IT HAS STARTED! Truckers Ride for the CONSTITUTION headed for Washington DC...!

I was asked to forward this to everyone I could, and it would be a good thing if you could pass this along too. 
These men are doing what needs to be done and they should be supported.    What they are doing needs to be understood so that people are not angry with them during the slowdowns, but rather direct their corporate anger in the correct direction.    Additionally, they have asked the American public to show support for them by NOT SHOPPING this weekend, including that is the 11th12thand 13th.  It would seem to be the LEAST thing Americans who are concerned about their country's direction could do.  

Visit this website for further info:
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Eye-witness account in Los Angeles this morning:

   Its starting!  I always monitor the website for a half hour before I leave home, to make sure no accidents are on the freeway. When I left home, no accidents, freeways were all moving at maximum speeds.   I left home at 5:30am, and the traffic was already snarled for the first time at that hour + TONS of truck drivers!
One of the things I have noticed with these early morning freeway drives, it is 99.9% cars.  Just people trying to get to work ahead of the traffic jams.  But NOT this morning:  Trucks EVERYWHERE!!  Two Semis came abreast of each other, going only 45 miles/hour.   Huge gap in front of them, and huge traffic jam behind them.  In order to avoid the trucks everyone goes into the remaining 4 or 5 lanes, and then those lanes become clogged.  

They have started already.  I think this morning, they are sending a warning message, that THISprotest is going to happen.
More:  I drive the 405 North from Newport Beach to the 110 freeway, and take the 110 West.  On the way there is always at least a slow down if not a jam at the 605 freeway to the East on the border of Orange County and LA county.  Well this morning, tons of trucks all along the 405 freeway up to the 605,  then trucks all disappeared!  Guess what?  What's the fastest way out LA to Arizona?  The I-10 freeway, and from Orange county that means exiting the 405 and taking the 605 up to the 10.  THAT'S WHAT THE TRUCKERS DID!!   All these trucks I saw this morning, were headed to Washington DC!!  Yes they would have to leave today, Wed, to get from CA coast to Wash DC on the other coast by Friday.

I hope this email gets to you.  I don't have internet access at work, so I have typed in your address from memory.  Make sure you forward this to people, especially pastor Riley so they know, truckers ARE SERIOUS!
I'm concerned about being able to get home tonight, and coming to work tomorrow.  I thought only Friday would be a problemlittle did I know.  Maybe I'll have to check into a hotel tonight?
Wow, this says it starts Tomorrow10/10/2013 at 5pm EDT<<<2pm PDT


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