How much do you know that you don't know?

Levels of magnification:
1. Macroscopic level – Matter
2. Molecular level
3. Atomic level – Protons, neutrons, and electrons
4. Subatomic level – Electron
5. Subatomic level – Quarks
6. String level

We're just like ants, thousands and thousands of ants walking around on top of a giant log that is floating down a mighty river and each individual ant thinks they're steering this log, guiding the destination and final outcome of this log's course.  (advice used often in the military to a new arrival to the Pentagon and the massive Washington D.C. military/industrial complex)

When I first arrived to Washington D.C. as a young Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, I was told the ant on the log story. I later learned it was often used as a reminder, a vivid visual touchstone for all to remember that "the mighty military/industrial" complex is much bigger than all of us and no matter how high we ascend and learn and grow up in this mighty complex we actually don't even matter, one bit.  I think this advice served the mighty more than the lowly.  I had no illusion of who I was when I arrived in Washington,  but for a high ranking officer or government official, I could easily see how easily it would be to forget ones place or one's duty to serve rather than to be served.  Case in point,  Richard M. Nixon in 1972 during Watergate when he considered himself to be above the law.

Which all brings me to back to the question of "How much do you know that you don't know?" If you know Jesus and belong to him, then you know all you need to know. Yes, that's right, you know the beginning, now and what's to come and this is eternity and is the most important thing you need to know. BUT... If you do not belong to Jesus and you think you've got your world and the world around you figured out, or if you don't know Jesus and you really don't care about knowing anything (not what you say, but what you secretly think), you are under a massive illusion and you are lost and doomed.

The elite and rich with all the best minds in business, industry, academia and the science of mankind at his fingertips is amazingly dumb, no better off and actually worse in the big picture of life than the filthy poor and uneducated.

It is not me that says these things, but rather God who says this.  Look!  "Don't you realize that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked." Revelation 3:17

Something to seriously consider:

"Today, Physicists know exactly what they don't know", said, noted physicist,   Robbert Dijkgraaf , adding " Scientists only understand about 4 % of particles composing the known universe and the remaining 96 % is composed of unknown things we call dark matter and dark energy.    ... What makes these things, whatever it is, it  has to be a perfect machine..  Empty space is not really empty but is the most fascinating ... As we study nothing... we find there is no such thing is nothing... "

These thoughts tell me these smart people seem to be coming to the realization that there is a higher intelligent power that is beyond us that is behind it all. As witnessed in the latest "God Particle" discovery,  subatomic particles which give matter different properties; i.e., divine order, intelligence directing and orchestrating things in the universe. (Definition of the God particle is my own simplified interpretation from piles of scientific jargon and mumbo jumbo which I believe sums up what I've written.) 

Something else to consider:

Science is now, I believe, trying to come out of the shadow of man's wisdom and admitting there exists, for certain that which can not be comprehended in our present 3 dimensional world (length, width, depth) and therefore admit that there are no less than 10 dimensions whereby tools such as string theory above quantum physics are needed to understand. And...... In using these tools there seems to be definite, logic and order, an intelligent design behind all creation.    Interesting, in my own layman understanding, the 10th dimension is a place, the existence where all that is, was, will be exists in infinity in infinite variations.... Sounds to me like I AM WHO I AM, God almighty created and exists in this 10th dimension... We can't say the 10th dimension is God, but rather God created this to give us an idea of who/what/where/when/how he is... Hmmmm??? A 3 year old child clearly knows these things.

The Bible said it all in Genesis according to Chuck Missler ,  , whereby Hebrew Scholars knew way before the western world, following on the work   of Albert Einstein's law of relativity and the follow on work of other physicists leading up to string theory and the "God Particle",  that we live in a world far beyond our senses of 3 dimensional space or even if one wants to acknowledge the  4th dimension, see Note 1 below, which seems to be "space/time" or  length, width, height and time...  we live in a world of 10 dimensions.

Chuck Missler says that"Memodetes concluded from Genesis that there are 10 dimensions, 4 measurable, 6 non-measurable.... which has been confirmed by science today. Adam and Eve lived in all 10 dimensions and after the fall they fell back into a world of 4 dimensional space, no longer being able to perceive the 6 invisible dimensions. "

In conclusion,  look carefully and consider and know your nakedness,  and need for Jesus Christ. Jesus created and existed and came out of and in the 10 plus dimensions (400 prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus, prophecies written hundreds of years before his birth)  Realize you truly don't know anything and especially since you only see 3 dimensions of the 10 dimensional universe. Wake up and realize this is about like a baby looking up from it's crib with thoughts of  having understanding of the world outside of its crib. 

  This means that whatever you hold as truth outside of THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE WHICH IS JESUS CHRIST, AND THERE IS NO WAY TO GOD EXCEPT THROUGH JESUS... (JOHN 14:6) THEN you are lost, naked, and know nothing and are going straight to hell.

Please understand, I don't say these things, but the creator of all the universe,  Jesus, tells us so, "By me all things were created, I'm the beginning and the end, I existed before the universe was formed. I came to earth that you might have life, whoever believes in me will not perish but have eternal life in heaven with me."  Why would you buy the lies of philosophy (not even science) of evolution, denying that God created all, from people who live and breathe and move and exist in 3 dimensions when God who created all 10 *(perhaps many more) dimensions said, "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH... AND MAN AND ALL CREATURES....."


Remember Einstein said, "The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion..."     If you think you have time to figure out what, when, where, how all this fits, you're dead wrong.

Note 1; In 1915, Einstein's general theory of relativity newly explained gravitation with 4D spacetime modeled as a Lorentzian manifold. Time is one dimension merged with the three space dimensions, as every event in 3D space—2D horizontally and 1D vertically—entails a point along a 1D time axis. Even in everyday life, one states or implies both. One says or at least means, "Meet me at building 123 Main Street intersecting Franklin Street in apartment 3D on 10 October 2012 at 9:00PM". By omitting or missing the time coordinate, one arrives at the correct location in space when the sought event is absent—it is in the past or future at perhaps 6:00PM or 12:00AM.

 Modern science seems to come to a basic conclusion that we live in a world of 10 spacial or 'space like' dimensions.   Rob Bryanton's 10th dimension explained:

In the last few decades, string theory has emerged as the most promising candidate for a microscopic theory of gravity. And it is infinitely more ambitious than that: it attempts to provide a complete, unified, and consistent description of the fundamental structure of our universe. (For this reason it is sometimes, quite arrogantly, called a 'Theory of Everything').


  1. This is fascinating reading. Jesus Christ is Lord over physics, mathematics and everything else. Creation is so beautiful and complex.

    Here is something you may want to listen to sometime--it has something to do with quantum mechanics:

    "Never the Same"

  2. Amen> Thank you Tim, I will check it out.


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