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Major Clarification:

This work is not meant to insult or attack Catholics, Jews or Evangelicals who identify themselves as ZIONISTS.

The major rank and file Catholic, Jew and Evangelical Christian have no idea who is at work behind their “organized religious practice”.  I like Paul who came out of RELIGION myself used to be a hard-core Christian Zionist.   Paul of course was a Jews’ Jew. The most devout and zealous but found Jesus Christ in the most powerful way and came out from this religious practice.  I used to be a devout EVANGELCAL also was a devout zealous ISRAEL first, ZIONIST.  I by God’s grace came out of this movement and found a profoundly deep relationship with Jesus Christ and through the power of God’s grace, my eyes have been opened.


Ecclesiology,” says University of Basel professor, Karl Ludwig Schmidt, “is simply Christology.” He argues that all sociological attempts to explain the church are futile because the church can only be explained by its link to the person and work of Christ. The church is the body of Christ (sw'ma Christou), and Christ is the head (kefalhv) of the body (Eph. 5:23; Col. 1:18; cf. 1 Cor.12:12–13, 27). These metaphors stress the unity of Christ and His people, and the term head specifically stresses that He is leader or ruler over the church. He exercises a position of power and authority over His people. The early church witnessed the headship of Christ by recognizing no individual man as the head of the church. Leadership was always invested in a plurality of leaders (first apostles and soon elders). This Was true of the universal church and of the local church, which is a replica or a miniature of the universal church.  The primacy of Scripture in its teaching that Christ is the sole head (“Chief Shepherd,” 1 Pet. 5:4) of the church was denied in practice soon after the death of the apostles. A plurality of elders gave way to a monarchical bishop, and the institutional Church was ultimately ruled by the Supreme Pontiff, i.e., the Pope, in Rome. Even in the Protestant churches the pastor as an officer over the flock is a firmly entrenched tradition — a tradition that denies Christ His place as head of the church.

Note: this above article although well written regarding religion vs Christ, still does not understand that Jesus Christ is NOT the 2nd person on the Trinity.

In these past 15 years I’ve devoted my life to spreading the truth and to call out false teaching not through hatred but through love that eyes may be opened.

If you read carefully Romans Chapters 9 through 11 you’ll see that Paul completely stopped addressing the church and talked directly to the JEWS whom he loved so deeply that he was even willing to be lost so that they, his very own people could be saved.  

I truly love Catholics and Jews and Evangelical Christians. They, like me, are working hard to raise a family, to be good citizens and to love and serve God in the way they’ve learned.

I pray the reader knows this and understands this.  There are JEWS, CATHOLICS, EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS, BUDDHISTS, etc who will wake up and find the truth.  I pray my work may be used by God to do that. I have talked at length with devout Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals, Muslims, Buddhists and others who love God and strive to serve him as they know him to exist. Please know I love you. Perfect love demands the truth be told. 

Here is a must read to understand that Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism.

See why the false prophets today are doing the same as in the days of Jeremiah the Judaizers

The False Prophets talking to #Israel same a Jeremiah's day #EndTimes (

The title of this work is:  The Abyss of Babylon 

I found myself back here again when I read an article this morning by Joel Rosenberg. Yes, I love Joel Rosenberg also and pray his eyes be opened.  Joel Rosenberg is honestly a brilliant zealous writer who is also an Evangelical Zionist, a modern day Judaizer who is being used to lead others astray.  I have an extensive study on Joel Rosenberg in links in notes below.  

So, I found this Blog post in my Email this morning by Joel Rosenberg that really caught my attention:


No surprise here that Joel wants to pump his non bible reading, low informed evangelical following this absurd notion that Iraq rising again as a great civilization is actually the BABYLON - MYSTERY BABYLON spoken of in Bible Prophecy. Specifically, Joel is referring to Revelation chapters 17 and 18 and tying this future prophecy in with distorted and mangled interpretations of Psalms, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Jeremiah who all referred to ancient Babylon, and its devastating impact of the remnant of God and its future SPIRITUAL Role of the Antichrist.  

