The Compelling Testimony of Brother Cameron Moshfegh

I would like to introduce myself, explain how things happened.

I am a Swiss citizen and live in Zurich Switzerland. Currently I’m working as a low-level security guard, but my background is in the natural sciences, with a PhD degree in stem cell biology, followed by a Postdoc and junior group leader/senior scientist position. 

My work was mostly basic science and focused on mouse embryonic stem cells (never human embryonic stem cells) and human adult stem cells (see attached CV). In short, the events that led me here were:

- My contract with the university ending right in the middle of covid (May 31, 2020),
- followed by 2 years of unsuccessful job applications and not wanting to become a burden for society.
- Realizing that in the academic world scientific integrity is punished, while career success mostly results from the selection of certain personality traits.
- Loss of trust in the academic world and the biopharmaceutical industry during covid and especially with the covid vaccines.
However, I am grateful for the job as a security guard, and my attitude is that every job is a job worth doing well. My employer has noticed and appreciates this.

At this current security job, I encountered a Christian who became very interested in talking to me about the Bible and Jesus Christ with the hope that I may too be saved. He had been through very rough things in life, and this gave things a gravity that kept me interested in talking with him. We talked many times but for me it was always like hitting a brick wall when it came to believing.

I was someone who completely rationalized everything in life, including myself. A person who rationalizes everything cannot believe in anything. This is a very empty and purposeless state to be in. I was in that state.

The deeper reason I was in that state was what had happened between me and my father when I was 14 years old. My parents had just divorced, and my father’s new wife just could not stand me. I was a very peaceful and polite teenager but always stood my ground when someone tried to bully me. 

Whenever I would visit him and his wife together with my sister (4 years old at that time), she would try to play a psychological dominance over me and continuously criticize my personality. The fact that I was politely but firmly rejecting this made her mad. 

Ultimately, his wife kicked me out of her house and my father always subserviently agreed to everything she said and repeated all her accusations against me. I could understand that my father was not able to disagree with his new wife. But these things that had happened hurt me a lot and I lost my trust in my father completely. 

Since I had just entered high school and this was very burdening, I had to take care not to drop out (and I didn’t). After this my relationship with my father broke up and it has been like this for 25 years. It was a self-protection mechanism, but it also kept my heart heavy with a burden which caused my heart to close so that I always was in a hyper-rationalizing state. 

My sister still sees our father and his wife, and it turned out that my father’s wife had traumatized my sister over the years which my sister has only now processed. I have a good relationship with my sister and mother.

On my birthday this year (2023), I received a birthday card from my father where he suggested to meet with me. Initially the card caused a lot of turmoil in me, and I first decided not to react at all. However, some weeks later I felt that it’s not OK for me to just not answer at all. I then asked my Christian working colleague for his advice. 

We talked about forgiveness, and he suggested me to write a card back to my father explaining that I was hurt and can’t see him but that I forgive him. This kept me deeply engaged for several days and eventually I could find the following words deep in my heart that I sent in a card to my father on September 10, 2023:

- That what had happened back then had hurt me a lot and that because of this the contact with him doesn’t work for me.
- That this is also the reason my answer took so long.
- But that I hold no grudge against him.
- That I forgive him and wish him to be happy.

After I had sent this card to my father, over the course of a few days something changed in my heart. I still felt a lot of pain and this wound is still there, but I felt as if the burden I was carrying in my heart for all these 25 years had fallen from me and my heart was able to slowly open again. It was at this point that I could no longer accept a purely rational description of things. This card I wrote was an important step in my life and impacted my being deeply. 

What I wrote came from my heart, and if I had rationalized it, how could I have then honestly meant what I wrote in the card? It was at this point when belief could even start to become a possibility for me. 

As forgiveness was at the center of it, it became clear to me that for me belief is about the Christian belief and Jesus Christ. It became clear to me that I wanted to believe in Jesus Christ but still didn’t know how. 

The next thing that logically came up was, that I need to get a Bible. I was then searching and overwhelmed by all the different bible versions out there. I also noticed that there are many “Gurus” out there that manipulate and misguide believers which can be very dangerous. 

Without a solid base in the Bible, I would be lost. My search kept bringing me to the King James Bible and your videos were a great help in this. Thank you! It then became clear that it is the King James Bible.

Recently I learned from my mother, that my father’s wife had gotten extremely infuriated by my card to my father and that his wife had originally tasked my father to write the birthday card to me. His wife then invited my sister to them where she started to grill my sister why I had written such a bad card to my father. My sister let her know that she loves me just as she loves them and wants to keep out of this. 

