Obama II, Why Impeach Me?

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Barack H. Obama of Kenya    “President” Barack H. Obama II        Frank Marshall Davis                          

     As you can see from the pictures above, I have much more likeness to Frank Marshall Davis than to the Barack Husein Obama of Kenya, the man I claim to be my real father.
    Frank Marshall Davis is deceased but he was 6’2” tall, my exact heath.  I have my mother’s long chin.  But notice, Frank Davis and I have the same expression, same eyes, same brow, and until I got my rhino-plasty (nose job) to obscure my likeness from his, we each had the same nose.  We both smoke and we each have age spots that are developing on my face. I look more like him every day.  Frank Davis and I each have deep voices 
    I, your writer, am writing this expose’ in the first person.  The DVD is presented the same way.  
    Frank Marshal Davis was a card carrying Communist: card no. 47544.  He had a journalism degree from Kansas State University.  He was a poet and writer for the Hono-lulu Star, a Communist newspaper. His column?  “Frank-ly Speaking”       
     Frank Davis was president of his own photo club.   He featured in nude female photography. He owned his own porno magazine. 
    My mother, Stanley-Ann Dun-ham, worked in secret for Frank Davis in Honolulu.  She began in her senior year of high school. She was one of his nude models.    
    Result?  She got pregnant with me just before Christmas, 1960 in her senior year.  You guessed it.  If Joel Gilbert and company are telling the truth and I believe they arettthe is, my real father is Frank Marshall Davis, Communist propagandist porno-editor, photographer, and journalist.   
    The content of this Email is the topic of the DVD entitled “Dreams From My Real Father” written and produced by Joel Gilbert. This re-view, enclosed facts, and more, are found on the DVD + my sources.
    The book: “Dreams from My Father” was allegedly written by the person presenting myself to America as President Barack Husein Obama II.  The real Barack Obama of Kenya attained a degree from Har-vard, also.  His life occupation was not that of the simple swine herds-man as I have alleged him to be.
     My story is complex. But, any-one can go onto the internet and get the DVD for yourself: “Dreams of My Real Father.” All Americans need to understand who I am.
     This E-mail will get you started!
     The formal name on my Hawaiian birth certificate is Barack Husein Oboma II.  It is not Jr. which would indicate that I am “son of” Barack Husein Obama.  I am not.          
      When Frank Davis got my mother pregnant with me he was married to a woman over a decade his junior.  He and his wife had five children.  He wasn’t willing to claim me, an illegitimate child, especially to his wife.  So, it was arranged for me to have another black father who, though having no physical resemblance to me, was persuaded to sign on to my birth certificate.
      He signed on in exchange for a chance to attend Harvard.  The real Barack Husein Obama did so on two conditions: (1) I, the child, would have my name followed with the Roman numeral II which would not indicate I was blood kin to the Barack (“Beer-ack”) Obama from Kenya; and (2) the temporary marriage to my mother would be consummated and recorded in Maui so his fellow students in Honolulu would not learn of the ruse.     
    I did not learn of the ploy until age twelve when I ran onto my birth certificate at my gramp’s, Stanley Dunham’s, house.  My birth certif-icate recorded under father: unknown.  Until I saw my certificate of birth, I believed my true father really was Barack Husein Obama of Kenya.  He lived a half-world away! 
     Early on in my life, my mom fell in love with, and married, a foreign student in her Russian class, an Indonesian.  His name was Lolo Soetoro.  I was known as Barry Soetoro in my pre-teen years.
     After Lolo’s graduation in Honolulu he moved our family back to Indonesia.  He was Muslim. During my early years I went to Muslim school.  I studied the Qoran. I said the Muslim call to prayer daily. I was Muslim by Islamic law.
    At age 12, I was moved back to Honolulu where I continued myAmerican” education.  My grand-father began taking me to a man’s house who I did not know: Frank Marshall Davis.  He was recently divorced. As stated, he was a known Communist propagandistThe FBI had followed him for 19 yearsThey had a 600-page file on him into the Reagan Administrations as docu-mented on the DVD.
