To Mark Someone, Philippians 3:17 KJB Understanding this in a nutshell.


in a nutshell

Concisely, in a few words, as in Here's our proposal—in a nutshell, we want to sell the business to you. This hyperbolic expression alludes to the Roman writer Pliny's description of Homer's Iliad being copied in so tiny a hand that it could fit in a nutshell. For a time it referred to anything compressed, but from the 1500s on it referred mainly to written or spoken words.

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Saints we are to MARK THEM (


Let me clarify in a nutshell: To MARK someone literally means (in context of Philippians 3:17 KJB) To Destine. In simple language you are appointing the person to God's judgment and ultimate wrath. This is by God's divine decree given to you. I urge you to gain background knowledge in Understanding who you are IN CHRIST as His Ambassador. We are to Judge. We are to Rule with Christ. What it means to be a Good Soldier for Christ.


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