#ISON Harbinger, Hannukah Watchman Report

Throughout my life, I remember many dire warnings of Comets, Asteroids sure Rapture Dates, End of The World.

They were saying back in 1980's that Halley's Comet was the sign of the end, and in 1997 an entire cult, Heaven's Gate, committed mass suicide over Comet Hale–Bopp

I was a young adult back in 1980's and a mature, educated man in the 1990's I thought and knew in my heart that all the hype was "hog wash". That was strongly confirmed as I read the LA Times about Heaven's Gate Cult members waiting for Comet Hale Bopp.

Today as an older man in my late 50's I  am wondering WHY down deep in my spirit I just seem to know Ison may be different.  Perhaps it is because of all the other strong signs pointing to these being the last final days before God's judgment, or perhaps God is telling his people to get ready and this is truly a Harbinger.  I don't know exactly but I do know I am compelled to send out a warning to all.

The warning is:  Comet Ison  may very well be The Harbinger, the warning of Judgment.   

The Bible clearly tells us in Luke 21:25 that in the last days there will be "signs" in the stars.

Treat this just like you'd treat a "Hurricane or a Tornado Warning" The report warns people to prepare and watch.

As a Watchman here is a report I want to send to watch and make sure you are right with Jesus. Only Jesus can save you.


By Tom Gaston

Bible Code........."Ison, and the Yeshua."

 This Bible Code seems to present "confirmation"  that the comet ISON is a "Harbinger" and  a "Signal" that Yeshua is perhaps coming during the festival of Hannukah.   The term "Comet" does not show up in every matrix, but it shows up in this one.  Also,  the term "Hannukah" does NOT readily show up in every matrixes you search for, but it does in this one also.  The Jewish year of5774 is also encoded in here.
 There are two phrases of "The Natsal " encoded in this Code which is another Hebrew term which describes the "Rapture."   So it is pretty amazing that we have ISON, THE HANNUKAH, THANKSGIVING and a host of other terms which to me may very well be showing us the "timing" of the Rapture event during the 8 day festival of Hannukah this year?
 Now, look at the date that is in this Bible Code.  The phrase......." 30th Kislev, the 30th" is encoded and goes across the page.  The 30th Kislev this year is the 6th day of Hannukah / the3rd day of December / which is the 3rd day of the week, the day of the week that Jewish weddings traditionally took place on.
I will be watching intensely for the "possibility" of the Lord's coming for His church starting with the "eve" of Hannukah / Thanksgiving , which are both on November 28th.  If the Lord doesn't come sooner,  then I believe that we really have a very good chance of being out of here during the 8 days of the festival of Hannukah, and especially the 6th day of the festival which is the 30th Kislev / Tuesday December 3rd.

The terror in Hannukah / Hay = 5  /  Mem = 40   Vav = 6    Resh = 200    Aleph = 1 / Beth = 2 /  Cheth = 8   Nun = 50   Vav = 6   Kaph = 20   Hay = 5 / total = 343
Rapture / Shin  = 300   Lamed = 30   Hay = 5   Vav = 6   Beth = 2 / total = 343

This Bible Code really has my attention!
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In Christ, Tom Gaston


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