the Spirit” and become “sons of God,” Romans 8:9-17.  Remember what the Lord said in John 5:24?  He said that we true believers “have passed from death unto life” and will never “come into condemnation.”  That ought to settle the matter for any believer who is willing to deal honestly with God’s Word.  Does that include you? 
     Further, the instant we receive Christ as our Savior, we experience a spiritual “birth” from above, John 3:3-8.  That instant we are also “sealed” by the Holy Spirit of God “unto the day of Christ,” and “the day of redemption,” 2 Corinthians 1:22; Ephesians 1:13-14; 4:30.  The inspired Word also clearly states, “Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath
begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ,” Philippians 1:6.   It doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to understand that since we are “sealed” unto the “day of Christ” and “the day of redemption,” and it is the Lord God Himself who is “performing” the work which He begun in each of us, nothing can or will happen to us in the interval between our salvation and the rapture [the day of Christ] that will in any way change our relationship with the Lord God.   Fellowship can be changed by our works!  Relationship is “eternal!” 
     The inspired Word further states that every true believer is [present tense] right now “sitting” “in heavenly places in Christ Jesus,” Ephesians 2:6.  I fully understand this to mean that in the mind of the Lord God He sees each of us believers in His great plan as already raised and sitting in His presence in glory.  In His mind we are already there, even though with us it yet remains to be worked out.  Read Romans 4:17.   
     Now in view of these explicit statements about the true believer,  would you care to explain to us “more ignorant” peons reading this study, exactly how one can be unborn?”  I am sure all of our readers would be interested in knowing.  But let’s not stop there!  Since the inspired Word explicitly states 3 times that every true believer is “sealed” with the Holy Spirit, how about telling us how a true believer can become “unsealed” to the point of losing their salvation?  Keep in mind that the inspired Word explicitly states, “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world,” 1 John 4:4.  Since you are claiming that a true believer can “lose their salvation” and thereby their relationship with God, then does this mean that Satan, who is lesser in power than the Holy Spirit, can still overcome and defeat the Holy Spirit and then invade Heaven, defeat God Himself, drag the believer out of Heaven where in God’s mind he is already seated, then break the “seal” of the Holy Spirit that is placed on the believer, and thereby take away the believer’s salvation?  You need not hem or haw around.  Just a simple “yes” or “no” answer from you will be quite suitable.  Speak up!  I don’t believe I am hearing your answer.   Oh, if this all seems “foolish” to you, just keep in mind that you are the one teaching the “foolishness” that the true believer can “lose their salvation” and relationship with God.  I do not teach now, nor have I ever taught such unscriptural ignorance.
     Rewards…..Folks, the life we live as true believers will determine our rewards in glory, 2 Corinthians 3:10; 1 Corinthians 3:9-16; Revelation 22:12. 
     The “Bema” judgment is not a judgment of the believer.  There is no longer any judgment for  the true believer, Romans 8:1.  The Lord Jesus Christ Himself “bore our judgment” in His own body as He suffered and bled and died to pay our sin debt at Calvary, Isaiah 53:10-12.  He paid our sin debt in full by His own precious blood.  Now think about this for a minute…..seriously! 
     How many sins had you committed when Christ died?  Yes, I’m talking to you and about you!  How many sins had you committed when Christ died?  Oh, you were not even born yet?  In fact, your parents weren’t even born yet, and therefore you weren’t even thought of yet.  But the Scriptures teach repeatedly in many places that Christ died for the sins of the whole world; “But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor; that He by the grace of God should taste death for every man,” Hebrews 2:9.  Since you were not even born when Christ died on the cross some 2,000 years ago, yet He paid for your sins by His sacrifice, so how many of your sins did He pay for?  Why not just be honest with the Scriptures and with the Lord and admit that He paid for all of your sins, past, present, and future.  Period!  The old account and the whole account was settled long ago.  Glory to God!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you Lord Jesus for loving me that much. 
     In view of this truth, then it should be obvious to anyone willing to deal honestly with God’s inspired Word that it is only our works which are to be judged at the “Bema” seat of Christ.  It is not we believers who will be judged,  for when we receive Christ as our Savior we learn that all of our sins, past, present, and future, have already been paid for at Calvary by our beloved Savior.  Now the Scriptures are quite explicit.  They state plainly and explicitly that when “our works” are tested by the fires of the Lord God’s judgment, “If any man’s work abide which he hath
built thereupon [the foundation of Christ Himself], he shall receive a reward.  If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss [of reward…as indicated by both context and grammar]: but he himself  shall be saved; yet so as by fire,” 1 Corinthians 3:14-15.  Any reader desiring to study this subject in more depth may want to request my study on “The Judgment
(bema) Seat of Christ.”  It will be sent to any reader upon request. 
     Folks, it boils down to one simple truth.   The “works” of the true believer have to do with determining our “rewards” or lack of them in glory.   They don’t have a thing to do with our being saved or raptured.   Anyone who attempts to tell you different is lying to you!  Take heed!

