Another body of water turns BLOOD RED

11-2-13, WorldNetDaily -- In Nootdorp, South Holland, in the Netherlands, the water has turned a deep red, and locals are at a mystery as to why, though the phenomenon has prompted some to remember biblical prophecies of water turning to blood.

“It looks like red wine,” remarked Nootdorp resident Mark Ruder to the Netherlands’ Telstar Online.
“It is probably an algae,” Ruder speculated, “but in our region that just does not happen.”

David Dilling, an American living in the Netherlands who captured the odd phenomenon on video, however, described the canal waters as turning a “blood-red, biblical color.”

Australia too:

A mother and
      her child look out over the 'Red Sea' of Sydney's Clovelly beach.
      Despite health warnings a number of defiant swimmers were seen
      venturing into the water

Bloodbath: An
      intrepid swimmer heads towards a patch of red algae bloom off the
      coast of Sydney, Australia, where the rare natural phenomenon has
      turned the water the colour of blood
11-27-12 Australia

  1. China: Yangtze River Turns Red ... a Mystery, ABC News 

    Sep 7, 2012 Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery ... the longest and largest river in China and the third longest river in the world, ... They put water from the river in bottles to save it.

USA Texas ...
In 2011 WND reported a similar incident of blood-red waters in Texas that also prompted comparisons to biblical tales. Live Science reported on the incident too, with an article titled “End Times? Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red.” See video:

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