Obama and Hitler both used same play book

Obama has systematically fired several senior military officers, 16 I believe in total. I'm a retired Naval Officer and although I don't understand politics, I do understand how the military operates, and I clearly understand that there is something very seriously wrong with Obama. He is extremely dangerous and evil. 

To give us an even broader historical picture I received the following email from a man of God who lived through WWII after he watched the following video:

"Dear Randy,

     Thank you for forwarding the video to me.  From other reports I have received I know what is happening.  Each of these 16 military officers was recently asked if they would be willing to fire on the American people in the event of an uprising against
the government.  Their answers determined their military future.  What is happening is that the military is being changed from a force loyal to America and the American people to a force loyal to the "Commander in Chief."  You can interpret that as "Dictator."   History records that Adolph Hitler did the exact same thing in the German military when he came to power in 1933.  The end is very near.  May our gracious God have mercy on us all. 
     See you folks SOON in glory.  Pray for me.  In the love of Christ Jesus our precious Savior and Lord."  



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