The Resurrection And Rapture

     The resurrection and rapture is not a “reward” for faithful service.  Such a claim is a Satanic lie.  The resurrection and rapture were guaranteed to every true believer the day Christ arose from the dead, having conquered death, hell, and the grave for all who believe.  Read it for yourself!  “Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me:  because I live, ye shall live also,” John 14:19.  Were there any conditions set forth in this Scripture for the disciples “living” and seeing the Lord, other than that the Lord Himself would “live” after His crucifixion and resurrection?  No!  None at all!  Just the fact that the Lord conquered death and
was resurrected back to life was sufficient to guarantee that the disciples would also be resurrected back to life.   Praise the Lord! 
     The inspired Apostle then explicitly wrote in Romans 8:11, “But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken [change; make aliveI] your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwelleth in you.”  Again, is there   any   condition   attached  to  this  other  than  being  indwelt  by  the  Holy  Spirit  of  God! Absolutely not!  Now who is it that is indwelt by the Spirit of God?  Isn’t it the true believer?  Read John 14:16-17, 16:12-16 and Romans 5:1-5.   Therefore the rapture of every true believer is already guaranteed. 
     And what does the inspired Word say in relation to those whom the Lord Himself is coming to rapture, “But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at His coming [parousia], 1 Corinthians 15:23.  Now who is it that belongs to Christ?  Every true believer!  Period!  Are the “works” of the believers even mentioned in these verses?  No!  Why not?  Because the believer’s “works” don’t have a thing to do with whether the believer will be raptured or not.  The rapture of the true believer was guaranteed by Christ when He arose from the dead.  Glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord! 

Those who have lost their Salvation???