Note there are distinct references in the Old Testament that are describing the actual historical existence of Babylon which proceeded from NIMROD TOWER OF BABEL See my study on why God said Jacob I love Esau I hated. Nephilim demon seed CANAANITE, BAAL WORSHIP The fall and cause of great apostasy to Israel. See notes below where this demonic seed of the Jews of Alexandria like PHILO who hated Christ and followed after the Canaanites gods connecting the dots from Caanan to Phoenicia to Carthage BAAL. 

  The Old Testament prophets connected perfectly to the future prophetic significance of Babylon to wit 

Psalms 87:4; Psalms 137:8-9; Isaiah 14:4-26; Isaiah 21:1-10; Isaiah 46:1-2; Isaiah 47:1-15; Isaiah 48:14; Isaiah 48:20; Jeremiah 21:4-10; Jeremiah 25:12-14; Jeremiah 27:1-11; Jeremiah 28:14; Jeremiah 32:28; Jeremiah 34:2-3; Jeremiah 42:11-12; Jeremiah 43:1-13; Jeremiah 46:13-26; Jeremiah 49:28-30; Jeremiah 24:50; Ezekiel 21:19; Ezekiel 26:26; Ezekiel 29:17-20; Ezekiel 30:10; Ezekiel 32:11; Daniel 2:21-38; Daniel 4:10-26; Daniel 5:25-29; And directly apply to Revelation  13, ; Revelation 16:19; Revelation chapter17 and chapter 18 by Ezekiel chapters 16, 23 and 27; Isaiah chapters, 13, 14, 25, and 47; Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51. Daniel Chapter 7; Daniel Chapter 9; Daniel Chapter 11Daniel Chapter 12; Habakkuk 1:5-11; Zech 2:7-9


In even the most far-fetched stretch of imagination an honest person could never attach the actual country of Iraq to the reign of this powerful religious reign of the Antichrist.  The time of Babylon as a physical kingdom expired and has been documented by both history and by the Bible in Daniel most explicitly.  Don’t take my word for it. Read these scriptures IN CONTEXT and determine for yourself.


But Joel Rosenberg’s mission is that of the Judas Goat - just like Amir Tsarfati (see my study on Amir Tsarfati in notes below), ASKDr Green, (see my notes on Dr. Green who says there’s no such thing as Noahide Laws) and other Messianic Jews like him, who are hell bent on misleading for the purpose of covering the truth. Covering the truth in THE GOSPEL OF GRACE, of covering the truth in revealing what is actually going to happen in the end times. 

Please read my extensive studies on Joel Rosenberg the ECUMENICAL False Teacher in notes below.

I use the word ABYSS in the title within the context of the great schism that exists, dividing bible scholars on two sides regarding BABYLON in Prophecy, specifically MYSTERY BABYLON. 

Since BABYLON is a major issue regarding bible prophecy that really matters it should be no surprise that such a division exists.  I pray the reader prays for themselves to increase in wisdom and knowledge of God’s will that the  Lord opens your eyes to see the truth. Since the true Christian will not be involved in this horror show that’s soon arriving, it is important for us to know the times that come and to warn and teach others who will be left behind to face these horrors. 

I believe it’s also extremely important to understand why Joel Rosenberg and others mislead people into thinking Babylon in bible prophecy is Iraq rising again to exist as BABYLON - MYSTERY BABYLON. 

And it is precisely for this reason I also use the word Abyss in the context of BABYLON - MYSTERY BABYLON in the context of The BEAST DEMON from the ABYSS.  This tremendously powerful Evil Spirit who has been kept in the abyss by God’s powerful archangel,  who no doubt was the one and the same who also possessed the Greek ruler Antiochus Epiphanes who desecrated the Jewish Temple in 168 BCE and who will also come out of the abyss and possess the Antichrist in his beast role who will also desecrate the Jewish Temple at the midpoint of the Tribulation. 

Note:  Here’s a great study on the subject:

Beast Demon from the Abyss


Yes, dear reader, we are clearly told in connecting Psalms 35:10, Jeremiah 51, 52, Revelation chapters 13, 14, 17, 18, 19. BABYLON and MYSTERY BABYLON in prophecy is not a physical location of Iraq being restored but rather a RELIGIOUS PERVERSION delivered by the FALSE PROPHET to make people worship the AntiChrist and take the mark 666. The physical location that connects this religious system is The REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE - The VATICAN aka Catholic Church which was developed and protected from the Pharisaical spirit of the antichrist of JUDAISM - those who denied Jesus Christ as the Messiah and who conspired with Rome to crucify Jesus Christ and destroy Christianity. The same Paul refers to in Galatians 1:14 as "The Jews' RELIGION" - The Talmud - oral law added to the Torah - Jerusalem to BABYLONIAN.