His wife got so mad that she had to leave her house and drive to her own sister’s. When my father was alone with my sister, he put down my card with a rationalization. I was sad when I heard that. His wife had never and still doesn’t accept a relationship between me and my father without her dominance. I prayed that Jesus Christ looks out for both of them (my father and his wife) and that I give this all into his hands.

My Christian working colleague now is very happy that I was born again, and I am very grateful for his help in this step (the card to my father).

However, as I went through this process, I noticed that he himself was using multiple bible versions (the perverted bible versions), endorses Amir Tsarfati and Bill Johnson (Bethel Church), and he believes in the Trinity. 

I had independently come to the conclusion that A.Tsarfati is a false teacher (his covid videos) which was further confirmed by the material you had collected about him (zionism). 

After watching the first video of Bill Johnson, I already became suspicious due to the music effects he uses during his talks on stage, his rhetoric with very little actual bible reading and the ritualistic repetition of short phrases with his audience. 

Checking the website of the bethel church it was clear that they are following the kingdom now theology which is not biblical. I could convince my Christian working colleague to also start reading the KJB but he is still deeply in the affection for A.Tsarfati and B.Johnson.

My Christian working colleague says that Jesus Christ was separated from God when he was on the cross because he had presumably taken our sins on himself. Because God cannot be with sin, he says that Jesus Christ must have been separated from God when he had taken our sins on himself on the cross.
He cites the following bible passages to support his view that Jesus Christ was separated from God on the cross:

Matthew 27:46
“And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Mark 15:34
“And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

I have read the following chapters:
Matthew 27, 28
Mark 15, 16
Luke 23, 24
John 19, 20, 21

I fully agree with you and have read the passages that support this in the KJB. Meaning, Jesus Christ is God. There is no Trinity. Jesus Christ is the only Person.

Here, I see a mistake in the assumption that Jesus Christ was “with” our sins on the cross. This doesn’t seem logical. If Jesus Christ is God and God cannot be “with” sin, then Jesus Christ cannot be “with” sin.

Therefore, it follows that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and not “with” our sins. Jesus Christ was never “with” sin, even not on the cross. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all mention that Jesus was found to be just, but the priests and people acted in sin. It also seems logical that Jesus Christ had to do this in this way for legal reasons just as he had to be born in flesh, to keep the Word.

I will be grateful for anything you have about this.

Yes, I also understand that the KJV editions (1769 and 1900) corrected printing issues of the 1611 KJV prints, as the original handwritten 1611 KJV had been lost, possibly in the Great Fire of London in 1666.

As I have understood so far, it is the 1900 KJV edition by Cambridge University Press (CUP) that uses the lower case "s" in 1 John 5:8. This was considered the final version and was dominant from the late 1920s to the beginning of the 1980s at least, and in print until 1985. In 1985 CUP decided to make changes but as it seems without a good justification

 ( ).

It is this 1900 KJV edition by CUP that Matthew Vershuur ( ) describes as the "Pure Cambridge Edition" and

 that is using to print their KJV Bibles.

Although I'm not sure if I agree with every view or explanation of Matthew Vershuur on Scripture, I currently tend to think that the 1900 KJV edition by CUP (Pure Cambridge Edition) is the best. But as I wrote previously, I'm still not completely sure. So with this KJV edition having the lowercase "spirit" in 1 John 5:8, it would describe the spirit of the born again Christian as a witness on earth, while the Holy Ghost (being the Spirit of Truth) connects to the spirit of the born again Christian (received and known in the heart). This needs a deeper and longer study.

Your article on the Lamb who was slain and the explanation that Jesus was never a human helped a lot!

Revealing more of The Lamb Who Was Slain #Discipleship #Jesus Christ (

I see the drifting away from Scripture as a common sign in many Christians who eventually find themselves in apostasy. 

I'm really amazed by the multitude and subtlety of all the false teachers and deceptions there are when it comes to Jesus Christ. It almost seems as if Satan is putting in a huge extra effort to make it as hard as possible for humans to find the truth.

I agree with you, it really seems that the 1900's edition is corrupted.

I had this suspicion but wasn't aware that the Vatican once again had launched an attack on the King James Bible just before the 1900's involving Cambridge scholars.

And I will be most interested to also hear from Dr. Hinton about this!

There are also some writings of Matthew Vershuur that raise big red flags for me. In this post he clearly endorses the Trinity quoting Augustine of Hippo, who was a gnostic involved in the early corruption of Scripture and is considered one of the church fathers of the catholic church (!):

When I think back about how I came to this point, my private and professional background, the suffering I went through from my family dynamics as well as professionally, I feel both humbled and see great meaning. 

It is Jesus Christ who sought me. This all had to happen for me to fall on the chief corner stone Jesus Christ to be saved.