     Throughout the 58 years I have been in the Lord’s ministry I have repeatedly been confronted with those who insist that a true believer can “lose their salvation,” yet I have never met even one in all of these years who would admit to having lost their salvation.  After debating the issue with these ”apostates” for a while, I always ask them, “When did you lose your salvation?”  Invaribly, I have watched them turn red in the face, get angry, and say to me, “I wasn’t talking about myself!  I was talking about those who do…..this, that, and the other.”  Oh, is that so?  In other words they are not doing any self examination as explicitly commanded in the Scriptures,  Matthew 7:1-5; Acts 20:28; 1 Corinthians 10:11-12; 11;28.  No, they really don’t have time for any self-examination.  They are too busy looking down their proud, arrogant, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, nose and consigning everyone to hell who doesn’t live up to their standards of “righteousness.  Well I have news for this crowd.  I don’t have to measure up to your standards
     It was not your stinking sin-fouled blood that was shed for me at Calvary, and you are neither my Savior nor my Judge.  The simple truth is, you couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning and
put on your pants if the Lord God didn’t give you the “grace” to do so, and yet you think yourself so important that you look down your pious nose and set the standards for other men to live by if they want to be raptured?  Hypocrite!  If you really want to know how important you are, then stick your finger into a glass of water.  Now pull it out and see how big a hole you leave in the
water.   Wow!  I’m really impressed with your importance! 
     But do most of these “apostates” care about their own inconsistencies?  Not at all!  They just keep right on teaching their “foolishness” as if it was “gospel truth.”  IT AIN’T!   It is a pack of unscriptural lies!   My Savior gives eternal life” to those He saves.  I’m sorry if your Savior doesn’t!  Perhaps you should seek the real Jesus of the Bible instead of that phony Jesus you or someone else has invented, 2 Corinthians 11:1-4.    
     I listened carefully to your video listing all the souls in the Bible, who, according to you, lost their salvation.  I watched your video several times to be sure I didn’t miss anyone on your list, and to make sure I was hearing you correctly.  My impression…..?   In 58 years in the Lord’s ministry I have never previously run across a more idiotic asinine bigger crock of Satanic garbage than your video.   I could hardly believe that anyone claiming to be a true believer could be that SCRIPTURALLY IGNORANT.  
     Hey folks, are you aware that Lucifer “lost his “salvation?  And that all of angels which followed him in his rebellion against God “lost their salvation”  Are you aware that all of the Pre-Adamite
people living on the earth “lost their salvation?”   Are you aware that Adam and Eve “lost their salvation?”  Are you aware that Judas Iscariot was once saved and then “lost his salvation?”  Isn’t this amazing?  And besides these listed, he listed 15 more, who according to him, are Biblical examples of “losing your salvation.”  Sic!  You never heard this before?  Neither had I until I watched this fellow’s video and listened to his silly ranting.  This “brother” [??] is so much smarter than God, I’m surprised God didn’t create him first so he could advise the Lord God on how to proceed.  Talk about wicked PRIDE! 
      However, let’s just set the record straight!  It is impossible to lose what one has never had!      
Lucifer…..never had salvation!  It appears that this brother [??] just cannot conceive how the Lord God could create anyone in a state of sinless innocence, and have them fall from that state.   Oh no, according to him, they could have only been created in a state of salvation.”  This is supposedly what made them sinless and  innocent.   Therefore by sinning they “lost their salvation.”  Sic!  What “willing ignorance” of what the inspired Word actually and literally states and teaches!   
     Folks, the Lord God of Heaven can create people or beings in any state He chooses, and the Holy Scriptures make it very clear that Satan and all of the holy angels, were created in a state of sinless innocence.   The Lord God could not have created them any other way, for “it is impossible for God to sin,” Hebrews 6:18; James 1:13; 1 John 1:5.  Therefore He sure didn’t create them as “sinners” and then give them salvation.  They were created in a state of sinless innocence, and it was their state of sinless innocence from which they fell.  Read it for yourself in Ezekiel 28;11-19.
     Adam and Eve…..Adam and Eve were also created in a state of sinless innocence, Genesis 1:26 – 2:24.  It was only after Adam and Eve had sinned that the Lord God Himself shed the blood of innocent animals and clothed Adam and Eve with their skins, Genesis 3:21, typifying being clothed with the “righteousness of Christ,” the perfect sacrifice who was yet to come.  I have never found a single place in God’s Word that states, hints, or implies that Adam and Eve lost the “salvation” the Lord God bestowed upon them by making this “blood sacrifice” in their behalf.
     The angels…..All of the angels were likewise created in a state of sinless innocence.  The “angels of God” are still in that same state today.  All of the angels were created with their own mind and their own free will.   The “anointed cherub” of Ezekiel 28:11-19 was one of those angels.  With his own mind and free will he made his own choice to rebell against God and led one-third of the angelic hosts into rebellion with him.  The “anointed cherub” and the one-third of the angels who made their own choice to follow him, then fell from their original state of
sinless innocence.  They did not “lose their salvation” for they had never had salvation.  To my knowledge no angel has “salvation” right to this present day, and that includes the angels of God.  The Scriptures explicitly state that the angels have a desire to “look into…..the grace” that would come to Israel and to New Covenant believers, 1 Peter 1:9-12.  Yet there is not a Scripture in the Bible to indicate that any angel has ever been saved.   Not one!   Therefore, since none of the angels have ever had salvation, they most certainly could not have “lost it.”  Such a claim is a clear revelation of Scriptural ignorance on the part of the one making the claim.   
     Oh, we don’t want to skip over your claim about those Pre-Adamite people who lived on the earth before Adam.  You state in your video that they “lost their salvation” and had to be destroyed when the original earth came into “waste and desolation.”  Believe this fantasy if you want, but if you are implying in your silly theory that the Pre-Adamites were humans who were once saved and then “lost their salvation,” then God’s Word doesn’t support your claim.   Rather,   the supernaturally inspired Word of God explicitly states, “And so it is written, the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening [life giving…Christ] spirit,” 1 Corinthians 15:45.  [1] Now since Adam was ”the first man,” then obviously those Pre-Adamites were not humans.  [2] And since salvation is for mankind and limited to mankind,
your so-called Pre-Adamites certainly never “lost their salvation” for they never had salvation.    Have you read 1 Corinthians 15:21-22 lately?    Well…??
     Judas Iscariot…..Was Judas Iscariot once saved and then “lost his salvation?”   Utterly and Scripturally IMPOSSIBLE!  The very suggestion borders on Scriptural idiocy!   The inspired Word makes it quite clear that Judas was “a devil” right from the time he was chosen by the Lord to be one of His Apostles, and the Lord knew that even when He chose him.  Read it for yourself in Matthew 26:14-16, 26:21-25, 26:46, Mark 14:10-11, 14:18-21, Luke 22:3-6, John 6:64, 6:70-71, 12:4-6, 13:2, 13:11, 13:21-30.  Judas did not “lose his salvation,” for he never had any salvation to lose.  Judas was never saved, not even when he was “pretending” to be the Lord’s friend.  To ignore all of these Scriptures about Judas and make the claim that Judas “lost his salvation” makes one wonder if the claimant even knows anything about salvation.   Well…???

What is Salvation? 