Who later developed the Catholic Church as a highly structured religious order protected by the Jesuits.

By the Pope bringing all faiths into one (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) This new world religion will use the NOAHIDE LAWS of Judaism that will form strict adherence to the major tenants of the other religions. Since the Pagan Trinity of Catholicism and adapted by mainstream Laodicean Evangelicals today also shockingly conforms to Jewish Kabbalah of a triad.

Note: The Pope and the Grand Imam signed an agreement of interfaith. The Pope stated that Muslims and people of "all" faiths must work together to promote unity and the awareness of the great divine grace that makes all brothers and sisters, and that "pluralism" is the will of God.

See notes below.

Also recommend reading my complete studies on Godhead is Biblical - Trinity and Modalism are not.

Trinity is Pagan Practice of Polytheism in Mainstream Christianity #EndTimes #Apostasy ( 

For a brilliant in-depth study, I strongly recommend reading:

Edward Hendrie about Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great


Mystery Babylon the Harlot is the Vatican

Mystery Babylon The Harlot is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church in the Tribulation. (

Note:  There are issues with Edward Hendrie’s work especially him believing in the Trinity vs Godhead; for him not believing in the biblical PreTrib Rapture; his Sabbath Keeping and Holiday observance that I do not agree with when rightly dividing the word of God in this dispensation of Grace. However, Mr. Hendrie’s thorough research in MYSTERY BABYLON is spot on. 

Read and study the connection of the Queen of Heaven with ancient Israel - The whoredom of Israel, the great apostasy of Israel - BAAL Worship, the destruction of the Temple by ancient Babylon Jeremiah's prophecy - The Vatican and The Catholic Religion to venerate Mary known as the Queen of Heaven

Queen of Heaven existed before Catholicism #End times (

Since Joel Rosenberg is a Zionist and an Ecumenical leader who embraces the Vatican and Judaism - Judaizer who pretends to be Evangelical - then of course he would want to bury the truth.

I’ve studied this over the years and certainly like most became mesmerized by the sensational “highly fictionalized fantasy of the godfather of Christian ZIONISM Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth in the 1970s (See my notes proving Hal Lindsey is a Zionist and misinterprets God’s plan to restore the STATE of Israel and NOT the Jewish Remnant into the Kingdom of God which is biblical.  We see the same over and over again in all the Zionists NWO Evangelicals who play into the hands of the Vatican and NWO. 

And later Tim LaHaye and  Jerry Jenkins work, LEFT BEHIND SERIES that took the world by storm into the 21st century.  

On one side the Evangelical Papal New World Order are these who believe ancient Babylon - Iraq of today restored to greatness

Babylon, the iconic ancient city, is once again rising from the ashes, just as Bible prophecy predicts they say. 

However, making scripture fit one's own agenda instead of allowing scripture to interpret scripture always leads to errors and traps.

What probably saddens me the most is one of my favorite eschatological champions of Premillennialism Dr. Thomas Ice even mangles Babylon in Revelation and perhaps false teachers like Joel Rosenberg gobble this up since it fits their agenda so well.

Dr. Ice

Babylon In Bible Prophecy :: by Thomas Ice - Rapture Ready

Responding to Dr. Ice:  1. Revelation 18:10 NOT verse 3.  Wrong Bible translation. Sensationalism. War with Iraq. 

Dr. Ice gives us an accurate background describing how Babylon was in a sense the fomentation of man’s rebellion against God going back to the post flood BABEL and NIMROD.

However, the wheels fall off with this quote by Dr. Ice

“ Watch for Babylon to become a dominant force in the world religiously, commercially and governmentally for Revelation 17-18 predicts the destruction of that city and, in order to be the city those prophecies require, it must be rebuilt on a grand scale like in the days of Nebuchadnezzar."

