The Coming Four Blood Moons A Warning to Israel and the World

Something very big is getting ready to happen and Israel is the key.

4 Blood Moons will occur in 2014 and each time in history we've had 4 Blood moons, something extremely significant has happened to Israel. Case in point:

1492 Spanish Inquisition. Jewish slaughtered and ran out of Spain

1948 Israel became a state 

1967  6 Day War:  A miracle war when Jerusalem taken back by Israel

I believe as do many other Christians that this 4 blood moon period will mark the time of Jacob's trouble, otherwise known as the Tribulation Period where for 7 years God's wrath will be poured out upon the earth.

The Rapture will take place before these events. Therefore, Look Up! Dear Believers. Our Redemption draws nigh. 



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