#ISON ALERT Update; Wake Up Call

It's past time to take ISON seriously.

Wake up!


This may not turn out to be a problem, but why take chances?

Jesus is the only way,

PLEASE ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR before it's too late...


Can you take some more Comet Ison speculation? 
And some facts according to NASA
NASA: A comet’s journey through the solar system is perilous and violent. A giant ejection of solar material from the sun could rip its tail off. Before it reaches Mars -- at some 230 million miles away from the sun -- the radiation of the sun begins to boil its water, the first step toward breaking apart. And, if it survives all this, the intense radiation and pressure as it flies near the surface of the sun could destroy italtogether. 
Right now, 11-7-13,  it is making that journey beginning its trip from the Oort cloud region of our solar system and is now traveling toward the sun. The comet will reach its closest approach to the sun on Thanksgiving Day [Hanukkah] -- Nov. 28, 2013 -- skimming just 730,000 miles above the sun’s surface. http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/timeline-of-comet-ison-s-dangerous-journey/#.UnuwHPmsidk

The speculation:
This video is very interesting; the commentator explains that the 'experts' conception of the boomerang of the comet around the sun may be incorrect. That the debris field may be a significant concern IF the comet takes a southerly track around the sun. 


A Sungrazer comet could bring a meltdown of satellite technology and otherwise cause a technical Armageddon across Earth. Its potential effects have been compared to consequences associated with electromagnetic pulse [EMP] weapons or a full-scale nuclear exchange.
US Drill to shut down the Electric Grid, 11-13-13?

8-16-13, New York Times:  Thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. antiterrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attacks and cyberattacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. Called ‘GridEx II’ will simulate a large scale electrical grid power outage.
more ... http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/09/07/when-the-lights-go-out-on-november-13-2013/
David Eichler, lead author of a forthcoming Astrophysical Journal Letters paper, is theorizing that a sun-grazing comet roughly the size of Hale-Bopp (with a nucleus some 30 kms in diameter), could trigger cosmic ray-generating shockwaves large enough to initiate a complete global electromagnetic meltdown. Eichler is an astrophysicist at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University.  Eichlet feels that satellites could be put in protection mode but would otherwise be destroyed as Sungrazer ISON passes. Earth’s electronics, from micro-circuitry on cellular phones to large power stations, could become non-functional.  
If such a comet were the size of Hale-Bopp, Eichler says, the resulting solar flare would by far be the largest ever experienced. A comet gets compressed and then explodes in the solar atmosphere which, in turn, creates shockwaves and a gigantic solar flare. There is evidence that a sun-grazing comet may have triggered a large solar flare and cosmic ray-generating shockwaves as recently as 775 A.D., as indicated by tree ring analysis.
ISON is smaller than Hale-Bopp and the 775 A.D. comet; apparently the earth's only hope.http://ufodigest.com/article/comet-ison-sungrazer-coming-will-it-cause-solar-flare-and-electronics-meltdown
Consider the 'timing' - IF there is a blackout 'drill' on the 13th what's the location of the comet at that time? In 15 days on the 28th it's scheduled to swing around the sun.

PLEASE SEE VIDEO LINKS BELOW: 2 Video links below: disclaimer: the first video, "what is about to happen to earth" is based on unsound scripture. We are NOT in the Tribulation period at this time. We are surely coming to that period very soon however. 
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