#Ison and Hannukah Update

Great commentary by Tom Gaston:

ISON and Hannukah!
  I know that there is a lot of "hype" circulating out there right now on the internet about comet ISONwhich is nothing more than doomsday drama and sensationalism.  And the reason why the internet is saturated with so much of this unscriptural drama ( and a lot of it nonsense )  is because it is being presented and propagated by all kinds of people who are not enducated in sound Bibical eschatology ( study of prophecy and the endtimes ), nor are they true believers in Christ, but only religious as they try to interpret the Bible and its prophetic passages without possessing the Holy Spirit who is the author of the book.  
 There are many non-believers involved in this hype on the internet as well as many professing christians.  Sadly many of these professing Christians involved believe that the Church is going to go through the tribulation period.  And some of these professing Christians believe that we are already in the tribulation period  ( which is total nonsense and unscriptural ).  And you can know and sense this because of what they are presenting and the Scriptures that they are using.  They are also quoting Scriptures out of the book of Revelation and taking them out of "context" as they are trying to apply them to events which are taking place in the world at this time during the Church age.
  The Scriptures do not advocate, teach, nor suggest that the world will enter a "pre-apocalypse period prior to the Rapture of the Church and the opening of the seal judgments.  Rather the Scriptures teach just the opposite.  The Church is NOT going to be here for any apocalypse whatsoever.  The Church will already be in heaven at the END of Revelation chapter 3 and theseal judgments will NOT be opened until Revelation Chapter 6.
 I personally do not think that ISON is a destructive threat to the earth at this time.  But I do believe that the "timing" of  ISON coming into our solar system during the Hannukah season is NOaccident, especially because of world events which are unfolding at this present time specifically in the middle east region and in the world at large which are prophetically important and profound. Therefore I  personally believe and I am of the "opinion" that comet ISON'S timely approach and entry into our solar system is a divine heavenly prophetic sign, signal, omen, and warning that important prophetic events mentioned in the book of Revelation are about to unfold very soon!  Therefore I believe that it is not unrealistic to believe or assume that ISON could very well be at this time a "divine harbinger" from God which is telling us that the time of Christ's coming for His Church is ever imminent and approaching quickly!
 The Church will NOT be present upon the earth for any of God's wrath ( Rom. 5:9;  1Thess. 1:10,  5:9 ), nor is the Church under any condemnation whatsoever from God ( Rom. 8:1).  The biblical "apocalypse" in the book of Revelation cannot start until the opening of the seal judgments in Rev. chapter 6.   Therefore the coming of Christ for His Church has to be very very close, and if you listen carefully with your "spiritual ears" you can here Yeshua's garment and His "tallit "rustling in the wind.     
That's how close He is!
In Christ, Tom Gaston


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