You have heard the blasphemy

Ye have heard the blasphemy...

“Ye have heard the blasphemy”   When Jesus Christ stood before the high priest and was asked if he were, “ the Christ, the Son of the Blessed”, Jesus said, “I am: AND YE SHALL SEE THE SON OF MAN SITTING ON THE RIGHT HAND OF POWER, AND COMING IN THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN.”

The high priest tore his clothes and said to the council of chief priests, scribes and elders, “What need we any further witnesses, ye have heard the blasphemy.”And then they all condemned him to be guilty of death. . And some began to spit on him, and to cover his face, and to buffet him and … strike him with the palms of their hands.Mark 14:63-65..

One of the remarkable definitions of the word, “blasphemy”that fits this scene of Jesus standing before the high priest is: The act of claiming for oneself the attributes and rights of God.

Jesus Christ never lied and he certainly told them the truth that day. Amazingly, when the “religious leaders” RELIGION is confronted with the spirit of Truth, (Romans 8:14-16) It is vehemently rejected as blasphemy. It is clear that the high Priest used blasphemy in both senses, 1. The act of claiming for oneself the attributes and rights of God and 2 A contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity.It is indeed a great paradox of how God, creator of heaven and earth, came to the earth as man born of man and as God revealed through the Son, Jesus Christ, would not be known or received by the very one’s who professed to know him most. (John 1:10,11). 

What is the message here for us? The one who is the Word of God incarnate, who is the Christ, the anointed one, the son of God is asked who he is, He answers truthfully, and then He is accused of blasphemy. Have things changed any today from 2,000 years ago? Certainly not! My understanding and application is: THE RELIGION OF THIS WORLD DOES NOT AND CAN NOT RECOGNIZE THE CREATOR (THE ONE IT PREACHES ABOUT) BUT RATHER IT WORSHIPS CREATION (AND ALL THINGS CREATED BY RELIGION). (Romans 1:25)..

My prayer dear Lord, let me stand strong on your promise in Romans 8:1: There is therefore NOW no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” The Truth can only be seen in the Spirit. The flesh will always scream, “BLASPHEMY” when confronted with the truth because the flesh can not comprehend the things of the spirit. It is OUR SPIRIT THAT BEARS WITNESS THAT WE ARE THE SONS OF GOD… (Romans 8:14-16) 


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