I'm not Afraid of you, that's why I'm smiling...

I'm not afraid of you...and that's why I'm smiling.
Philippians 1:28New International Version (NIV) Without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved—and that by God.1 Samuel 2:121Century King James (NKJV21) And Hannah prayed and said, "My heart rejoiceth in the LORD; mine horn is exalted in the LORD. My mouth is enlarged over mine enemies, because I rejoice in Thy salvation.1 Samuel 2:1 (Good News Translation) The Lord has filled my heart with joy; how happy I am because of what he has done! I laugh at my enemies; how joyful I am because God has helped me!

This is some really powerful stuff. If we really believe these words we will no longer be men pleasers and walk around intimidated by going against the tide or against conventional wisdom and.... we will not be afraid of our enemies and even those nice people who oppose us with contempt behind our backs. In fact it is clear we're to even laugh at them because this assures their destruction and our salvation. I have met people throughout my life who've said, "I /he/she don't / doesn't have any enemies." or "There was never a person who I/he/she didn't like or who didn't like me/him/her." or "I've/He/She never made an enemy." or words of this sort.Any person who thinks they don't have enemies is completely oblivious to the facts of life.

 As true believers, followers of Christ, we have mortal enemies being driven by our arch enemy, Satan himself. Since we know we have adversaries then may we clearly know that we're not to be afraid of them. What I find absolutely intriguing is how our action is a sign that they will be destroyed and we'll be saved. My prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior through the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit equip me this day to laugh in the face of adversity and those who want my destruction, because I know that my laughing at them and not fearing them is a sign of their destruction and my salvation. Amen."


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