     Salvation is not achieved simply by walking down a church aisle, taking the pastor by the hand, and “joining the church!” Salvation is not achieved by being baptized, and following the practices and rituals of your church or denomination!   Salvation is not simply a “religious or emotional experience!”  Those who believe that all there is to being saved is having some type of religious experience or emotional “high,” are still lost in their sin and on the road to hell, and  are self deceived!  There is much more to salvation than simply some “emotional high!” 
     Salvation is related directly to the problem of SIN and to God’s provision for our sin problem, the Lord Jesus Christ, Matthew 1:21; Romans 5:8-9
    Salvation is a “birth,” John 3:3-7.  Yes, it is a spiritual birth, but nevertheless it is just as real as one’s physical birth.  In the salvation experience a genuine spiritual birth occurs.   In salvation the “old man” passes away and a “new man” is born, “created in Christ Jesus,”  2 Corinthians 5:17.    
     Salvation is a genuine commitment of one’s life to Christ “by faith,” Ephesians 2:8-10; Galatians 2:20.
     Salvation is the sacrifice of self that Christ may live in and through us, Romans 12:1-3.     
     Salvation is a transformation, 2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 7:15-20.   Salvation changes one’s priorities in life and total outlook on life and on the future. 
     Salvation delivers the true believer from the bondage of sin and unbelief into the glorious liberty of Christ, John 8:32-36; Romans 8:21. 
     Salvation opens the spiritual eyes of the true believer to spiritual truth, 1 Corinthians 2:11-16; Psalm 119:105; 119:130. 
     Salvation fills the heart of the true believer with a genuine “love” for God and for Christ, for God’s people, and for the lost world about us, Romans 5:1-5; 1 John 3:14.   
      These are just a few of the spiritual characteristics which accompany true salvation.  I could write much more on this subject, but this should be sufficient to allow our readers to examine themselves, 2 Corinthians 13:5; 2 Peter 1:10.

Some Final Words…..

     I could easily take every single one of your so-called “examples” of people and beings who you claim have “lost their salvation” and expose the Scriptural fallacy in each of your claims.  Your whole video is nothing but a mass of Scriptures lifted out of context, twisted and misapplied, in order to promote your theory, and sow discord and division and confusion among God’s people.  You sir, are one of the best helpers Satan has working for him today.    Yet you “profess” to be a Christian and a “man of God.”  You ought to hang your sorry head in shame and crawl on your sorry belly before God’s throne of grace begging Him for mercy. 
     Every true believer shares in the Great Commission the Lord God gave to His disciples before returning to glory some 2,000 years ago, Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 1614-18; Luke 24:44-49; John 20:19-23; Acts 1:6-11.  The whole intent of the Great Commission given to the disciples was for the disciples to carry the gospel of Christ to the lost world and make more disciples dedicated to loving and serving our precious Lord.   I don’t know when or where you got off track, but instead of carrying the truth of the gospel to the lost, and encouraging God’s people in the faith, all you are doing is spending your time trying to convince true believers that they are not really saved at all, and unless they “measure up” to your “standards of perfection” they won’t even be raptured.  Gee!  What an encouragement that is to God’s people.   Sowing seeds of “fear” in the ranks of Christianity.  Have you read Romans 8:15 and 2 Timothy 1:7 lately?  That’s what I thought!  That “spirit of fear” which you are proclaiming was not given to you by God
      You chose to call me a “deceiver” and to claim that I am “deceiving people” when I sent out my study entitiled “Worthy???  Not hardly!” a few weeks ago, yet every point I made in that study was  backed up by book, chapter, and verse, so God’s people could check it out for themselves.  It was glaringly obvious that you didn’t take the Scriptures and try to refute it.  
      Brother, if that is what you really are [??], I would strongly suggest that you clean up your own sorry act before you start setting the standards for everyone else.  “…..for I know in whom I haved believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day,” 2 Timothy 1:12.  By the “grace of God” I have a “know so” salvation.  When the rapture occurs, I will be caught up to glory.  I truly hope I will meet you there, for I have no desire to see anyone go through the Tribulation or spend eternity in the lake of fire.   If your present Savior is not capable of giving you assurance of salvation, then I would suggest that you begin seeking the true Lord Jesus of the Bible, 2 Corinthians 11:4. 
      In the meantime, don’t send me anymore of your lying garbage about losing my salvation.  You sir, didn’t give me my salvation in Christ, and you cannot take it from me.   Is this stated clearly enough for even you to understand?   If you really want to understand the subject of salvation  with greater clarity, I would suggest you read my study entitled “Adoption.” It will be sent free to any reader upon request. 
<<<<<<<       O       >>>>>>>
     Permission is granted to any true believer or Bible believing Christian ministry to reproduce this study to share with others, or to quote from it in context as written.  
     This ministry is financed solely by the voluntary free will offerings of those who feel led of the Lord to help us send forth the great truths of God’s wonderful Word. 
     Please address all comments, questions, and correspondence to:  Pastor F. M. Riley, Last Call
Gospel Ministry, 184 County Road 108, Harrisburg, Missouri 65256, or I can be contacted via email
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