Examining Bashar Al Assad as an Antichrist Candidate

Here's another Antichrist Candidate to add to the list:

In Christ, by Tom Gaston

 Is Bashar Al - Assad , president of Syria possibly theantichrist?


 The name "Assad" is NOT the original last name of Bashar who is the son of  Hafez Assad.   the   The Arabic word....."Al" in Bashar's name is the definite article "the."  In Arabic the name "Bashar" means "the messenger."  Bashar's fathers name was "Hafez Assad."  The nameAssad in Arabic means "lion."  So Al Assad means......."The Lion."  But that's not all!   Hafez Assad's real last name before he changed it was...."Wahash."  In Arabic this name means......"Beast."  Very interesing wouldn't you say!   He changed his last name toWahash years ago. You can find this online.
 Since the Arabic term "Al " is the definite article "the",  then Bashar Assad's real original name could read as follows:.............Bashar...Al ( the )  Wahash beast )........OR..........." Bashar the Beast."
Al Assad...( means )............The Lion
Al Wahash....( means )........The Beast
I copied and pasted below a couple of paragraphs from the following link on this.  You can also find other links on Wikipedia verifying this.
Quote from the link above:........ Hafez al-Assad ( the father of Bashar the "son" ) emerged from the hothouse of Syrian politics following independence from France in 1946. Born Hafez al-Wahash to an Alawite village family in the coastal hills near Latakia in 1930, he might have lived a life of low status, as a member of a despised rural community considered religious heretics by the dominant Sunnis. But the old order was rapidly changing and Assad’s own rise to power came to symbolize that shift.

Trained as a fighter pilot and sporting a new name, al-Assad which means "the lion"  vs. the name al Wahash, which means “beast. ”   The young cadet ( Hafez ) entered the conspiracy- and coup-ridden politics of the new state. He survived the tumultuous United Arab Republic experiment with Nasser’s Egypt (1958-62) to become a key figure in the 1966 coup that brought the Alawites to supreme power. Assad then methodically eliminated his rivals. Neither the loss of the Golan Heights to Israel in June 1967 (he was Defense Minister) nor Syria’s failed intervention into the Jordanian war with the PLO in September 1970 prevented his ascent. Two months later he became master of Damascus.....( end quote ).
Quote below from the "Times of Israel."
Quote:.....The Syrian president ( Bashar Al Assad ),  who has slaughtered thousands of his own people in a vicious civil war in the past 18 months, is “the descendant of a dynasty of a man named Suliman al-Wahash who arrived in Syria in 1860 or 1870 from Isfahan in Iran....etc. ( end quote ).
Bashar Assad is worshipped as "God" in Syria....Watch this......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYxBEIg6d-o#t=28

In Scripture the antichrist is called the following:
Man of sin................ 2 Thess. 2:3
Son of perdition........2 Thess. 2:3
Lawless one..............2 Thess. 2:8
The assyrian..............Isaiah 10:24, 31:8    Micah 5:5, 6
Prince of Tyre............Ezekial 28:2
The wilful king...........Daniel 11:36 - 39
Rod of my anger.........Isaiah 10:5
 As you can see he is never called a "man of peace."
Daniel 8:23 ....... "And at the latter end of their kingdom, when the transgressors [the apostate Jews] have reached the fullness [of their wickedness, taxing the limits of God’s mercy], a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark trickery and craftiness shall stand up."
Bashar Assad has a "fierce countenance."  Bashar has a high forehead with a "cliff hanging brow" which makes his eyes seem farther back in his head.  I have copied and pasted some pictures of him below.   I have seen some pictures of him in the past which shows him with even more intense facial expressions than these pictures below.  He is a scary and an intimidatingcharacter in his facial expressions when he is mad, as I have seen some in the past.