     I liked this man.  We soon bonded.  I was proud to quickly identify with card carrying Communist Frank Marshal Davis as my real dad and daily mentor throughout my high school years.
    During his frequent lessons in politics he taught mostly from Karl Marx’ “Communist Manifesto.”  
    He said to me, “All history is a story of class struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed.”  He told me that the American way was corrupt. He said the corporate system was designed to advavce the rich and keep the poor in repression.  “In our time, the prosperous are tyrants.”  He said, “People with jobs, the working class, are poorly paid servants.  The capitalist system must be exchanged for Socialism
      “One man, one vote, one time only,” Dad would say with a laugh.   
     He would also have me read the witings of Malcolm X, the Black Panthers – the masters of “Black Rage.”
    I would tell my gramps, Stanley Dunham, I had schoolwork, during my high school years, but was distracted with Malcolm X, reading book after book of his in my room.  My world view became permanent-ly altered.  By my mid high school years my view of the world was his.  My dreams and aspirations had become the same as my real father, Communist Frank Marshal Davis.
    Upon high school graduation I enrolled in Occidental College on an Affirmative Action Scholarship.  Occidental was known as the Moscow of Southern CA.  I wished to study with the Marxist Professors to become an effective revolutionary.  I arrived at Occidental as a committed Marxist.  I chose my friends accordingly: Marxists, Trotskyites, Maoists, and Marxist professors. They understood me when I spoke of a forth-coming revolution in America
     Our dream: the workers, as a class, will subdue and overthrow, today’s ruling class.
     I joined in with Students for Economic Democracy. I passed out their flyers, joined in their anti-Apartheid marches, contacted past Black Panther, asking them to speak on campus for us.  All of this was “mild-mannered” to me. 
    After 2 years at Occidental and despite bad grades, I managed to transfer to Columbia University in New York City where I could advance my growing inter-ests in activism.  John Dewey taught for many years at Columbia.  He was the father of government, liberal, education: Communist Manifesto, plank # ten.  The left had our kids.
    I was eight years old when Marcum X initiated his “Weather Underground” terrorism in America.  The Weathermen were based in New York CityMalcolm, their leader, was also leader of the May 19th terrorists, and a host of other Marxist groups.  He was born May 19th, 1925. 
    Communist leader Ho Chi Minh was born May 19th, of 1890.   Is this a coincidence?  Is it any wonder I get along well with Communist and Muslim leaders all over the world?  Radical Muslims feel similar toward Americanism as do Communist leaders.  On my trip to the Middle East in August of 2013, I showed affection to the leader of Communist China.  Understand?  He did!
    While in New York City, I became personally acquainted with Bill Ayres, also of the Weather Underground and the May 19th bunch.  I met Bill right after their group committed the Brink’s Robbery, killing two New York policemen and a Brinks guard.
     Bill’s father was Thomas Ayres, the CEO of Commonwealth Edison.  When Thomas found out I was a Red Diaper Baby (son of a card-carrying American Communist), and son of Frank Marshal Davis, he promised to support me whenever I needed help with my political endeavors.  Mr. Ayres was a staunch supporter of my efforts from then on.
    The rest is history but I will give you some more highlights. 
    As said, I am no writer.  Bill Ayres wrote what is supposed to be my auto-biography: “Dreams of My Father.”  He, as well as my real father, Frank Davis could not accomplish what I was able to do under an assumed identity.  I began to politically pursue the beliefs of my real father.  Favoring Com-munistic (un-American) objectives
are naturally expected of me. 
     America, has many who are like me.  Taking over (nationalizing) General Motors, rampart inflation (“stimulus“), disrupting of small business by interference of 1099s etc. were all dreams of my real father. 