Your work was a crucial help in this, and I am grateful, thankful and blessed!

Yes, It is unusual. I now see how those who graduated with me live lives where the Cross makes zero sense to them. And they don't care if what they believe in (if anything at all) is ultimately hollow and void at its core, because as long as they can maximize their worldly experience and profit they are content.

Wow, John 15:19 describes my experience exactly for a long time.
And since I was saved, 1 Corinthians 1:18 now too.

I thank God, our Lord Jesus Christ, for finding me and allowing me to serve Him.

The often misleading commentaries was exactly what has so far kept me away from buying a Study Bible. I will certainly look into it, and if I buy one, I will be certainly very aware of this. I will be looking into multiple publishers that print the KJV based on the 1769 Edition.

Yes, It is unusual. I now see how those who graduated with me live lives where the Cross makes zero sense to them. And they don't care if what they believe in (if anything at all) is ultimately hollow and void at its core, because as long as they can maximize their worldly experience and profit they are content.

Wow, John 15:19 describes my experience exactly for a long time.
And since I was saved, 1 Corinthians 1:18 now too.

I thank God, our Lord Jesus Christ, for finding me and allowing me to serve Him.

I can see how the professional you mentioned was approaching Scripture. It's a typically rational approach. It also seems that he mistook rationality for logic. Logic and rationality are not the same. God and the Word of God are logical, but one cannot rationalize one's way to salvation. Pure rationality, always rationalizing everything, leads you to stare into a void. I speak from decades long experience in rationality's fullest extent.

The often misleading commentaries was exactly what has so far kept me away from buying a Study Bible. I will certainly look into it, and if I buy one, I will be certainly very aware of this. I will be looking into multiple publishers that print the KJV based on the 1769 Edition.

This is as an addition to our recent voice call, in which I'm expanding on my testimony with regard to your question: "How, as a new believer, I came to the King James Bible and not a perverted Bible, and more on how things happened with my heart".

What had happened back then between me and my father and his wife was the most painful thing in my life and had left a wound in my heart so big that I shut my heart away. This was a rational act of self-protection from the trauma and pain. However, the emotional trauma was so big and deep that this condition kept staying so that I was no longer really able to access my heart. You could say that my heart became a locked and shut box. 

Because of this I became hyper-rational which means that I rationalized everything, including my emotions very much like a psychologist for 25 years. During all this time I felt "fine" and yet, deep down I sensed that my heart was heavy and inaccessible, as if it was loaded with a weight, burden, or ballast that wouldn't go away. Rationality always leaves a rest of doubt and being hyper-rational leaves a rest of doubt in absolutely everything. Therefore, I was not able to believe in anything at all, which is unusual, because most people still retain a little bit of belief in something. In my condition there was absolutely no belief.

- However, this hyper-rationality also caused me to develop a strong affinity for logic and to be very aware of both manipulation by other people and vain imaginations of my own.

At the same time, originating from the emotional trauma and my resulting hyper-rational condition, I also developed a behavioral pattern that kept me in a vicious cycle. My father's wife and my father gave me all the faults. His wife had said to me, "you are an asshole", and my father had said to me, "you are a worthless piece of dirt". 

No matter how much I would tell myself that it's not true what they had said to me, the doubt would never leave me because I was hyper-rational. Therefore, during all these 25 years, I was trying to prove to myself and to the world that I'm not an "asshole" and that I'm not a "worthless piece of dirt" by being extra good and doing good works, but it would never be enough, because only absolute perfection would have been enough. To the contrary, I became more and more aware of how flawed I am, no matter how hard I tried. I was trapped in a cruel and vicious cycle of trying to reach the impossible, but knowing that I could never succeed.

At the security job I am currently working, besides the Christian, I also met a neuropsychologist who is doing this security job part-time. When I had told the neuropsychologist the whole story, his advice was not to react at all to the birthday card my father had sent me because on one hand the wife of my father seemed to have a narcissistic personality disorder, which is regarded as untreatable in psychology, and on the other hand I seemed "fine" for so long. 

His opinion was that if I reacted, then I would immediately get into the old role model from back then resulting in my unnecessary emotional suffering. I initially adapted this advice and initially also seemed fine with it, but after my initial emotions of turmoil and anger had settled, I began to notice that it's not OK for me to give no answer to my father's birthday card. 

After talking to the Christian about it, he gave me the advice to write a card back to my father, which I did.
(Attached is a scan of my card to my father and I have to explain a correction regarding the date: I wrote and sent the card on September 11, 2023 but wrote the date inside the card as September 10, 2023 (as you can read in the card) because I didn't want to cause my father or his wife confusion or upset due to the tragic events of the 911 attacks.)

