Why would Astrophysicist Jim McCanney change his story?

 Why would Astrophysicist Jim McCanney change from warning us about ISON to now be saying Ison is just another ho-hum comet???

 The following info below was sent to me by Miriam Howard.  Jim McCanney was saying way earlier in the year just the opposite of what he is stating below.   Why has he changed his mind???   There is so much "disinformation" and distortion out there that you don't know what to believe anymore?  

"COMET ISON misinformation is rampant ... coming from bothevery nut case and loony tune on the planet AND from NASA(although they are "officially shut down") and the gov (new world order) misinformation engines ... please understand the following ...comet ISON is NOT nibiru or planet X ... it is NOT dragging in amini solar system (we knew that MONTHS ago and made clear statements to correct the myth started on spaceweather web site). My own page stated that clear caution was needed when we originally saw other data that suggested the same BUT it clearly was NOT the case and i stated that clearly on this web page ... i repeat ... comet ISON has NO COMPANIONS and certainly NOT a mini solar system (it is a very small comet and never warranted the "comet of the century" baloney propagated by NASA) ... comet ISON caused the planet mars to go comet (mars briefly developed a faint comet coma during the passage of comet ISON as i had predicted) but it IS NOT causing major changes to the planets ... it is not causing an earth pole shift ... it does not have a debris field that is hitting earth or that will hit earth (a NASA propagated fairy tale) ... earth will NOT pass through the tail of comet ISON but listen to my radio shows to understand what effects (action at a distance) that we may see BUT THESE WILL BE LIMITED MAINLY TO VISIBLE EFFECTS ... we may experience some severe weather in the mid-january time frame and there is a remote possibility of earth connecting to the comet at that time but listen carefully to the effects i talk about ON THIS PAGE ONLY ...
 There is a possibility of earth weather caused by solar storms responding to comet ISON and we already have seen some as reported on my october 10 radio show and we may see more but not all bad weather is caused by comet ison ... each event has to be determined from information available at the time of the event ... DO NOT GET ANY INFORMATION FROM YOUTUBE IT IS ALL GARBAGE ... any postings showing me or quoting me on youtube are not authorized including any other pages with chat or blogs ... comet ISON may (note the word MAY) exhibit effects as it interacts with the planet mercury around November 10 to 14th but again this is a visual effect relative to earth ... at this point i expect ISON to interactelectrically with the sun and earth could be affected although i have stated that what i expect more than anything is that a false flag solar flare power outage is in our near future as the press has been priming the pump for the public on this for over 2 years and the time is ripe for such an event for the new world order nut cases to attempt to take control (good luck we are all waiting and ready) ... the US gov shutting down is just one symptom that the end of the old banking structure is near and they need to usher in a "new era" ... a planned power outage is the ONLY way they can do this on a world wide scale although it may be coupled with other forms of nut case false flag events ... they are desperate and desperate people do desperate things ... jim mccanney"

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