     Frank Davis set out the political agendas in his Hawaiian/Communist editorials (“Frank-ly Speaking”).  I’ve set out plans to carryout the agendas.
     Upon the death of then Mayor Harold Washington came my first big political ambition.  I wanted to become mayor of Chicago.  But Bill Ayres warned me that I lacked one thing to be a viable candidate in the Windy Citya law degree and Harvard was my best bet.  
     I only made mediocre grades at Columbia in Political Science – a moderately easy degree.  But Bill Ayres, a long time friend of John Warden and soon my friend (now known as Dr. Khalid al-Mansour), plus Affirmative Action were able to pull the string needed to get me in.   Not only did I manage to get a law degree at Harvard, but I was elected as President of the exalted Harvard Law Review.  I felt this was enough to launch my political career, with the help of leftist Chi-cago politicians I had come to know. 
     At the advice of my friend and pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of “God Dxxx America” fame, I took a trip to Kenya to visit the Obama family there. Though I looked nothing like them, they being pov-erty stricken were glad to have a famous relative from America.  Plus, this gave credence with south-side blacks in Chicago – the desired effect of “Reverend” Writes’ advice.
    I had begun a 20-year career with “Acorn,” a federal govern-ment funded political action committee favoring radical Demo-crats who worked to help Bill Clinton get elected.  As a leader of Acorn I registered 150,000 voters - 40% were legitimate, the rest were from most every cemetery in Chicago
     Through circumstance I by-passed my desire to be mayor of Chicago.  I ran, and won, as State and US Senators of Illinois.  Yes, I ran twice for President of the United States, and won without any real or legitimate campaign issues – just a string of lies and three campaign slogans that the people did not understand:  “Change” which in Saul Alinsky’s diatribe means institute Socialism in place of  “American capitalism.”
     Now I don’t see myself as a liar.  My goal since late in high school has been the same as my real dad’s – change America from free enterprise, or American capitalism to Socialism – that’s too important to worry about my telling a few lies. 
     My next Presidential slogan was “Hope” from Jeremiah Wright’s sermon on “The Audacity of Hope.”
   My third Presidential campaign slogan: “Yes We Can.”  My support-ers loved it!  Just don’t give any details or statistics and the people will fill in what they want.
     “Yes We Can” simply meant, “We Can Win.”  And we did! -keeping in mind Abraham Lincoln’s sayings: “You can fool all the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all the time.  But you can’t fool all the people all the time.”  
     How did we win? We built many coalitions of minorities.  It worked. 
     I’ve made many advances toward Socialism in America.  It was natural to carry out the dreams of my real dad: Frank Marshal Davis.  
    Communism is the implement-ation of the Ten Planks of Marx’ and Engles’ “Communist Manifesto:
(1)     Methodology: Abolition of pro-perty in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes (U.S.  Public Lands);
(2)     A heavy progressive or grad-uated income tax (the IRS):
(3)     Abolition of all rights of inheritance;  (has been a fight)
(4)     Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels;
(5)     Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital an exclusive monopoly (Federal Reserve = “Central Bank”);
(6)     Centralization of the means of communication and transport-tation in the hands of the State.
(7)     Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bring-ing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. (example: My take-over of G.M., etc.);
(8)     Equal liability of all to labor.  Establishment of Industrial armies, especially for agri-culture (Minimum wage);
(9)     Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of the population over the country. (urbanization);
(10)  Free education for all child-ren in public schools.  Abolit-ion of children’s factory labor in its present form & combin-ation of education with Indus-trial production. John Dewey
    My real father’s model for society, ever since Russia became Communist, has been these Ten Planks. As my mentor since I was 12 years of age, is it any wonder this has been my dream, also.  
     I’m not the first U.S. citizen, or even President, keen on  socialism.
    As the “progressive” that he was and 26 year professor at Columbia University John Dewey had this illusion secured in his mind.  Mr. Dewey was the father of progressive “free” education for our youth.  He implemented this 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto into our American society.