This is not correct and is actually a glaring departure from what scripture is actually telling us.  It is shocking to me that Dr. Ice would utter such words.

Details are in the link I posted above by Edward Hendrie  Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great

Others like sensationalist and Zionist book pumping charlatan Joel Richardson tells us that Mystery Babylon will be Mecca.  Sadly other seemingly serious bible students like

Derek Gilbert followed suit.

Then there’s the confused souls like late Dr. Van Imp who taught incorrectly that Mystery Babylon is the the United States. The very thought that America fits Revelation 18 is to me personally, mind boggling. 

Again, much damage to Joel Rosenberg’s misguided commentary stems from the problems with the LEFT BEHIND series of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Although solid in its Premillennial Dispensational doctrine, Tim LaHaye a committed Zionist NWO masonic who purposely skirt around Revelation 18 and make Babylon the restoration of Iraq.


Exposing Joel Rosenberg as an Ecumenical Zionist NWO  False Teacher

Just Who is the real Joel Rosenberg... Let's investigate (

Joel Rosenberg exposed as an apostate evangelist ; charlatan; ecumenical NWO Zionist (

Joel Rosenberg asks us to pray for Peace and Safety (

My Letter to Joel Rosenberg's call for Christian Solidarity in Prayer for Israel #EndTimes #Zionism #Apostasy (

Why is Joel Rosenberg Peddling the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement? #EndTimes (

Who are you Amir Tsarfati?

Who are you Amir Tsarfati? - My Brother in Christ or A Ravenous Wolf in 'Sheep's Clothing (

ASKDr BROWN A Repackaged Judaizer

Dr. Brown of Ask Dr. Brown is a repackaged Judaizer (


Prophecy watchers morphing into a mixed Apocalyptic bag - Berean Research

The  BABYLON Jews of Alexandria like PHILO who hated Christ and followed after the Canaanites gods connecting the dots from Caanan to  Phoenicia to Carthage BAAL.  to Trinity instead of GODHEAD

EXPOSING HAL LINSEY False Prophet and Christian Zionist pumping books like a Charlatan

Excerpt from article exposing Hal Lindsay as a false prophet and Christian  Zionist. Note: I strongly disagree with much of what Stephen Sizer summarizes on Hal Lindsey. However, in areas where Hal Lindsey widely strays from biblical doctrine I applaud Sizer’s work. Here’s one perfect example:

Hal Lindsey : Father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism (

Quote: “Rather than apply these ancient promises to the Jewish people generally, Lindsey quite specifically, and increasingly more explicitly, applies them to the State of Israel and Israeli citizens.

The God of Israel has sworn in the prophecies that He will not forsake the Israelis, nor let them be destroyed.113 To Israel as a nation were made unique promises... All other nations received blessings only through Israel. They were the only nation that was promised a specific plot of land, a city, and a kingdom on an earth from which the original curse would be removed.114 Unless one goes off into allegorical la-la land, these prophecies literally demand a National restoration of Israel as a distinct and unique believing Nation in the future kingdom.115To reinforce the link with the Jews of the Old Testament, in his later books, Lindsey increasingly refers to Israeli citizens as 'Israelites'116 as well, the land as 'Judea and Samaria'117

One of Lindsey's strongest critics is David Chilton. With regard to the promise in Romans 11 that many Jews would recognize Jesus as their Messiah, Chilton insists,

The Bible promises the restoration of Israel as a people, but not necessarily as a State; nothing requires that the two must go together. Even assuming, that there is still a State of Israel when the Jews are converted, Israel would simply be one Christian nation among many, with no special standing. The people of genetic Israel will be part of the covenantal tree of life, but there is no longer any religious significance belonging to Palestine.118

To even classical dispensationalists, such as Schuyler English, who revised the Scofield Reference Bible in 1967, Israel as a State has no prophetic significance during the 'church age' until after the so-called 'rapture'.

