RAPTURE WATCH; 2013 CHESHVAN Soaring Stock Market / Rise before the Fall /

The following is an observation by my brother in Christ, Tom Gaston.  This is NOT  a prophetic post or a "thus says the Lord" BUT rather an observation of a Watchman who observes and puts out his "personal" observation.  I wanted to share with those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. We are NOT predicting the Rapture, but rather saying these are "high watch" dates. We are waiting, watching like exciting children for Daddy to come.
God bless you.

If you don't know Jesus please repent and ask Jesus to be your savior.
John 3:16

By Tom Gaston: 

Listen up everyone!
  I have been watching the Stock Market channel all day ( CNBC )  and the Stock Market is taking off like a rocket.   Today it set new records and especially in the S & P.   They have been "bragging all day long" how they think everything is going to get better.  They bragged about Europe and their markets which is picking up they say.  It is unbelievable what the investors are saying!  Are they that naive?  The stock market is going to crash folks!  And this "sharp rise" and acceleration is an "omen" and a warning that it is coming.  The world is being setup right now for such a disaster!
 Now we are coming up on the 17th Cheshvan ( Genesis flood date ) this coming Sunday /Monday.  The economic experts today stated that the American Stock Market is the most important of any other and that the whole "global financial system" of the world lies solely on the shoulders of America's finanical markets.  WOW!   Can you see how the world is being setup by God Himself.  No wonder the global financial system is going to CRASH when the Rapturehappens. The Rapture of the Church is going to be God's "trigger mechanism" which He is going to use to "take down" the "love of money" system of this evil world.  When WE GO thenAmerica goes, and then the world goes all at the same time!
  America has just escaped a catastrophic "default" on its US. national debt.  And because of this our leaders in Washington DC. who are tearing this country apart now  think they are "invincible" in that they masterfully pulled off a stunt which has saved this country, the world, and their corrupt political......A _ _ ES .....from an economic global disaster.  And just one day later following the "deadline date" for a "default" we are now having "record highs" today in the New York Stock Exchange.  Just yesterday or the day before one of the expert economists said that......"The American Stock Market is in good standing and is untouchable!"  This crazy man just challenged God, didn't he!   I couldn't believe my ears when this guy stated what he did.
Proverbs 16:18  ......" Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling.
 This is a BIG SIGN folks that the Stock market is getting ready to collapse! And the ONLY mechanism we need for this to happen is the Rapture of the Church!
 WOW!   What a perfect time for the Lord to come this Sunday / Monday / 17th Cheshvan.  America and the world is NOW setup for God to pull the "finanical plug" on everyone.  America was "sweating bullets" about a possible "default" and they now think that they have succeeded in "escaping" financial calamity.  The whole world was watching and looking on with panic as they anticipated the strong possiblity that America might just default on their national debt which would begin the process of collapsing their economies.   The global economies of the world depend on America's economic survival, or else they are doomed.  The expert economists are "delusioned" in thinking that the Stock Market is now going to climb and bringBIG dividends to their pockets.   Can you see how America plays a HUGE role in the stability of the world at large, financially and otherwise!
 God could  pull the economic plug on the whole worlds BUTTS this weekend BEFORE the markets even opened next Monday.  I would love for the Rapture to take place on a Sunday while all the "Laodiceans" were in Church having their "social club time."   I don't know the date of the Rapture ( ? ),  but as far as I am concerned this up coming anniversary date of the Gensis flood October  21st /  17th Cheshvan ( The day God judged the earth and destroyed its surface ) is a REAL GOOD DATE and a strong possible window for the Rapture of the Church considering the world is now "poised" and ready to go over the "fiscal economic cliff of no return."  
 I will be watching and hoping for the Lord to show up this weekend?  And if He doesn't,  well then "we carry on" with God's work until He does come, don't we!
  I am working on a Bible Code which I found this afternoon.  It is called..... "Cheshvan day 18."  I will send it as soon as I get it done.   Going across the search term is the phrase........."The Christ and the Rapture"......on a skip of only 5 intervals. This phrase is encoded in Psalm 96:1,2.   Here is the text below.
"Sing to the Lord a new song;  Sing to the Lord, all the earth....sing to the Lord, bless His name;  Proclaim good tiding of His salvation from day to day."
 WOW!   And we ( body of Christ ) are singing this "new song" in heaven over in Revelation chapter 5.   I like the number 18  because ...1 = beginnings and  8 = new beginnings.   Also the number 18  is the gematria value for the Hebrew term "Advent."
Advent / Beth = 2   Yod = 10    Aleph = 1   Hay = 5 / total = 18
 Also, encoded over in Isaiah chapter 28 where the "Covenant with death" is mentioned is encoded the phrase..." The Bride day 18" on a one letter skip.  I don't know what day the Lord is coming,  BUT IT'S CLOSE FOLKS!
I will send this Bible Code out when I get it done.
If you listen really carefully you can hear Yeshua's garment rustling in the wind.  That's how close He is folks!
The hour is late and the time is every near for our departure to heaven!
Until he comes!
Even so, Come Lord Jesus!
In Christ, Tom GastonRapturetj@comcast.net


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