     In 1911, then US Presidential candidate, Woodrow Wilson. heart-ened our state legislatures and U.S. Congress toward many major changes toward Socialism.  He called it his “progressive reform.”
     The most offensive to U.S. Citizens’ has been the IRS “Graduated Income Tax.”  Five years before Lenin came to power, Wilson instigated US Amendment 16 implementing quote, “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax” – Plank 2 of Marx’ & Engle’sCommunist Manifesto.”  
     President Wilson, the only other Ph.D. to reach the White House enacted Plank number five of the “Red Manifesto” with the Federal Reserve Banking System.
      I, along with several U.S. Presidents have tampered with the U.S. currency supply through infla-tion, or “Stimulus,” as I have euphemistically called it. Increasing the numbers of paperfiat” dollars (not backed by precious metal) always decreases, in proportion, the value of each.  Inflation robs the individual U.S. citizen or family of their wealth.  This is called Keynesian Economics. It is the manor in which any government steals from their people.
     When the public learns the effect of my stimulus, I will have brought the value of each dollar down to 12 ½ cents!  Businesses will have to raise their prices 8 times to compensate.
     This is some of my domestic (at home) changes my government has made to the Left – why gold has gone sky high in recent years. 
    I know what I am doing in my passion for Socialism.  When I am done, if I have my way, there will be no middle class in the US – only the elite and the poverty stricken.
    Internationally, I am for Commun-ism and Islam.  I am both.  In reality Communism and Islam are both anti- American. That’s Me!  Com-munism is atheistic and is set on one-world government.  Islam is theistic but is also for one-world government.  As Communists we will deal with Islam, in our time.
    As said, I have won as your U.S. President through a coalition of minorities.  With Al Quita as my ally and Communism we will win in my war against Americanism.    
     It’s been said Gen. Pershing led our troups to defeat Islamic radicals in Morocco, prior to WW-I, by just dipping the bullets in pig’s blood. In their belief, the Muslim terrorists went to hell – with no 72 virgins!?!  
    Now, Why should I be impeached?  Two words: Ben- ghazi and Al Queda.  Just before my last election I told the American voters, on TV, that Al Queda was decimated, that they were not the cause of the attacks on our Benghazi Embassy.  I claimed it was the result of a video.  This was not the truth but I went ahead leaving our U.S. citizens in danger of terrorist violence until the election was over.
    This was much more dangerous to our national security than Watergate or Bill Clinton’s gonad and testosterone problems.  It is plain that I could care less about Ambassador Stevens or our U.S. soldiers who died at the Embassy. 
    It’s been over a year now and in spite of my promises, I have not betray my Islamic rootsyet - considering my promises are in harmony, overall, with what my real dad, Frank Davis, taught me.
    A lot has happened in the past year. My Administration’s fiasco of spending millions of dollars on line-dancing, the “Star Track spoof,” and discriminating against conservative organizations that have “patriot” or “Tea Party” in their name;   The FBI corruption; my protecting Lois Lerner and the NSA who has indiscriminately invaded the privacy of American citizen E-mails and telephone conversations by the tens of thousands; my many corrupt tricks of the 2008 and 2012 elections (“Acorn,” etc.).
      Again, my last minute lies about Al Quida, Benghazi riots; my disaster of the Affordable Care Act (“Obama-care’) devastating the US economy; I could go on and on, if I were tell you the truth. 
    It is the rare American that does not know the whole story of my second Administration.  “What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” When I was a young man “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” sang, “I know there is no heaven. I hope there’s no hell.”
     Again, In my last term as President I fooled the voters with my word for inflation: “Stimulus.”
     Our original US Constitution only allowed for gold coin to be money.  None can inflate gold coin, with audits.  President F.D. Roosevelt devalued gold coins of his day by reducing the amount of gold in each dollar coin from 26 to 15 grains.  He outlawed U.S. citizens’ possession of gold all together in his time as President. 