An intercalary period of history, after Christ's death and resurrection and the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 has intervened. This is the present age. During this time God has not been dealing with Israel nationally, for they have been blinded concerning God's mercy in Christ... However, God will again deal with Israel as a nation. This will be in Daniel's seventieth week, a seven-year period yet to come.119

Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins exposed as Masons Zionist NWO puppets

Occult Symbols on Tim LaHaye's Books (

Other major issues with LaHaye's work:  The HQ of the AC is not Babylon as a nation restored. Isaiah 13 is clear that Babylon has ceased to exist PERMANENTLY. Rome - the revived Roman Empire is supported in scripture NOT a restored Babylon. The Tribulation does NOT begin well after the peace agreement is signed with Israel; The Ezekiel 38 war does not begin in the beginning of the Tribulation; The AC does NOT possess power to raise people from the dead; with the great deception not many overall will turn to Jesus during the Tribulation and LaHaye never really gives us an accurate picture of the BILLIONS that will die.  There are numerous other issues that are minor and I haven't read all of their work or studied what they've written. The major point I need to bring up here is Tim LaHaye had a great deal of truth but took great liberty to add what is NOT in scripture. 

Excerpts  from Edward Hendrie Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great

Anyone who tries to expose the Learned Elders of Zion or its Protocols is immediately branded as an anti-Semite and marginalized by the well-funded attack mechanism set up to keep a lid on that most secret of organizations and its Protocols. For example, Wikipedia, describes The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a “hoax” printed and quoted by “anti-Semites.”251 False claims of anti-Semitism are used as a shield to protect the Jewish hierarchy when evidence of their crimes are uncovered. Former Israeli government official Shulamit Aloni succinctly described the epithet anti-Semite as “a trick, we [Jews] always use.”252 She explained that Jews hide behind it like a smokescreen, which is used to conceal evidence of Jewish malefaction. Shulamit Aloni knows what she is talking about. She was a member of the Israeli Knesset from 1965 to 1969 and again from 1974 to 1996. She served on the Knesset Constitution Committee, Law and Justice Committee; State Audit Committee; Education and Culture Committee; and the Finance Committee. She served briefly as Minister without Portfolio from June to October 1974. From 1992 to 1996, Aloni served as Minister of Communications and the Arts, Science and Technology.253 Below is an interview with Amy Goodman, during which Shulamit explained the Jewish practice of concealing Israeli wrongdoing by labeling the accuser an anti-Semite. By that trick the accuser’s credibility is undermined, and the focus shifts from the evidence to the motives of the accuser. The Jewish controlled media then destroys the reputation of the accuser, and he becomes an object lesson for anyone who might consider criticizing Israel or Jews. Amy Goodman: Yours is a voice of criticism we don't often hear in the United States. Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called anti-Semitic. What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew? Shulamit Aloni: Well, it's a trick, we always use it. When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust . When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know. And they have power, which is OK. They are talented people and they have power and money, and the media and other things, and their attitude is ཁIsrael, my country right or wrongཁ, identification. And they are not ready to hear criticism. And it's very easy to blame people who criticize certain acts of the Israeli government as anti-Semitic, and to bring up the Holocaust, and the suffering of the Jewish people, and that is to justify everything we do to the Palestinians.254 Jewish researcher Rose Cohen explains that if one reads the Protocols it would be clear to the reader that it is not a false anti-Semitic document but rather an authentic plan of powerful Zionists: [I]t takes a Jew to understand the Zionist mind as reflected in the reviled 'Elders'. Without reading this officially scorned and hated book, no one can EVER understand the Mossad and/or Israel. This is why we in Israel have been always forbidden to read the Protocols and the government maintained a 50+ year campaign among Israelis to discredit the Protocols as a fraud. I had an Israeli professor as a guest in my house recently here in Sydney. He, too, was absolutely certain The Protocols are a fraud, but he readily admitted that he has NEVER read them! When I commented that whether the Protocols are legitimate or not, we Jews have actually behaved and accomplished almost 100% of what is written in them. He could not believe it. Ignorance is bliss, I guess he can sleep at night. However, in the interest of fairness to the professor, I should add that in the last 45 years of my research in this subject, I have yet to meet a single Israeli who actually read the Protocols.255


