The Lord will Perfect that which concerns me.

The LORD will perfect that which concerns me.

The LORD will perfect that which concerns me. (Psalm 138:8)This scripture hit me like a ton of bricks today... I've read it and heard it hundreds of times over the years. But today the Holy Spirit impressed me deeply with this scripture. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to teach me. Here's where this exciting quest lead me:First, the Holy Spirit lead me to find what some of the saints had to say about this scripture:* Charles Spurgeon was also greatly impressed with this scripture. He wrote, "....I opened the envelope and I found this text, and it charmed me. It contains in itself the very essence of the grace of God. It reads like music to the soul, and is like a bottle of water in the desert to the thirsty lip. Let me read it again, and remember it, and dwell upon it, and digest it during all the year. "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me. Thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands."* "

Another way of looking at this is "that is God's providence, God's work upon us, the will of God which directs the events of our life. Not chance or fate or bad luck or forces emitted by the colliding or arrangement of stars or random choice or statistics. But the active, the wise, the all-comprehensive will of God who performs all the thoughts of His heart, whose counsel shall stand "and I will do my pleasure," He says. That will of God is like the hands of God molding the clay on the wheel, pleasant sometimes, yet sometimes difficult - sunshine and clouds. God will use all things to accomplish His own will upon us."* 

Matthew Henry writes, "(The Lord will perfect): That which is most needful for me; and he knows best what is so. We are careful and cumbered about many things that do not concern us, but he knows what are the things that really are of consequence to us (Mt. 6:32) and he will order them for the best. 2. That which we are most concerned about." By far the best for me personally was when I was then led to explore the meaning of the phrase "the Lord will perfect" and from this I was lead into the gospel of Mark. The first step: I broke it down into parts: THE LORD WILL PERFECT = Latin perfectus, past participle of perficere, to finish : per-, per- + facere, to do; perfect - make perfect or complete; " Perfect as a verb:optimise, optimize - make optimal; get the most out of; use best; "optimize your resources"ameliorate, improve, meliorate, amend, better - to make better; bring to a highly developed, finished, or refined state; " On Line Dictionary. The Hebrew Text Translation = (gamar) = TO END, IN THE SENSE OF COMPLETION OR FAILURE.

.Finally, the Holy Spirit revealed to me from MARK 14:62-72. Focus on making something perfect by bringing that thing to an end which could be also considered to be a failure. Since God never fails, it would be that man would consider something a failure, but God's ways are never man's ways. Mark 14: 62-72 are the final scenes of Christ standing before the chief priests and the council. These are the culminating verses of where all the tension now is released and has now become unimaginably intense when all of hell bears down on the final moments of the mock trial. I'd say that this scene would be of grave concern to even the most casual observer. 

To a disciple, it was unbearable. Peter's standing outside vigorously denying His Lord. (vs. 67 - 72) Here, the Holy Spirit revealed that God is in the midst of completing the mission of Christ to perfection in verse 64 when the religious leaders pronounce the death sentence. A death sentence is as final as you can get. *Conclusion: The Holy Spirit revealed that any situation that concerns me, God is in the midst of it and in control of it and will bring it to HIS COMPLETION and often it may look like failure to man, yet in heaven it is A DIVINE CONCLUSION FOR MY LORDS DIVINE PURPOSE.. and I'm a part of it. WOW!this death sentence = the crucifixion which offers lost man Salvation, Redemption, Sanctification, and future Glorification. 


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