He turned our nation over to paper currency.
        Our first President, George Washington, taught the evils of paper currency when he wrote in a letter to J. Bowen of Rhode Island on January 9, 1787: Paper currency has had the effect in your State that it will ever have, to ruin commerce, oppress the honest, and open the door to every species of fraud and injustice.”   
    Presidents since have practiced inflation, taking us clear away from the gold standard, beginning with President Nixon in August of l963. 
       As I’ve said, increasing the number of “fiat” (false) dollars, in time, decreases proportionately the value of each one.  It devastated Germany prior to and during WWI, it will devestate us. I understand that!
      I repeat, in my 1st Administration, I increased the number of “fiat” dollars by eight trillion!  In time, I will have ruined the value of the American dollar - world-wideIf I told the truth, I should have been impeached long long ago.  
     I will now conclude the review of the DVD, “Dreams of My Real Father” by Joel Gilbert, produced by Highway 61 Entertainment and avail-able to each of you via the internet..    
     Your true writer recognizes the man occupying the White House today as a liar, coward, and traitor of Americanism.  If Obama II is impeached as he should be and if we get a man in his place - the new President needs to type into Google: General Pershing – swine blood.”  “Gen. Pershing’s solution to Muslim terrorism was first said to be ordered prior to WW-I:
     “Just before WWI, there were a number of terrorist attacks in the Philippines by Muslim extremists.  General Pershing captured 50 terrorists, and had them tied to posts for execution.  He had his men slaughter two pigs in front of the horrified terrorists. 
      “The soldiers soaked their bullets in the pigs’ blood, and proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorists by firing squad.  The soldiers dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorists’ bodies, and covered them in pig blood, entrails, etc.
(thus defiled from heaven – Qoran)
They let the 50th man go.
    “And for the next 42 years, there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world.”      
      Further internet study will show terrorist bodies were wrapped in pig’s skin and mouths stuffed with pork.
     Now Mr. President, Barry Soet-oro, Frank M. Davis Jr, or whoever you want to be. As a minister of the Gospel of Christ, God gives com-passsion toward all, including you. “Love your enemies.”-Jesus (Mt. 5:44) “The vile person shall no longer be called liberal. (Isa.32:5 / Mt.25:41)
     Fundamentalist Christians indeed have a deep love for all people and an obligation to share the gospel of Christ with everyone.   I want you to understand God, your Creator, loves you, even thou you are a sinner like I am.  “Sinner” judges you guilty of breaking God’s (Theos’) law.
    Heaven and hell are for real.  To be saved from a burning everlasting hell into God’s heaven is a gift to you by grace, favor we cannot earn.  Jesus shed his blood so you can be saved.  That is without price from sin for the asking. Jesus, God’s Son said, “Ask and it shall be given you.”  God wants to receive you into His Heaven.  God’s Son, is the only One risen!
     Allah has no begotten son
     Fundamentalist Islam favors hatred and death to others. Fundamentalist Christianity is for love and life for you.  Love always defeats hatred.      
Rev 4:3 Green=Jesus/Red=Left Mt 25:41

      P.S. Your writer is seventy-one.   He ministered to a Baptist Church for 35 years.  He was saved in 1960. 
      Having suffered 2 serious strokes in the last 2 years, He may not be in this life much longer but he loves his country, the USA.  He still has one life to offer!  
     He prays to God often every day He will see fit this short synopsis from “Dreams of My Real Father” will contri-bute toward the impeachment of our so called, “President” Barack Obama II. The truth about Benghazi and AlQueda are enough for impeachment if our U.S. citizens will only discover these realities.
     The source of this e-mail has not been told for the same reason many founding fathers did not disclose authorship of the federalist and anti-federalist papers.        

Again, Type into the Internet: ”Dreams of My Real Father.” Please obtain & study this DVD to be fully informed..                                                                                                                                                               


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