 According to the Association of Hebrew Catholics, Bloomer is a Catholic lay missionary with the Missionary Society of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament. The Association of Hebrew Catholics, proudly proclaims on their website that they have received the official endorsement of Pope John Paul II, Archbishop Raymond Burke, and Bishop Carl Mengeling. Bloomer wrote an article to explain the truths in the Jewish religion revealed in the Kabbalah, and further how the revelations in the Kabbalah explain the mystery of the Catholic Eucharist.646 Bloomer explains how the Catholic celebration of the Eucharist is actually derived from the Jewish Kabbalah. In the Middle Ages there were a number of Jewish converts to the Church who had become convinced Christians by studying and practicing the Jewish Mystical Tradition. These Jewish converts wrote a number of books which explored the Kabbalah or Jewish Mystical traditions in the light of Catholic belief. Pope Sixtus IV along with some other Popes approved of this movement and ordered the Kabbalah to be translated into Latin and to be studied by all Divinity students. This was the pre-Lurianic Kabbalah. However with the rise of a more rationalistic generation this field of research was neglected by Catholic scholars. Shekinah is the central concept of this mysticism. Father Elias Friedman in his writings mentions this understanding of Shekinah in regards to the Eucharistic Presence of Jesus in the Tabernacles of the Catholic Church. Just as the Shekinah dwelt in the Temple of Solomon so the Shekinah in the flesh was Yeshuah and now dwells in the tabernacles of the world. Thus the central concept of both Jewish and Catholic mysticism is the Divine Presence (Shekinah). A study of the Jewish Mystical tradition in the light of the Eucharist is, in my opinion, essential in the future development of a Hebrew Catholic spirituality that would enrich the whole Church. Adoration of the Shekinah is the central activity of the Jewish mystics just as Eucharistic Adoration is the central activity of the Catholic mystics.647 The Catholic Encyclopedia reveals that the Jewish liturgy is the source for the Eucharistic liturgy of the Catholic Church.648 Bloomer offers a more detailed explanation. Bloomer explains that the Cabalistic mystical concept of then Shekinah presence of God is the source for the Catholic mystical concept of the presence of God in the Eucharist. One scheme used by Jews to alter church doctrines to align with their own is to get the church to buy into the unbiblical terms used in Jewish tradition. Shekinah is an example of that scheme. The word Shekinah appears nowhere in either the Old or New Testaments. Shekinah is a wholly Jewish concept that was born of their Kabbalah; it is also found in the Jewish Talmud and Targums. John Ramsey, a Catholic Priest, explains the fact that the Eucharist is the Shekinah of Judaism: When God’s people were in the desert, He gave them two clear signs of His presence among them. First, He gave them a VISIBLE sign of His presence - what they called the SHEKINAH. . . . We, the NEW PEOPLE OF GOD, the members of His Body, the Church, also have our SHEKINAH and our MANNA and both are to be found in the EUCHARIST. . . . In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as we saw in the chapter on the Eucharist, there are two distinct elements: one of SACRIFICE - Jesus, the Lamb of God, offering Himself to the Father; and the other of a MEAL - Jesus, the Bread of life, feeding us upon His body. Jesus Christ, our Shekinah.649 The Missionary Priests of the Blessed Sacrament describe the Catholic theology of Christ being really and actually present in the Eucharistic host. The Eucharist is not symbolic; Catholic theology is that the Eucharist is the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ, it is the visible manifestation of God, it is Shekinah: The Hebrew word shekinah is used to denote any visible manifestation of God’s presence and glory. . . . He is present in the Eucharist. In the ways previously mentioned, He is present in His power, His authority, and in His Spirit. But in the Eucharist, He is present most fully, complete - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. The Eucharist is the extension of the Incarnation in space and time. It is the fulfillment of Jesus’ name: Emmanuel, God is with us. What better place is there to begin the practice of the presence of God than in His presence in the Eucharist? When we visit the Blessed Sacrament, we should make an effort to heighten our awareness of Jesus’ Real Presence.650 The Catholic theology is that the Eucharist is God actually present as Shekinah in the form of bread, and is to be worshiped as God. Pope Benedict XVI, when he held the previous title of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and was formerly the Prefect for the Vatican Office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was viewed as being the preeminent Catholic theologian of his time. Before becoming Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger explained how the attendant worship of the host during the Catholic liturgy is based upon the Eucharist being Shekinah: It is the tent of God, his throne. Here he is among us. His presence (Shekinah) really does now dwell among us - in the humblest parish church no less than in the grandest cathedral. Even though the definitive Temple will only come to be when the world has become the New Jerusalem, still what the Temple in Jerusalem pointed to is here present in a supreme way. The New Jerusalem is anticipated in the humble species of bread. So let no one say, “The Eucharist is for eating, not looking at.” It is not “ordinary bread”, as the most ancient traditions constantly emphasize. Eating it - as we have just said - is a spiritual process, involving the whole man. “Eating” it means worshipping it. Eating it means letting it come into me, so that my “I” is transformed and opens up into the great “we,” so that we become “one” in him (cf. Gal 3:16). Thus adoration is not opposed to Communion, nor is it merely added to it. No, Communion only reaches its true depths when it is supported and surrounded by adoration.651 Jean Danielou, who is a Jesuit priest, explains further the Catholic theological view of the Eucharist being Shekinah: This leads us to another theme akin to that of the covenant, that of the dwelling, the Shekinah. Yahweh had caused His Name to dwell among His own. This is the mystery of the Tabernacle. This Presence abandoned the people of the Old Covenant when the veil of the temple was rent. Henceforth its dwelling-place is the humanity of Christ, in whom the Name has set up its tabernacle. And this dwelling-place is in our midst in the Eucharist. We have already seen the Eucharist as communion, covenant. Now we see it as presence, Shekinah.652 Shekinah was inculcated into the Catholic theology from Judaism.