The antichrist is called the "king of Assyria" and "The Assyrian" in Isaiah 10:12 - 25.
Isaiah 10:12 - 14......So it will be that when the Lord has completed all His work on Mount Zion and on Jerusalem ( at the End of the tribulaton period ), He will say, “I will punish the fruit of thearrogant heart of the king of Assyria and the pomp of his haughtiness"............
.......... For he has said, “By the power of my hand and by my wisdom I did thisFor I have understanding; And I removed the boundaries of the peoples And plundered their treasure ( Dan. 11 ), And like a mighty man I brought down their inhabitants,And my hand reached to the riches of the peoples like a nest, And as one gathers abandoned eggs, I gathered all the earth; And there was not one that flapped its wing or opened its beak or chirped.”
 Daniel 9:27 states that this man will "confirm a covenant" with the "many" for "one week", which is a period of seven years .
Strong's Hebrew Greek Concordance # 7620........week......shabuwashaw-boo-ah....means.....lit. sevened, i.e. a week ( specifically of years ): - seven, week, a week.
 Do you know how long the presidential term is in Syria at this present time?  It is a seven yearterm.  The Constitution of Syria allows the President to run for a 7-year term......http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_Syria.  
Now, President Bashar Al Assad has already stated that he is going to run for presidency next year in 2014.  Israel's next seven year sabbatical cycle will begin in the fall of 2014, which will open up the Jewish new year of 5775 on the Jewish "civil fall calendar" on First Tishri / Rosh HaShanah.  I believe that the "covenant with death" ( Isaiah 28:15  /  Daniel 9:27 ) is coming in the year of 2014 / 5775.   The Syrian presidential elections will take place in mid 2014 ( May / June ).
I will run for president in the coming elections in 2014Bashar al-Assad
PTI : Damascus, Tue Oct 22 2013, 15:58 hrs Small Large Print
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Bashar al-AssadIn an interview, Syrian president Assad said he is willing to re-run for presidency in the coming 2014 Syrian elections (Reuters)
Now, doesn't it make sense as to "WHY" Damascus was NOT attacked by Obama!  God prevented him as God is in control.  Therefore Doesn't it make sense now as to "WHY" Bashar Assad is "still in power" and hasn't been killed.  He has a  role to fulfill and I strongly believe that it could very well be the role of the antichristHe is the president ( king of modern day Syria which was part of the acient Assyrian empire.   And the very fact that NO ONE ( in the international community ) has made any serious attempts to remove him from power by "military force" at this time tells me that God has "other plans" for this man to fufill
 Important question:  Have you ever thought as to "why" this man antichrist ONLY makes a "seven year" covenant with the many?  
 For many years this question has bugged me as to "why " this man makes this covenant with the "many" for only a seven year period. You would think that those in the arena of the middle east ( and especially Israel ) would want a "permanent agreement" between eachother which would lastindefinitely wouldn't you, so that they could have peace and harmony among each other!   Israel's leadership and the diplomatic leaders of the international community have been saying for a long time now that there needs to be....."Peace and Security"....achieved and installed in the middle east. 
 Now listen to me!  This man doesn't know that he is the antichrist for heaven sakes!  This man doesn't go to Daniel 9:27 and read the text which states......"And he shall confirm a covenant with the many for one week......." and then say...."Oh, that's talking about me, so I need to make a covenant for seven years."  NO! NO! NO!  How ridiculous!   So WHY is this covenantwhich he makes ONLY for a seven year period?  Think about it!  It is because this is HOWLONG this mans presidential term is!  Therefore this man can ONLY make a covenant for the "length" of his presidential term which is ONLY for "seven years",  which also once again is the amount of years that the Syrian president rules as leader of his country. 
 This man cannot make any promises or commitments to anyone which would extend "beyond" the length of his seven year term since re-election is required every seven years.  This means that if he was NOT re-elected as president at the END of his seven year term, then he wouldn't be around nor in power in order to keep those "extended" promises and commitments which he might have made during his first seven year term.  Therefore he can ONLY commit himself to hispromises and agreements which he has made "within" that seven year term while president, and NO LONGER.   This is one of several powerful convincing reasons as to WHY I believe so strongly in this late hour that Bashar Al Assad  is one of the strongest candidates to date for being the antichrist.  He is an "Assyrian" and the ruler of Syria at this time.  And once again the Bible calls him "The Assyrian" in Isaiah 10:24.  I do NOT believe that Obama is the antichrist as some are suggesting.
This is how close we are folks to the Rapture of the Church!
In Christ, Tom Gaston

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