Imminent, Any Moment Rapture Teaching vs Predetermined Date Rapture

I recently posted a very interesting video by Scottie,  I like so much about his teaching here, but as my sister, Sarah made a comment and brought me back to my root, core belief and pointed me to Pastor Greg's video... let's not loose focus on the Imminent, Any Moment of the soon coming Rapture of the Church, the Bride of Christ.

Pastor Greg really preaches and teaches 1 Thessalonians 1:9,10 ...

We've gotta remember that the Rapture is Imminent, Any Moment Before the soon coming Tribulation...

Please enjoy this great study...

Here's Scottie's video which teaches a preset date based on The Feast of Trumpets and the constellation configuration that is spoken of in Revelation 12....

Watch "The Most Logical RAPTURE Theory on YouTube! - Part 1" on YouTube

I must conclude that we are to be ready at "any moment"  for Jesus to take us home.... It will be soon. There are also many exciting things happening that prove how close we really are.

God bless.


  1. Randy this Pastors teaching on the rapture is pretty good-

    Scroll down and watch the "Imminent Rapture" Parts 1 & 2.

    God bless!

  2. Randy I like Scotties videos also. He does not believe in imminent rapture, but in a Feast of Trumpets rapture. And he may be right, but the apostles taught to expect Jesus to come back any time. I like the comments that Pastor Greg made about people who get bored with waiting for Jesus and looking for His appearing and end up abandoning watching, even though Jesus specifically taught us to watch. I believe there is a very important reason for this. Jesus taught that the servants who thought he would not come and would delay His coming ended up doing what they should not have been doing and were caught off guard. THIS IS THE REASON!! We do not want to be caught NAKED and our shame exposed. Until then there is a harvest that is rotting in the fields right now!

    God bless, Sarah

  3. Sarah, thank you for sharing your great insight and truth. Yes, I agree 100 %, not waiting and "watching" causes us to be caught off guard with our lamps empty and wicks untrimmed, it causes us to be caught up (no pun intended) with the cares of this world, it causes us to be focused on the antichrist, the economy, the fears and cares of this life, living in dread and chasing after false doctrines, strange and false teaching... I also believe that to not be watching gives us "itchy ears" and as Pastor Greg says, "get bored with waiting. Your intense interest in the 10 virgins, makes me certain the Holy Spirit quickened your spirit man to be a watcher and "be ready" at any moment... Praise God. Yes, Amen, sister, there is indeed a harvest that is rotting in the fields right now... God give us your grace to harvest with full heart while watching with full earnest.


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