Jesus came to make me what He teaches I should Be.

He came to make me what He teaches I should be....

When we read the Bible it should soon become very obvious that the superior standards that God sets before us to achieve and live by are impossible for us as human beings. There was a preacher who, to me, was much the same in many ways as the Apostle Paul. This pastor once said that there were 613 laws in the Bible. This man was once a successful lawyer who came from an Orthodox Jewish family. This man knew law and knew the Bible like few I've met before. But this man was special in the sense that he forsook all this head knowledge when he met Jesus Christ in a personal way and The Lord became His Lord and personal savior. Once this man found Jesus he became a fire brand, a passionate preacher with fire in his belly. His theme was we are saved and move by Grace and not by Works. He could quote Galatians (the grace book) by heart.

The biggest thing I took away from this wonderful man's teaching was that the law should primarily to make us "run to Christ". It is in and through Jesus Christ that we can reach and be what God's standards expect us to be. Otherwise, we'll be driven insane = someone once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." Religion and religious people are insane. They through rituals and vanity attempt to become what Christ taught us. We can't do it. But Jesus can. Oswald Chambers said in "My Utmost For His Highest", "Beware of thinking of our Lord as only a teacher. If Jesus Christ is only a teacher, then all He can do is frustrate me by setting a standard before me I cannot attain. What is the point of presenting me with such a lofty ideal if I cannot possibly come close to reaching it? I would be happier if I never knew it. ........But when I am born again by the Spirit of God, I know that Jesus Christ did not come only to teach - He came to make me what he teaches I should be. The redemption means that Jesus Christ can place within anyone the same nature that ruled His own life, and all the standards of God gives us are based on that nature. .. The teachings of the Sermon on the Mount produces a sense of despair in the natural man - exactly what Jesus means for it to do. ... Only when we are willing to come to Him as paupers and receive from Him. "Blessed are the poor in spirit. .. When we finally admit, "Lord, I cannot even begin to do it" Then Jesus says, "Blessed are you.'.. Matthew 5:11. "Amen.


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