A key point for me in writing this card to my father was forgiveness and being honest, truthful and logical with my words was extremely important to me. But this meant that I had to face my deep emotional trauma to find the words. And I realized how difficult forgiveness is and how much pain there was in my heart. When I was writing the card, I felt very strange, almost sick, and had all sorts of thoughts that would try to hold me back from doing it. Towards the end it felt as if I was under some type of invisible attack.

Only after I had sent the card did I start to feel better, and over the course of a few days I felt that this weight and burden on my heart had fallen from me. My heart was no longer a locked and shut box but able to open again. It was very relieving. I had to cry. It felt like I was able to actually have a heart again for the first time since 25 years. 

This was the point when my condition of hyper-rationality started to crumble. I could no longer accept a purely rational description of reality, of myself. Belief became a possibility at this point. Because forgiveness was at the center, it was the Christian Belief that was emerging in me and it quickly began to develop.

However, my strong affinity for logic, my awareness of manipulation by other people and my awareness of vain imaginations of my own remained. Therefore, I noticed immediately the danger that I was facing with my newly emerging Christian Belief with all the false teachers and philosophies out there, and vain imaginations of my own. I also immediately knew that I needed the study of Scripture as a basis or I would be lost to either false teachers or my own vain imagination. 

But which Bible was the right one? A huge search started with the beginning of my vacations from mid to end of September 2023. During this time, I felt as if I was under powerful, relentless and invisible attacks and had a huge spiritual battle within me. Doubts upon doubts came to my mind. Did I really want to take the step of BELIEVING? I had thoughts in my mind telling me that this is just wishful thinking, absurd and silly.

As I had written in a previous Email, the conversations with the Christian at work had transmitted to me that Jesus Christ and God would be separate persons and this seemed illogical to me: "So God sought me but then I wouldn't get to him unless I first would find that other person called Jesus, why?" I prayed for the first time to God, before being saved, to help me to:
- be able to honestly believe
- know who Jesus Christ is

When I had found your studies on the King James Bible it was immediately clear that I had found the answers to the questions in my prayer. The King James Bible is God's Final Authority and Jesus Christ is God. Ordering a KJV Bible then represented for me the point at which things would become real, and I placed the first order on September 22, 2023. The invisible attacks I felt increased, and on the evening of September 23, I was drawn into rabbit holes about UFOs and aliens. I couldn't refute that UFOs were real but the idea that these would be driven by species visiting us from distant planets was fundamentally undermining my Christian Belief. The more I researched into this the worse I started to feel. In the last video I watched, a doctor had supposedly treated a wounded alien who then telepathically supposedly communicated to the doctor: "We feel sorry for you humans. You don't even know your potential, who you really are." At this point I just knew that this had nothing to do with aliens but was satanic. I stopped, went to bed and slept very uneasy. On the morning of September 24, 2023 I still felt very strange and bad.
Then, for the first time, I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that Jesus Christ is God, that I believe He died on the cross for my sins, was buried and on the third day rose again, according to Scripture. And, that in the name of Jesus Christ I cast these unclean spirits away from me.
A few Minutes later, I felt normal and the strange and bad feeling was completely gone.
That was the moment when I was saved, on the morning of September 24, 2023.

Rationality has its place in many parts of life but it needs to be restrained in the spiritual life.

Several pieces had to come together for me to be able to believe and also find the King James Bible and not a perverted Bible:

- The heart:
- be able to access the heart (the heart is easily hurt and emotional trauma can cause it to close up)
- be aware that the heart is easily deceived (be aware of false teachers)

- be aware that the heart itself is deceitful (be aware of vain imagination)

- logic


Before being saved, I didn't have an accessible heart while all other pieces were already in place. Once I could access my heart, everything quickly developed.
Since then, I experienced multiple times a tendency to slide back into hyper-rationalization, but what prevents me from sliding back is that each time I am reminded of the Cross and what an ultimate act of love of Jesus Christ this was so we might be saved.

Other people may have other pieces deficient or missing. I think most people have an accessible heart but their biggest problems are deception of the heart by false teachers and the deceitful heart itself through vain imagination.
It seems this is the case for both of the believers you mentioned.
The woman who switches from one "teacher" to the next seems to be trapped with false teachers as well as her own vain imagination.

The cardiologist who thinks he must find credited theologians seems to be trapped with false teachers. It might also be that he has no access to his heart and is trying to rationalize it all (I don't know his situation and story).

God bless you dear Brother


  1. Thank you dear Brother, and thank God.
    You've reprinted my testimony, as well as presented it wonderfully.
    May this testimony be a help to open the door for many to fall on the Chief Corner Stone Jesus Christ.
    God bless you abundantly,


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