When Jewish Catholics speak of the Trinity they are not referring to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as revealed in the bible, but rather to the three triads set forth in the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah describes the lower third triad of its heathen god (Ein Sof) as made up of three sefirot: 1) Netzach (Endurance/Victory), 2) Hod (Majesty/Glory), and 3) Yesod (Foundation).661 Bloomer reveals that Netzach and Hod are the right and left legs of Ein Sof, and Yesod is Ein Sof’s phallus. Bloomer explains that the light and power of the sefirot are channeled through the phallic god Yesod to the last Sefirah, which is the Shekinah (a/k/a Malkuth).662 This phallic god is part of the blatantly erotic interpretation of the Jewish god found in the Kabbalah.663 Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis in The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism explains: “The Zohar includes multiple interpretations built around the concept of God’s genitals.”664 The Kabbalah infuses orthodox Judaism with a powerful undercurrent of phallic worship and practice, including sex magic.665 The sex magic is an offshoot of the secret doctrine in Judaism, which is a common doctrine found in secret societies, that the mystic can find redemption through an “heroic” willingness to do evil.666 The secret rabbinic doctrine is that evil can be redeemed by embracing it; there is a spiritual good in doing evil.667 That explains why Jesus said to the Jews: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.”John 8:44. Moshe Idel, in Hasidism Between Ecstasy and Magic, explains that “the concept of the descent of the Zaddiq [Jewish mystic or saint], which is better known by the Hebrew phrase, Yeridah zorekh Aliyah, namely the descent for the sake of the ascent, the transgression for the sake of repentance. . . . Much attention has been paid to this model because of its essential affinities with Zoharic and Lurianic Kabbalah . . . this model was a very important one in Hasidic thought.”668 That concept is the core belief in the system of “black magic.” The source of this secret doctrine of “black magic” is Babylon.669 The oldest texts for this Babylonian black magic in Judaism are the texts Sifrei h-Iyyun, Sefer ha-Bahair, and the Hikoth Yesirah, which is also known as the Sefer Yetzirah.670 Bloomer explains that the Yesod (Jesod) unites the Shekinah and the Tif’eret. Tif'eret is the offspring of Hokhmah and Binah.671 The Hokmah and Binah are two of the three sefirot of the divine head of the mystical body of the Ein Sof (Kether is the third sefirah). Tif’eret is not only a god himself, but he also represents the heart and torso of the body of the Kabbalah god, Ein Sof.


  1. Amen it is solely faith in Jesus I was saved 29 yrs ago and I became a completely different person anyone who knew me and knew me now would tell you I am not the same person. There is a spiritual, mental and physical change it is the trinity indwelt within Instant change but not everything you have 2 abstain from willing sin but the Holy Spirit convicts you I
    unless you do not care. That is called free will God will never make any of his creation do anything.


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