I Come to Do Your Will Father, NOT Mine.

I Come to Do Your Will God.... NOT Mine...

I shot a 121 in a round of golf the other day.... Only six years ago I was an 11 index (on average scoring a little more than ten strokes over par equating to around the 80's) playing golf on a prestigious golf club in southern California.Now, today on this new challenging, expansive golf course here in Vietnam I can barely get off the tee. I would normally be embarrassed, and even angry not to mention fueled with overwhelming emotions of intense frustration and bewilderment. But that was when golf was my god, ten years ago before the Lord took it away from me for a season. Now, I only look at golf as a form of enjoyment to get out and enjoy His wonder and to do what God wants me to do out here for his will.As I leaned over and pulled the ball out of the cup following a disastrous finish on a relatively easy hole, I was praying silently for patience and understanding of what was happening while my playing partner tried to come up with some encouraging words, trying to figure out why I'd be playing so poorly when normally he'd seen me playing much better. I don't know why but the words to a book I am reading came most clearly to me."I come to do the will of God." Yes, I immediately knew in my spirit that God's purpose is way beyond a golf score. I know I'm here for some reason this day and the score surely isn't what that purpose is. Because in the summer of 2005 I had won the club championship, 54 holes, in my flight on a difficult golf course and was under 3 days of anointing. I knew the Holy Spirit was with me those days.. Today the Holy Spirit was not interested in the score but rather the fellowship with a dear man that God wants to reach... 

 Tim Shey's High Plains Drifter, (page 116): "The next morning, I thought I was going to hit the road, but the Lord told me to stay—Charlie had something to tell me. I went back upstairs and asked Jason if I could stay one more night. It was all right with him. I slept the rest of the day till late afternoon. I was still very tired. Charlie got back from work at five o'clock. When he got home, we talked about the Word of God for five hours. Specifically, we talked about the Book of Revelation and the Book of Hebrews.We had been talking for quite some time when Charlie quoted something from Hebrews Chapter 10: "I come to do thy will, 0 God." When he said that, it was like something had locked-in deep inside my spirit. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I quickly told Charlie to freeze, back up and say that Bible verse again. "I come to do thy will, 0 God." I sat there dazed for a few minutes.Then I looked at Charlie and exclaimed, "That's why God had Jason pick me up! I was supposed to hear that Bible verse! Man, this is incredible!"I know God has me here in Vietnam for His purpose. For three years I didn't have a golf course. I had my clubs but no course. These days, My Lord has allowed me to come back to golf for a season and although my game seems to be terribly bad today, I'm truly finding a higher purpose than I'd have ever realized before. My prayer: "Dear Lord, Thank you for the 121... I come to do your will. Amen."


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