What Appears to be DEFEAT is anything BUT.

please watch this powerful video above by Pastor Eric Ludy

The most brilliant tactic to counter the enemy and destroy him forever that the world has ever known was shown to us by God when He allowed His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be crucified.   

God allowed the Devil, working through the Romans and Jewish Elite, to capture Jesus, the creator of the universe, totally God and totally man, to then be beaten, humiliated, tortured and executed by the most vile, shameful, painful, horrible death known to man.

Imagine the warm, deep glee, the tremendously great satisfaction of the blood lust Devil and his agents felt taking and killing the son of God.

But what the Devil forgot was that 4 thousand years earlier in the Garden of Eden, God told him (the serpent) in Genesis 3:15... the seed of woman would bruise his head and he would bruise his heel. This was fulfilled on the cross, but the Devil didn't figure it out.

REMEMBER:  In these last days, our enemies come out against us and often God allows us to be humiliated and downtrodden, but God's ultimate plan is to use us as a Testimony against them and as A Witness for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to whom be glory forever and ever Amen! In the end, what our enemy thinks is a victory will be his terrible defeat.  Praise God! So be strong and be encouraged to fight the good fight.  We Win! Through Jesus Christ the enemy's neck comes under our foot. Praise God!  There are a great cloud of witnesses in heaven cheering us on.  We will soon be home.



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