November 11th 2013, What's up?

What's goin on with 11-11 2013

I'm seeing some warnings that focus on 11 November 2013. 11-11.  

The following 

 EVENTS /  ARTICLES have caught my attention:

CHURCH RESCUE (rapture hint?) TV SERIES PREMIERE:   11/11/13
· [series premiere] · 11/11/13 at 10:00 PM
· [regularly airs] · mondays from 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST


NOTICE: Here in Asia they use 11-11-11 across the screen for the American Blackout premiere

YOUTUBE VIDEO critical milestones with ISON beginning on November 11, 2013

Tom Gaston's findings on November 11 Events:

The lowest skip the date "November 11th" can be found is ona skip of 7 letter intervals.  This Bible code search term is "Events."  It is found encoded between Jer. 31:34 to 32:9.   It appears in this matrixes that perhaps something could possibly take place on this date??  This date would be11 - 11.  The number ( 11 ) is the number which stands for..."Judgment and Disorder" in Bible Mathematics.   This number 11 - 11 is very interesting because the following Hebrew term has that same gematria value.
Date / Tau = 400   Aleph = 1   Resh = 200   Yod = 10   Kaph {final letter} = 500 / total =1111......OR....11-11

Bible Code......."Event."
 I made a page 2. because I wanted to explore a little more and see if I could resurrect WHAT the "Event" might be?  You will see the term..."Crisis"....joins...."Israel" at the bottom of the page.  The short phrase..."the assassination" joins the seach term "Event."   The phrase......."dead, Prime Minister" is encoded also along with the name.."Bibi"...which is the nickname of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.   And what is startling to me is that the phrase...."The 11th and the death" is encoded also in here.
 What may or could happen on November 11th this year?  I don't know as I don't have an conclusive clue?  Will anything dramatic happen on this date?  Again,  I don't know?  But here in this Bible Code there seems to be a "suggestion" to an "assassination" taking place perhaps on the date of November 11th as the phrase" the Assassination" joins the search term "Event."   who specifically is the person who might be assassinated?  I don't know because it is to vague and not conclusive at this point?  Therefore we just "wait and see" if anything will transpire on this date?  Israel is ahead of us by 8 hours so it will already be the November 11th in Israel late Sunday morning US. time ( my time central ).
Look below.
Tom G.


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